Do You Know Who Makes Sumitomo Tires? (Answer Explained)

Sumitomo tires brand has a worldwide reputation for ensuring premium quality tires built with leading-edge technology to deliver excellent service. Not only that, but Sumitomo also offers a comprehensive collection of tires to serve and satisfy all types of vehicle users. 

However, most customers often ask who makes Sumitomo tires since it does not advertise or disclose much about its internal details like other brands do.

So, in this article, let’s find out the manufacturer behind all these comprehensive Sumitomo tires selections.

Who Makes Sumitomo Tires?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer of all the tires available in the market under the Sumitomo tires brand. 

It is a subsidiary division or part of the Sumitomo Group

Currently, it is considered one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

Where Are Sumitomo Tires Made?

Sumitomo Rubber & tire manufacturing division has manufacturing facilities in the USA, Japan, Thailand, and China

But most of their production takes place in the two major plants USA and Japan.

The manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York that was previously producing tires for Goodyear and Dunlop tire brands, is currently producing tires for the Sumitomo brand.  

Are Sumitomo Tires Any Good?

Since the Sumitomo tires brand is currently in the fifth position worldwide and has even beaten the industry pioneers like Hankook, Pirelli, or Yokohoma, it is clear that consumers find the tires from the Sumitomo brand better than some of the industry giants. 

Sumitomo makes a wide range of quality tires to meet different driving styles and customer needs

From Are you in the market for high-performance tires to sports special or regular tires, Sumitomo has options for each consumer group.

Based on the pricing, each tire’s built-up quality, as well as the performance and warranty or aftersales service, Sumitomo definitely offers the best deal without costing you a fortune.

However, no matter how great and worthy the brand or its products are, if you are choosing the wrong match, then it will be a disaster. 

So, make sure you are well aware of your vehicle’s needs and specifications to find the perfect tire match.

About The Manufacturer Of Sumitomo Tires:

Let’s have an overall idea on the manufacturer of Sumitomo Tires:

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd or Sumitomo Gomu Kōgyo Kabushiki-gaisha is a Japanese origin global tire and rubber company. It is originally a subsidiary part of one of the most influential groups, the Sumitomo Group.

In 1909, Sumitomo Group invested in Dunlop Japan, which was the newly formed Japanese subsidiary of the British company Dunlop Rubber

After that, the Sumitomo group formed Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd in 1919 in Osaka, Japan. 

Sumitomo also owns a budget brand named Ohtsu and produces tires under the name Sumitomo.

Besides manufacturing and distributing automobile tires, Sumitomo also produces other rubber-based products such as golf balls, tennis balls, etc. 

Over the years, Sumitomo and Dunlop Rubber companies have developed a close business relationship. 

As a result, Sumitomo Group acquired control of Dunlop Rubber company’s Japanese subsidiary and was renamed Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd in 1963.

Even when BTR plc took over Dunlop Rubber in 1985, the company acquired Dunlop’s automobile tire assets and the right of using Dunlop brand name. 

Although at that time, this acquisition did not include Dunlop’s US and Australian businesses since those were separately owned and operated, Sumitomo Group also acquired the Dunlop Tire Corporation’s US part in 1986.

In 1983, Sumitomo Group also launched another tire brand named the Falken tire in Japan, which was introduced in North America in 1985

In 1997, Sumitomo Group also formed a joint venture with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. 

Both brands agreed on manufacturing products for each other’s markets, including Dunlop branded tires, and because of this joint venture, Goodyear acquired 75% interest in Dunlop Tires. 

However, in June 2015, Goodyear announced the end of its joint venture with Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. 

Sumitomo Rubber Industries also acquired Apollo Tyres South Africa (Pty) Ltd from Apollo Tyres and renamed the company Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (Pty) Ltd, in December 2013

Apollo Tyres corporation was the owner of Dunlop Brand’s South African subsidiary so, Sumitomo acquired it as part of its global development strategic plans. 

Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (Pty) Ltd manufactures tires not only under the Sumitomo name brand, but they also produce for the Falken passenger car tire brands in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal.

The Ladysmith plant started producing Dunlop truck and bus radial tires in July 2018, after Sumitomo Rubber Industries upgraded and modernized the plant.

But in 2019, the production region of Dunlop truck and bus radial tires, the Ladysmith plant was sold to the South African market. 

Based on the Tire Business report 2019, Sumitomo Rubber Industries is the fifth-largest tire manufacturer worldwide.

What Are the Types Of Sumitomo Tires Available?  

Sumitomo mainly offers three categories of tires. But under these three categories, there are numerous products based on different size, spec options.

So, let’s have a glance at those categories here:


Where To Buy Sumitomo Tires?  

Sumitomo has its well-established dealer network to reach the mass consumer markets and ensure better customer support.

Besides Sumitomo tires authorized physical and online stores, you can also purchase their products from other retailer shops like Walmart.

What Are The Best Sumitomo Tires?  

The top-rated and most popular products from Sumitomo tires brand’s wide product lines are mentioned below:

  • Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 (W-Speed Rated)

These tires are best suited for sports and high-speed driving styles.

  • Sumitomo HTR Z III

The best option budget-friendly option yet offers stable performance and notable traction during wet and dry conditions.

  • Sumitomo Touring LS T

These all-season tires are suited for passenger cars, sedans, and even minivans.

  • Sumitomo Encounter H/T

These High-way all-season tires outshine in wet and dry braking and also have a long-lasting tread life.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Sumitomo Tires?  

Besides Sumitomo tires, if you are looking for other best options, you can opt for Michelin, Yokohama, Bridge stone, Continental, or Happy New Year tires brands.


Although from high-performance quality to regular budget-friendly, Sumitomo has been offering excellent tires options for all types of consumers, customers often wonder who makes these tires. 

That is why in today’s article, I tried to inform and explain some of the unknown facts about this brand.

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