Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries: Types and Comparison

Choosing the best car battery for your car can be overwhelming as there are plenty of options available in the market. Car batteries have evolved and got updated over time. There are several different companies that provide car batteries.

Among all, there are some specific ones who have created a signature in the industry with high competition. Such as “Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries”. With emerging responses over time, Diehard and Duralast have created a mass crowd among the car owners. These two brands are serving their customers with the best.

In this article, we will get to know about Diehard and Duralast’s car batteries. So, without further delay, let’s get into the details.

Comparison Chart – Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries

FeaturesDiehard BatteriesDuralast Batteries
Type of BatteryFlooded Lead Acid batteries AGM batteries.Flooded Lead Acid batteries AGM batteries  
Different ModelsDiehard Platinum AGMDiehard PlatinumDiehard GoldDiehard SilverDiehard RedDuralastDuralast GoldDuralast Platinum
Group SizeAvailable in different group sizesAvailable in different group sizes
Cranking AmpsEach of the models provides different Cranking AmpsEach of the models provides different Cranking Amps
Cold Cranking AmpsEach of the models provides different Cold Cranking AmpsEach of the models provides different Cold Cranking Amps
Reserve CapacityEach of the models provides different Reserve CapacityEach of the models provides different Reserve Capacity
VoltageAlmost the same Voltage in every modelAlmost the same Voltage in every model
WarrantyThe different model comes with different warranties and replacement insurance.The different model comes with different warranties and replacement insurance.

In-depth Comparison Between Diehard & Duralast Batteries

Here, emphasizing eight different factors, we have structured the in-depth details of Diehard batteries and Duralast batteries. Although, each of the car batteries is great according to their purpose of usage. But, to make it clearer to you, we have gathered them all and sorted them out.

Type of Battery

Both of the Diehard and Duralast batteries come in Flooded Lead-Acid batteries and AGM batteries.

Flooded Acid Batteries are the batteries where the chemical components slush around in the battery. This type of battery is more used in older versions of cars that don’t have modern appliances.

The full form of AGM is Absorbent Glass Mat. What is the functionality? Well, this one also has lead and Sulfuric Acid. But, this time, the chemical components are largely kept in fiberglass mats. It is more useful in lead management. Also, lighter and better at delivering power.

AGM batteries are produced for modern-day cars. Cars that have push switches, more electric mechanisms, and the newest features.

Group Size

Group size is a common and most important thing that you need to consider before buying a car battery. Different car batteries come in several group sizes. It is the size that is going to fit into your car. So, you must know the group size or fit in the size of your car battery and then look for one that suits your car.

Diehard and Duralast, both of the battery companies, have different group size batteries available in their individual battery models.

Cranking Amps

Cranking Amps refers to the amount or the number of Amps available in the battery for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cranking Amps should be higher in the car battery for a better start and good performance.

Cold Cranking Amps

A problem occurs with almost every single car out there. That is, in the Winter season or in cold temperatures, the car battery works slowly or takes a lot of time to start the engine. It is because of the rigidness of the weather that doesn’t allow the chemical components in the battery to function.

So, checking the Cold Cranking Amps of the car battery is necessary before buying one. Diehard and Duralast, both of the brands, provide car batteries with the optimum level of Cold Cranking Amps.

Reserve Capacity

Most of the general people misunderstand the fact of reserve capacity. It is not about the charge reserved in your battery.

The battery doesn’t reserve any charge. It is just another way of expressing capacity. It is not a separate number of charges and capacity that a battery can store.

Reserve Capacity means the time or the number of minutes the battery can express 25 Amps at 80 degrees.

Both of the companies have different models with different reserve capacities.


Voltage is the primary thing that you need to focus on at first. The standard Voltage of any car battery is 12 Volts DC. There are 6 cases in the battery containing 2 Volts in each cell.

12 Volt means the battery is fully charged and in good condition to work on. Voltage below 12 Volts is not counted as good enough for a car battery to run smoothly.

But, there are some batteries with 6 Volts. They are for the oldest models of cars which are rarely shown in the street nowadays.

As Diehard and Duralast have fame in the car battery industry, almost all batteries have 12 Volts or maybe a little more undoubtedly.


Talking about the car battery’s warranty, we are talking about the free replacement period and prorate replacement period.

Suppose it is written 24/48 on the warranty sticker. Then, it means you will get a free replacement for two years and prorate replacement for four years.

Diehard Or Duralast Batteries – Which one to choose?

Honestly, you can go for any of the Diehard or Duralast car batteries because both of them are the tycoons of car batteries in the market. But, knowing the need for your car is necessary.

If you have an older car, you can go for Flooded Lead-Acid batteries. If your car has more modern specifications then, AGM batteries are the best choice for you.

Here we are providing a list of Diehard car batteries:

  • Diehard Platinum AGM – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 1000A, Cold Cranking Amps = 900A, Reserve Capacity = 160 minutes.
  • Diehard Platinum – – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 1000A, Cold Cranking Amps = 900A, Reserve Capacity = 115 minutes.
  • Diehard Gold – – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 800A, Cold Cranking Amps = 640A, Reserve Capacity = 100 minutes.
  • Diehard Silver – – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 720A, Cold Cranking Amps = 575A, Reserve Capacity = 81 minutes.
  • Diehard Red – – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 850A, Cold Cranking Amps = 612A, Reserve Capacity = 80 minutes.

Here we are providing a list of Duralast car batteries:

  • Duralast – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 930A, Cold Cranking Amps = 810A, Reserve Capacity = 140 minutes.
  • Duralast Gold – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 590A, Cold Cranking Amps = 475A, Reserve Capacity = 90 minutes.
  • Duralast Platinum – Voltage = 12VDC, Cranking Amps = 885A, Cold Cranking Amps = 710A, Reserve Capacity = 120 minutes.


Are Duralast and DieHard batteries the same?

Duralast and Diehard are two different batteries produced by the same company. Though, there’s a lot of variance in each battery of both.

Who makes DieHard and Duralast batteries?

Autozone makes Diehard and Duralast batteries.

Is DieHard battery a good battery?

Yes. The diehard battery is a good battery. You can find Diehard batteries in five different kinds. Which are given below.

1. Diehard Platinum AGM
2. Diehard Platinum
3. Diehard Gold
4. Diehard Silver
5. Diehard Red

Is the Duralast car battery good?

Duralast car batteries are undoubtedly the best choice. Among all of the Duralast batteries, the Duralast Gold is the best seller.

Final Words

We have come to the end of “Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries”. From the above discussion, we can conclude that both of the batteries work great.

A car battery is the life of your car. Some cars don’t come along with a good in-built battery. Then, you need to go to buy one. Be careful; you know what your car needs, and be sure to merge that with the battery specifications.

Besides, don’t buy a battery that is made six months before the purchase to be on the safer side. Better 1/2 month.

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