Who Makes Corsa Tires? (Answer Explained)

It is true that not many people have heard about Corsa tires. They are relatively new to catch people’s eyes. However, these tires are not bad for the price. 

Then, do you want to know who makes Corsa tires? Are they reliable to use? Or should you pick other tires than these?

Corsa tires are owned by Omni United Pte. Ltd. It is a Singapore-based company that sells low-cost tires with decent quality. But the manufacturing is operated by an Indonesian company. 

These tires are good as per the price. In this article, I will share more information about these tires and share my thoughts and research on the quality of the tires. Because, if you need to buy something you should know the pros and cons, and the makers of the products.

Who Makes Corsa Tires?

Omni United Pte. Ltd is the mother company of Corsa tires. They are the owner and distributors of the tires. These tires are supplied in different countries. And people like the tires for the low price and good quality.

However, these tires are not made by Omni United. An Indonesian tire manufacturer named Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA) produces Corsa tires for Omni United. 

Although Omni has production facilities, the Corsa tires are given to MASA for manufacturing. Some tires are said to be directly manufactured in Omni factories.

Where Are Corsa Tires Made?

Corsa tires are made in some factories of Omni and MASA. Nonetheless, it is not exactly known in which of their factories the Corsa tires are made. Here are some details of the factories.

MASA has several factories across Indonesia. It is one of the top tire manufacturing companies in that country. 

It has a Corsa tire manufacturing facility in KM 58.3 Lemahabang Road, East Cikarang. It is one of the biggest factories in Indonesia.

Omni United has a factory in Singapore. The headquarter of this company also is in the same country. However, Omni mainly collaborates with other foreign manufacturing companies like China, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. to make its brand products.

Are Corsa Tires Any Good?

The Corsa tire gives drivers a low-cost alternative that fits any budget thanks to its consistent traction and enhanced longevity.

Solid dry traction and handling are provided by an all-season tire compound and symmetric tread design. Corsa has incorporated a semi-solid continuous interlocking center rib that is meant to improve steering responsiveness and cornering steadiness at highway speeds.

For a less expensive tire, the Corsa Highway Terrain provides decent dry and wet traction. Of course, road noise is minimized but not completely eliminated.

Ride comfort is mediocre at best and might be better. The ride is a little rougher than you’d expect from a low-cost tire. For tires in this class, Tread life is average.

The major worry is winter traction, acceleration, and braking, and this is an area where you may have difficulties. While it handles modest quantities of snow and ice effectively, traction difficulties may arise while driving in heavy snow or on hard-packed ice. 

In fact, highway handling may require some improvement. The sidewalls bend excessively, especially when loaded heavily.

The Corsa tires, being a second-tier vehicle, performs at the middle to lower level of the class, in my opinion.

About The Manufacturer

To learn about who makes Corsa tires we need to know more about the manufacturers. Thus, I will now share brief information about the manufacturer and the mother company of Corsa tires.

Omni United Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based tire producer and supplier. The firm collaborates with producers in Thailand, Indonesia, China, and India to design and build tires. 

Omni United owns the Radar, Patriot, and Corsa brands, as well as marketing, selling, and distributing a number of others. G.S. Sareen, who was an entrepreneur in the e-commerce business before creating Omni United, launched the company in 2003.

Omni United sells more than 5 million passenger and light truck tires each year in more than 80 countries. The firm has been named the “IKEA of Tires,” and it presently sells over two million passenger and light vehicle tires in the United States each year.

On the other hand, PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, or MASA (the Company), is an Indonesian tire maker that was previously known as PT Oroban Perkasa and was established in 1988 under the Limited Company Entity Establishment Deeds No. 63. 

The company manufactures tires for four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles under its own brands (Achilles and Corsa) as well as off-take, with a focus on domestic and international markets.

The company made use of its large production areas and contemporary technology in its initial periods, and it also got substantial technical support from Pirelli-Italy and Continental GMbh-Germany in the form of design and marketing.

The company has established a goal of producing outstanding products to increase sales and establish a strong brand in the worldwide market. To reach this goal, the company has relied on a mix of solid technical and manufacturing expertise, as well as the synchronization of all workers as partners.

What Are the Types Of Corsa Tires Available?

There are several kinds of Corsa tires available in the market. You can get different sizes for several types of vehicles. Here are some vehicles where the Corsa tires will fit-

– Chevrolet Suburban, Silverado 2500, 3500, Express 2500, 3500, Avalanche

– Dodge Nitro, Ram 1500, 2500

– Ford F-150, F-250, Ranger, Excursion, Expedition, Explorer

– GMC Savanna 2500, 3500, Suburban, Yukon

– Honda Passport

– Isuzu Trooper

– Jeep Cherokee

– Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier, Xterra

– Ram 2500, 3500

– Toyota Land Cruiser, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Land Cruiser

Where To Buy Corsa Tires?

You should be able to find Corsa tires in different tire shops. You can also buy them from dealers available near you. 

If you want to buy them online you can also find them on different websites. You may get home delivery from some online shops as well.

What Are The Best Corsa Tires?

These tires may not be the best options that you can find around the market. but there are some good Corsa tires you can check-

  • All Terrain XL

For SUVs and light vehicles, the Corsa All Terrain XL is an all-terrain, all-season tire. The tire provides great grip on soft, loose, and irregular terrain. By providing consistent road grip and greater controllability, the multi-angled and sharper tread edges improve on- and off-road performance.

  • Highway Terrain

For light vehicles, these tires are all-season highway terrain tires. The treadwear guarantee from Corsa is 40,000 km. In dry, rainy, and even snowy conditions, the tire provides excellent all-weather traction.

  • Corsa 202 Tires

The Corsa 202 is an all-season travel tire designed for SUVs. The symmetric tread pattern improves road traction in dry, rainy, and winter conditions. Water and slush are removed from the footprint by the tread’s broad circumferential grooves, which actively prevent hydroplaning.

What Are the Alternative Of Corsa Tires?

If you are not satisfied with Corsa tires, you can always choose other options than buying them. You can check-

Michelin, Goodyear, Big O tires, Douglas tires, Cooper, Bridgestone, etc.


Corsa tires are cheap and these tires are not the best you can find. But if you think about the price tag, these tires are definitely not the worst pick. And you have also learned who makes Corsa tires. So, it is your decision now to buy Corsa tires at this low price or going for other alternatives.

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