Who Makes Uniroyal Tires & Where Are They Made?(Explained)

As Uniroyal is a very old name among the drivers for their more than 100 years old legacy, many of us often wonder who owns the Uniroyal tires? Are they any good?

That is why in this article I will be discussing the answer to today’s question.

Who Owns the Uniroyal Tires?

The Michelin Group of France owns Uniroyal Tires.

In 1989 The Michelin agreed to acquire the Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company in a transaction valued at $1.5 billion.

Who Makes the Uniroyal tires?

Michelin makes The Uniroyal tires. The headquarters are at Greenville, South Carolina, Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA.

It is an American product manufactured and marketed by Michelin. The Manufacturing facilities are situated all over the USA.

Where Are Uniroyal tires Made?

According to their website, Uniroyal Tires are being made at Spartanburg, North Carolina, USA.

A majority of the Uniroyal tires are being manufactured in this Michelin’s SC plant. But Michelin has manufacturing facilities all over the USA.
some of the major facilities are in Woodburn, Indiana.

These facilities operate Uniroyal to meet the local demand.  

Are Uniroyal tires Any Good?

Uniroyal tires have been moving America for over 125 years. They are on the road longer than most roads have been paved.

They are dedicated to innovation, quality, performance, and outstanding customer service.

89 percent of respondents said they would buy this tire again, giving it a 4 out of 5-star rating.

The greatest ratings were given to Dry Traction and Cornering Stability, with a total distance of 132,333 miles investigated.

The team is well known for its extensive research and the development of tires and the decade of experience.

Uniroyal is a brand that every driver trusts. Because of dominating the market for a long time. It is one of the best tires in the market.

About The Manufacturers:

The Michelin Group, based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is a multinational corporation.

The Michelin Group, which was founded in 1889, sells tires in over 170 countries.

In one of their 69 manufacturing facilities throughout the world, the Michelin Group creates tires tailored to every consumer’s demands and road conditions.

Michelin’s 114,000 workers are dedicated to providing their consumers the safest and most appropriate tires possible.

In 1889, the Michelin brothers André and Édouard set out on a great industrial odyssey to develop modern transport solutions that would assist freedom and economic development through ceaseless innovation.

Some of their innovations were:

  • The first detachable bicycle tires (1891)
  • The first paved runway in the world (1916)
  • The first Radial tires (1946)

What Are the Types of Uniroyal Tires Available? 

Uniroyal has differentiated its tires for:

Car and Minivan Tires:

Tiger paw FTZ all season 2

  • They are all-season high-performance tire that backed by a 50,000-mile warranty
  • High-performance tire built for a quiet comfortable ride

Tiger Paw Touring A/S

  • Long-lasting all-season tire for your everyday needs.
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • 45 days of guarantee

Tiger Paw AWP II

  • 65,000 miles warranty
  • the all-season tire with classic white sidewall design

SUV and Pickup Tires:

Tiger Paw Touring A/S

  • Long-lasting tire made for everyday use
  • 45 days guarantee
  • Broadest product line ever
  • Affordable

Larde Cross Country

  • Long, even treadwear
  • Wet grip and all-season traction
  • SUV tire featuring raised white lettering

Larde Cross Country Tour

  • The budget lineup for every type of consumer.
  • Comfortable and quiet highway ride
  • Evacuate water fast for optimal traction on wet pavement.
  • 60,000-mile manufacturers limited warranty

Commercial Tires:

Laredo HD/T

  • The all-terrain commercial tire for hand to reach job sites and tough weather condition
  • On and off-road traction
  • Durable and reliable
  • 6 years warranty

Laredo HD/H

  • Delivers long, even treadwear
  • All-season traction
  • 50,000-mile warranty

Winter Tires:

Tiger Paw Ice and Snow 3

  • Durable and reliable in all winter conditions.
  • Enhance traction in snow and on ice
  • Advanced grip in cold weather
  • 6 year limited warranty

Where To Buy Uniroyal Tires? 

Since Uniroyal is a famous global brand you can buy their tires from their authorized dealers and seller’s shops.

Besides that, if you want to book or purchase your product online, Uniroyal tires are available on most of the leading e-commerce sites such as Walmart, and Amazon

And you can search the local shops and authorized dealers by dropping your zip code here. You can look for the tires by the sizes and your vehicle type as well.

What is The Best Uniroyal tire? 

The Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ is an all-season equipped tire for ultra-high performance.

It is very reliable in dry handling and braking performance. Assure you a very comfortable ride. It has above-average tread life and is very good for the money.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Uniroyal tires? 

There are tons of companies are there if you are looking for alternatives.

Some of them have over 100 years of legacy. But if you want to spend your money and get the legacy I will suggest you go for Goodyear.

However, there are some new companies out there who competing with these old brands. Toyo could be a very good alternative for Uniroyal tires.


Uniroyal offers premium quality tires with no compromise on safety and at a very affordable price. That’s why in this article, I have tried to answer the question with all the authentic background explanations of who owns Uniroyal tires.

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