Do You Know Who Makes Hankook Tires? (Answer Explained)

When people think of a brand that offers world-class tires under budget, Hankook tires definitely comes in the top five list. 

Hankook tires brand is considered the second-most affordable tire brand because of its wide variety of tire options for sedans and truck sizes.

However, do you know who makes all tires for the Hankook brand and where the manufacturing location is?

Well, in this very article, let’s find out those answers and learn more about the Hankook tires beyond its name.

Who Makes Hankook Tires?

All the different ranges of Hankook tires are made by Hankook Tire & Technology, the largest tire manufacturer in South Korea

Hankook have their own research centers, raw materials, and manufacturing facilities or factories to produce the finished products and supply them directly to the Automakers as original equipment.

Where Are Hankook Tires Made?

Although Hankook Tire & Technology company’s main headquarter and research center is situated in Seoul, they have some manufacturing plants in other major countries to improvise and develop innovative products.

Apart from the main regional manufacturing facility, Hankook also has plants and factories in the United States (Tennessee), Germany, Japan, China, Chongqing, Hungary, Indonesia.

Are Hankook Tires Any Good?

Although good or bad varies based on user’s personal preferences and comfort, Hankook tires still consider one of the best picks for budget concerned consumer groups. 

Based on quality, performance, and pricing, Hankook tires are a good option to pick. 

Hankook ensures that each of its finished products delivers maximum quality, performance, and best tread-mile warranties. 

These tires are not too noisy or loud because Hankook designed the tires with Sound Absorber noise-reduction technology and other special features to minimize extra noise and vibrations. 

As a result, all Hankook tires deliver a quiet and smooth driving experience. 

Hankook offers approximately 59,000 miles of average mileage, but some of Hankook’s high-performance sport tires can last only 40,000 miles.

Hankook allows the consumer to test the tire for 30 days on the road so that consumers can test and evaluate the performance quality.

After that, if the consumer feels unsatisfied with the performance, they can return the tire and get a full refund.

About The Manufacturer Of Hankook Tires:

Let’s have a brief idea about Hankook Tire & Technology here:

Currently, Hankook Tire & Technology is recognized as the world’s sixth-largest tire manufacturing & selling company

In the beginning, Hankook had a humble journey when it was founded as Korea’s first tire company in 1941 in Seol, South Korea.

Initially, Hankook tire company was established as Chosun Tire Company by Mr. Cho Hong Jai (grandfather of Jae HunChung), and the business was targeted only on Korean tires demand and market opportunity. 

But, in 1968, they changed the company name and Chosun Tire became Hankook Tire & Technology. 

The headquarters of Hankook is located in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, South Korea.

The word Hankook is mainly a romanized Korean word and the meaning is Korea.

In 1974, Hankook produced the first passenger car Radial tire, and as part of its worldwide expansion project, Hankook launched their first foreign branch in the United States in 1981

In the 1990s, Hankook started expanding its boundaries and started opening new centers and plants in other countries like the USA, Germany, Europe, Japan, and China

Hankook has its research and technical centers in Korea (Daejon), the USA (Akron, Ohio), Hannover, Germany, Japan (Osaka), and China. 

Hankook tire company is partnered with some industry leaders such as Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Toyota and supplies tires as original equipment to them as well. 

Hankook is also involved with selling alloy wheels and brake pada and engine batteries.

There is a secret behind Hankook tire company’s success in leading the tire industry for more than decades now. 

That secret weapon of Hankook is its innovative tech philosophy known as Kontrol Technology, which emphasizes four elements: performance, comfort, safety, and environmental impact. 

In 2021, Hankook is proudly celebrating its glorious 80th anniversary for serving in this global industry with innovations and possibilities.  

What Are the Types Of Hankook Tires Available?  

Mainly Hankook offers tires, which are divided into four specific categories to serve all types of consumers:

  • Tires By Car:

Under this category, Hankook has Passenger Car Tires, Light Truck Tires, Competition Car Tires, Performance Tires, SUV Tires, and Commercial Tires.

  • Tires By Structure:

Under this particular category, Hankook offers Bias and Radial Tires. Bias tires are for agricultural, industrial, and off-the-road vehicles. Radial tires are used for passenger cars, light trucks, and buses.

  • Seasonal Tires:

Hankook offers three types of seasonal tires: Summer, winter, and all-season tires.

  • Run-flat Tires:

Besides normal tires, Hankook also produces run-flat tires that can support vehicles run at higher speeds even after losing internal air pressure.

Where To Buy Hankook Tires?  

Hankook has several authorized dealers and retailers all around the world to sell their wide range of tires.

Besides that, people can also purchase Hankook tires from Hankook’s online store and other renowned online portals such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

What Are The Best Hankook Tires?  

Let’s have a glance at some of the best options from Hankook tires brand:

  • Best for Passenger Cars: HANKOOK KINERGY ST
  • Best Performance Tire: HANKOOK VENTUS S1 EVO2
  • Best Truck Tire: HANKOOK DYNAPRO AT-M
  • Best All-Season Tire: HANKOOK KINERGY PT
  • Best Winter Tire: Hankook Winter I Pike RW11
  • Best Off-Road Tire: HANKOOK DYNAPRO AT2

Note: Above list is based on the consumer rating and popularity reports on Hankook tires. So, remember, the best tires still may vary based on consumer or user’s personal preference and comfort level.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Hankook Tires?  

Rather than picking one of the bestselling tires from the Hankook brand, you can also choose tires from brands like Goodyear, Firestone, Cooper, Kumho, BFGoodrich, Continental, Toyo, or General.


Originally, today’s article was aimed to reveal and share background information about the Hankook tires brand and its manufacturer so that people can get a better idea about this tires brand beyond its brand name.

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