Battery Minder Vs Battery Tender: Detailed Comparison

Your vehicle’s battery needs charging, maintenance and proper care. If you do not ride or drive quite often and your car sits down for a long time, your battery can get cold and swelling.

As a result, your car will not have a good start or no start at all. After being sat down for a long time, you need to charge the battery. Here, a battery charger plays a vital role.

As there are so many traditional and digital battery chargers available in the market, it becomes confusing to choose one. In this article, we will be talking about Battery Minders Vs. Battery Tender.

Comparison Chart: Battery Minder Vs Battery Tender

Let’s go through the differences between Battery Minder and Battery Tenders from the comparison chart below.

Battery MinderBattery Tender
Small box type, lightweight corded battery charger.Compact box type, little heavier corded battery.
Charging Amps- 1 Amp Volts- 12 VoltsCharging Amps- 1.25 Amp Volts- 12 Volts/ 6 Volts
Requires two days to charge an empty battery fully.Requires two days to charge an empty battery fully.
Alligator Clip Cable Connector, Hardwire Cable Connector and SAE Connector.Alligator Clip Cable Connector, Hardwire Cable Connector and SAE Connector.
Standard plugging option.Quick connect and disconnect plug.
It comes with built-in desulfatorNo desulfator available
No overchargingNo overcharging

In-depth Comparison Between Battery Minder & Battery Tender

Battery Minder and Battery Tender are two different battery chargers for car/motorcycle batteries especially. “Battery Minder ” manufactures battery Minder and “Deltran Corporation ” manufactures battery tenders.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of each of the above battery chargers.


Battery Minder and Battery Tender both battery chargers come in a small compact box, which gives you hassle-free access. These two modern-day battery chargers are versatile and designed wisely.

Because of its compact size, it saves a lot of space. You can get rid of having something larger looking awkward in your garage, taking up a lot of space.

Both of the chargers not only charge but also maintain the battery. You can think, being a multi-purpose battery, they might be heavy. But, surprisingly, they are built in such a way with computerized sensors, which makes the charger light.

Well, if you compare the weight of the above two chargers. The battery Tender would be slightly heavier than the Battery Minder. That’s the difference.

Charging Amps and Volts

Charging amps mean the electrical energy transferred to the battery during charge. The better the charging amps, the faster amount the battery gets.

In this case, the Battery Minder has a charging amp of 1 Amp. And the Battery Tender has a charging Amp of 1.25 Amps. So, we can see the Battery Tender performs better in fast charging.

Talking about Volts, which means measuring electrical potential between the start and end of a device. The best Volt battery charger for your vehicle would be the same Volt as your vehicle’s battery.

Battery Minder is a 12Volts battery charger. It is suitable for any good car battery. As we can see, almost every modern-day car has a 12 Volts battery. On the other hand, the Battery Tender has two different Voltage settings. One is 6 Volts, and another is 12 Volts. So, it gives you the facility to charge batteries with these two different voltages.

Besides, the most remarkable feature of Battery Tender is when you plug the charger into the device. It flashes the light to show an error occurred and doesn’t start to charge so that you get saved from cracking up the battery.

Charging Process

Before talking about these two battery chargers, you need to know one thing. It doesn’t matter which battery charger you use for your battery. It requires proper time to get the dead battery to live. Any battery charger may take two whole days to fully charge up an empty dead battery.

Though, there is no time mentioned in the battery chargers. But, we can say that both chargers will charge better if you let them assess the battery for two days.


Connectors are the cable and stuff that comes along with the battery. You will charge the battery using these connectors.

The Battery Minder comes with an SAE connector connected with the body of the charger. Also, there is an Alligator Clip Cable Connector and a Hardwire Cable Connector.

The Battery Tender comes with the same. You can use the Alligator Clip Connector to charge your car battery. Moreover, you can use the hardwire connectors to charge any other device at a time.


Both of the battery chargers stated above come with a standard plugging option.

In the Battery Tender, there are mounting holes available on the charger. So you can also get a chance to mount the charger on the wall.


Because of charging, there can create sulfate build up in the battery. Desulfator removes and prevents the sulfate formation up in the battery. So to keep the battery healthy and working frequently.

The Battery Minder comes with Desulfator. With this unique feature, you can ensure good battery life. Unfortunately, the Battery Tender does not come with this feature.

Overcharging Control

Both of the batteries have robust sensors or computers which can understand when the battery is fully charged. After charging 100%, the charger automatically stops flowing the electricity to the battery even if you keep that on and connected.

Overcharging can roast your battery and can also lead to a dangerous explosion. With the overcharging control feature, these chargers will free you the tension to switch off the charger in minimal time gaps.


Although, these two battery chargers perform their best in charging. The retail price of the Battery Minder is cheaper than the retail price of the Battery Tender. So, you are getting a multi-purpose battery charger at a slightly more affordable price.

Battery Minder or Battery Tender – Which one to choose?

The first thing to say is that choosing neither of the battery chargers from these two options would be a loss. Because both of them provide excellent charge to boost up the energy of your vehicle’s battery. The using process of the two is also similar.

The main difference between Battery Minder and Battery Tender is the desulfator and the dual Volts access. With these differences, the price of each product varies.

If you want a charger that can charge, maintain and desulfate your battery. Then you are good to go with the Battery Minder. If you are looking for a versatile battery that can determine the device’s voltage and charge accordingly. Then, the Battery Tender would be the best choice for you.


What is the difference between a Battery Tender and a battery maintainer?

Battery Tender is a battery charger, and the battery maintainer is a maintainer only. A battery charger charges the battery, and a maintainer only charges until the battery accepts the electricity flow. A maintainer mainly prevents overcharging.
But nowadays, maintainers are also included in battery chargers. So, you do not need to buy them separately. Just buy one single device that can do both of the jobs.

Are battery minders worth it?

Yes. Battery Minders are worth it. You can get a desulfator built-in battery minder. You are getting protection from sulfate buildup in your battery, along with the maintainer and charger.

Can a Battery Tender kill a battery?

No. Battery Tender can’t kill a battery. Though, in previous times battery chargers could kill the battery by overcharging. But, battery tender is built in such a way that it can prevent overcharging. So you remain on the safer side.

Is it ok to leave Battery Tender on all the time?

No. It is not ok to leave the battery tender all the time. Battery tender has efficient technology of protecting overcharge. But, going with any electronic device like that is not alright at all. After using the needed, take proper care of the charger and store that in a safe place.

Final Words

We have reached the end of the discussion of “Battery Minder Vs Battery Tender”. Discussing all the features and benefits of both the battery chargers above, we can conclude that Battery Minder and Battery Tender are both good at working.

Choosing one depends on your desires and requirements. Both of the battery chargers are specially designed for Flooded Lead Acid batteries. But you can use them for AGM batteries as well.

To revive your dead battery and to extend its life choose one battery charger from the above mentioned.

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