Do You Know Who Makes Waterfall tires? (Answer Explained)

This automated world depends on tires. There are tons of companies in the market with over 150 years old legacy. In this competition Waterfall also keeps the promises they make and be one of the top recommended tires.

However, not many of the users don’t know about the manufacturer of these tires. 

That is why in this article I will be discussing the answer to today’s question. 

Who makes the waterfall tires?

Who Makes the Waterfall tires?

The waterfall is the new brand name of Kolsan. The company was founded in 2000 and it has been manufacturing tires for well-known brands. The waterfall is one of them. 

Kolsan Lastik is making tires for 18 years from now. Since they are making the tires they are promised to assure the consumers’ accident-free driving. 

Kolsan manufactures various types of tires for different weathers. And bring you the safest tire for your car. 

Where Are Waterfall tires Made?

According to their website Waterfall is a European Company.  They are being made in Turkey.

The factory is located in Turkeys Izmit-Kocaeli Industrial Zone.

Waterfall is a Turkies company. They manufacture and export the tires all over the globe. Although they serve 38 countries and keep expanding their customer portfolio. 

Are Waterfall tires Any Good?

Waterfall only makes tires in various sizes. As they are quite new to the market they are focusing their service to be as trustworthy as possible. The tires they make are very cheap and have the perfect weather protection.

These tires assure you of all-season traction. They perform great in both wet and dry road conditions.  

They are made to be affordable to every level of consumers. The tires reduce rolling resistance which provides greater fuel economy.

They last over 45k miles. And Waterfall themselves warranty this

About The Manufacturers

Kolsan was founded in 2000. Kolsan Kocaeli Lastik Sanayi A.S.was the old name of the Company. They changed the name to Waterfall recently.  

Since then, Waterfall has been providing premium quality tires to serve all types of vehicle owners.  

Waterfall’s board aim is “people-centered management philosophy”. It ensures its environmental policy to protect the environment and human health, and promote sustainable development.  

Their main goal is to prevent pollution and accidents at the beginning and minimizing environmental damage. 

The same principle applies to human health, thus Waterfall management prioritizes “zero accidents” in terms of both occupational and environmental safety.

Occupational and environmental safety are the foundations of quality and productivity in Waterfall’s management style.

It is common knowledge that if safety (both environmental and occupational) standards and criteria are not followed, quality and productivity in the workplace are impossible to achieve.

At Waterfall, this core idea is used in every process and level of management, as well as daily working activities.

Business sustainability is inextricably linked to environmental and human health sustainability.

Waterfall continues to work with cutting-edge technical production methods to meet European standards and quality, they specialize in radial passenger and bias agricultural tires.

What Are the Types Of Waterfall tires Available?  

Till now, Waterfall has launched 4 different types of tire series in the market. They all are available for different-sized vehicles. The tires are differentiated by certain types of weather conditions.  

  1. Waterfall Eco Dynamic PCR:

Eco Dynamic, which has been created and tested in Europe over the past 20 years, seeks to operate well in all situations.

– Low Fuel Consumption and long life

– Lower Energy loss

– Improved wet-grip technology 

– Quiet and comfortable

– Excellent traction in all conditions

  1. Waterfall LT-200:

For the general usage sector, it was designed for performance and handling. Provides traction and comfort when riding, as well as long-term durability.

– Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

– Shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads

– Top Aquaplaning resistance

– Improved steering precision and handling

– Long-lasting

  1. Waterfall Snow Hill 3:

Snow Hill 2 is created and tested in Europe in difficult winter circumstances to achieve excellence, to go above the performance numbers of Snow Hill.

-Better handling on snow

-Excellent braking performance

-Traction grip on snow

-Confident handling on snow

-Improved performance in all winter driving conditions

-Balance Handling Wet Braking Fuel Braking Silent Winter Efficiency

  1. Waterfall Quattro:

QUATTRO, which has been created with 20 years of expertise and intends to function efficiently and effectively in all seasons.

-Safety and control in all weather conditions

-One set of tires for all the seasons, all year round

-Save time and money

-3PMSF to meet the industry standard of purely winter classified tires

-Quiet and comfortable ride

Where To Buy Motorcraft Oil Filters?  

Since the Waterfall is a global brand you can buy their tires from their authorized dealers and seller’s shops

Besides that, if you want to book or purchase your product online, Waterfall tires are available on most of the leading e-commerce sites such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and AutoZone. 

What is The Best Waterfall tire?  

Every waterfall tire is made for extreme weather and condition, If you ask one particular one the vote wins the Waterfall Eco Dynamic tire.

Based on my research from a good source The Eco dynamic is 4.0 rated globally.
wherein certain situations it performs similarly. And holds the place in the competition strong handly.

This chart will help you to demonstrate the ratings in 6 different condition


What Are the Best Alternative of Waterfall tires?  

There are tons of companies are there if you are looking for alternatives. 

Some of them have over 100 years of legacy. But if you want to spend your money and get the legacy I will suggest you go for Michelin or Goodyear

These are the oldest Tire companies among all and have a 4.5 rating each. 


Waterfall offers premium quality tires with no compromise on safety and at a very affordable price. 

But most Waterfall tire users are not aware of the company behind all these various high-quality tires. 

That’s why in this article, I have tried to answer the question with all the authentic background explanations of who makes Waterfall tires.

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