Who Makes Summit Tires? (Unveiling the Brand’s Origins)

The modern world is full of vehicles and vehicles need tires to run on the streets. Out of all the tire manufacturers, Summit Tires is one of many companies that provide us with the best tires.

Most people who use these tires don’t know who makes the summit tires and about the brand and their tires. This is why today I will present you all about Summit Tires.

Who Makes The Summit Tires?

The parent company of Summit Tires is Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG) which was founded in 1995.

The distributor of the Summit Tires is Greenball Corporation. They have become the distributor of this company in a few western states.

Sure Tire Company is the provider of the Summit Tires as the tires are marketed by this company.

Where Are Summit tires Made?

According to their website, Summit Tires is an American company. The tires are manufactured in the United States.

Their factory is located in New Jersey. The exact location is 25B Hanover Road, Sute 140 in Florham Park of New Jersey.

Summit Tires are one of the top manufacturers of the United States as they have been manufacturing tires for more than forty-five years.

Are Summit tires Any Good?

Summit Tires provide their products to all type of customers out there in the world. Their tires are compatible for use with trucks, passenger vehicles, agricultural tractors, and whatnot. The company is also known for its all-terrain tires which are perfect for mud and snow.

The brand’s current goal is to provide contemporary tire tread designs which include a big range of sizes depending on your vehicle. They are always looking forward to reaching the next level.

It is guaranteed that today’s drivers can depend on Summit Tires who are seeking affordable performance. Yes, you can count on this brand with your money and time.

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About The Manufacturers

Summit Tires was founded in the year 1974. The company was formed by a group of five independent tire distributors. Their vision was to create a value-focused tire line.

The goal of Summit Tires was being able to meet the everyday need of American drivers. They also wanted to be at the forefront of the technology because they wanted to compete with the biggest tire manufacturers at that time.

Summit Tires has a parent company named Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG). This company was formed in 1995 during a supplier-sponsored trip to Japan. On that trip, various major regional retailers started some informal discussions of the usefulness of parenting their business.

Their strategy was helping each other to survive the public strategy that was put forth by the emerging mass merchandisers. After the trip, the regional retailers formed the Tire Alliance Group to formally pursue the concept to level the field of competition. It was formed with 483 retail locations.

Summit Tires is a well-known brand that has a strong presence in the current market. Their lengthy line-up of all applications and sizes covers over ninety percent of the vehicles that drivers use in the current time.

They are committed to delivering the best quality products with excellent performance. Their main target is the current generation of automotive drivers. Summit Tires want to meet their ever demanding and evolving vehicle app.

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What Are the Types Of Summit Tires Available? 

Summit Tires has launched different types of tires based on various vehicles. There are mainly six types of tires if we want to categorize them. They are shown below.

Summit Radial Trac GT:

The Radial Trac GT is an all-season tire. This type was designed for use on sedans and coupes.

-Four wide grooves.

-Boosted performance on wet roads.

-Dense siping and tread pattern.

-Enhanced cornering.

Trail Climber H/T:

These tires were designed for use on light trucks and SUVs. Summit Tires provide this all-season tire which is ideal for the highway.

-Strong steel belts.

-Full nylon overlay.

-Quick steering response.

-Wide grooves to remove water from the tire.

-Boosted traction and performance.

Trail Climber H/T II:

This is an all-season tire for Summit Tires which is designed for CUVs that are frequently driven on the highway. Light trucks and SUVs are also preferable choices.

-Backed by six thousand mileage.

-Large footprint and optimized design.

-Dense siping shoulder lugs.

-Biting edge for solid traction.

-Tie bars on shoulders.

-Built-in rim guard.

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Trail Climber SUV:

This type of Summit Tires is engineered to provide you with a combination of comfort and performance on SUVs. It is also great for cross-over vehicles.

-Block design with noise cancellation.

-Better surface contact.

-High-speed stability.

-Wet traction as well as handling.

-Jointless bead cover.

-Rim protector.

Ultramax A/S:

The Ultramax A/S tires are touring tires for all-season. These tires provide you exceptional handling.

-Nondirectional tread design.

-Variable pitch tread design.

-Low noise performance.

-Superior wet traction and rolling resistance.

-Improved structural rigidity for a smooth ride.

-Sidewall durability and strength.

Ultramax HP A/S:

The Ultramax HP A/S tires give you ultra-high performance. These all-season tires have improved stability with a comfortable ride.

-Solid center rib.

-Reduced road noise and high stability.

-High rolling resistance.

-High-angle tread grooves.

-Taper thread edges for uniform contact pressure.

-Four wide circumferential grooves.

Where To Buy Summit Tires?

Summit Tires is a global company. As a result, you can buy their tires from their authorized dealers and shops.

You can also buy their tires online from various big sites such as Amazon, Walmart, SimpleTires, Bigotires, eBay, etc.

You can visit their website to find the dealers closest to your location.

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What is The Best Summit Tire?

All of the Summit tires are made for extreme weather in all seasons. The HP Radial Trac is the best performance tire that Summit Tires can offer.

From my research from various websites and stores, this tire has a very good customer review.

The HP Radial Trac performance tires are designed for sports cars and performance-oriented vehicles. In above freezing temperatures, these tires provide the best performance.

The following chart can help you understand the features:


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What Are The Best Alternatives Of Summit Tires? 

There are a lot of companies that can provide you good tires. If you are looking for a good alternative for the Summit Tires, you have to look within the best ones.

If you want your vehicle to have a nice set of tires, you can try the Cooper or the Michelin brand. They have been manufacturing tires for over a hundred years. These companies have maintained a great rating on the stores with customer satisfaction.


The Summit Tires had a goal to satisfy the everyday needs of American customers. But they have outrun themselves with their goals. The company is now one of the top tire providers out in the market.

Summit Tires provide the world with their famous all-season tires. So, based on their history and performance, you can easily put your trust in Summit Tires to aid your vehicle with the best tires.

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