Do You Know Who Makes Toyo tires? (Answer Explained)

Toyo spends a huge amount of its budget on R&D to improve the tire materials and compound. They consistently make high-quality tires that perform well and look good as well.

But who makes Toyo Tires? Are they any good?   

In this article, I will be discussing all the brand and their manufacturing details.

Who Makes The Toyo tires?

Toyo tire Holdings of Americas inc. (TTHA) is the maker of the Toyo tires.

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc is been making these tires for over 75 years. It is a Japanese company.

Toyo has every type of tire for every type of vehicle you have.

Where Are Toyo Tires Made?

According to their website, Toyo is a Japanese Company. But the factories are in Bartow County, Georgia, US.

TTHA is the wholly-owned North American Subsidiary of Toyo Tore Corporation of Osaka, Japan.

To create high-quality tires, the company makes significant and ongoing expenditures in its U.S.-based manufacturing plant and support activities.

Are Toyo Tires Any Good?

Toyo makes tires in various sizes for every type of vehicle. The Company is over 75 years old. And they promise to deliver trust and sustainability to the consumers.

Toyo Tires remains dedicated to innovation, quality, performance, and outstanding customer service.

They have a huge presence in the car and truck scene to hold the position in the competition.

The team is well known for its extensive research and the development of tires.

The tires have earned top marks for environmental performance.

Toyo focuses on technical advances in two primary tire design effects:

Rolling Resistance: Effects fuel efficiency 

Braking Performance: In wet and dry situations, how effectively do tires brake and slide.

Toyo is a well-known brand that has won the respect of automobile and truck aficionados.

About The Manufacturers:

The Company started on 1st August 1945. In 1999, the Company expanded to The United States as Toyo Tire USA Corporation.

Since then, Toyo has been providing premium quality tires to serve all types of vehicle owners.  

TTHA and its group firms produce, import, market, and distribute Toyo and Nitto brand tires in the United States and Canada, with headquarters in Cypress, California.

In August 1947, Toyo exported their first truck tire. They chased success by making and mass distributing the truck tires.

In January 1982 Toyo established Toyo Tire Canada Inc. in Canada.

In 1999 Toyo established its factories and Headquater in the USA.

The group’s global activities are built around three key competencies: tires, chemicals, and materials.

Toyo Tires has been present in Europe for almost thirty years, and the firm Toyo Tire Europe GmbH was founded in 2005.

The company is based in Neuss, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia.

Toyo Tires’ main mission is to strengthen the reputation and competitiveness of the US tire manufacturing industry.

And the Vision is to be the premier advocate, trusted voice, and thought leader for the U.S. tire manufacturing industry. Advancing safe, sustainable mobility for the future.

What Are the Types Of Toyo tires Available?

Toyo differentiates their tire types based on 3 different sections on their website.

Vehicle Type:

Toyo sells every tire for any kind of vehicle you have.

They have tires for

Light truck



Cargo Van/Truck.

All the tires are well-engineered and are made with elegance.

Product Line:

Here are the products Toyo makes and their lineups.

Open Country is available for every type of vehicle I just addressed. Their main features are:

  • High Turn-up, 3-ply polyester construction contributes to excellent durability, handling, and impact resistance.
  • Aggressive tread design with hook-shaped blocks delivers outstanding off-road traction while on-road performance is excellent.
  • Open, Scalloped Shoulder Blocks
  • Improves off-road traction.
  • Enhances grip in muddy, sandy, or snowy off-road conditions.
  • Ejects mud and snow through the open channels.

Proxes are kind of sports-focused. And handles extreme pressure. Their features are:

  • Specialized silica compound developed with nano balance technology that provides enhanced traction in wet conditions.
  • Improved rib design that delivers more contact pressure for braking and handling.
  • It has a rim protector that helps protect valuable wheels.
  • Promotes wear

Extensa is Toyo’s budget lineup for every vehicle. They are available for any size. Features are given below:

  • Has better-wet performance and improves fuel efficiency.
  • The tire has four wide main grooves that evacuate water to improve wet traction.
  • The tires minimize irregular wear for longer tread life and a smooth quiet ride.
  • Improve wet and dry performance.

Celsius is Toyo’s weather-focused lineup. Made for competing in extreme weather with 60000 miles warranty.

  • Higher sipe density for excellent traction on ice and snow.
  • Lower sipe density for traction on wet and dry roads.
  • It has snow claws that insure deep snow traction.
  • Has slush grooves that increase block rigidity by evacuating slush and snow.
  • Minimize irregular wear for a smooth quiet ride.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Toyo Tires? 

There are a lot of brands available if you are looking for alternatives.

Some of the brands have more than 100 years of legacy. But if you want to spend from your wallet and get the best product I will suggest you go for Michelin or Goodyear.

These are the oldest tire companies which are available in the market which have a 4.5 rating each.

Where to Buy Toyo Tires?

Since Toyo is a global brand you can buy their tires from their authorized dealers and seller’s shops.

Besides that, if you want to book or purchase your product online, Waterfall tires are available on most of the leading e-commerce sites such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and AutoZone.

And you’re lucky cause Toyo is available on every tire shop website such as

Discount Tire Direct



Simple tire


Toyo provides all kinds of premium tires for every type of customer. Many of the consumers don’t know about the manufacturer.

This is why In this article, I’ve discussed every query regarding Toyo tires.

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