Michelin Primacy Tour a/s VS Premier a/s: Detail Comparison

Good quality tires are important parts of your vehicle as they can completely change the riding experience. In the tire market, you will find several brands that provide good quality tires. Among them, one is Michelin.

The Michelin tire lineup primacy and premier are engineered to provide users with a luxurious and premium driving experience. In the lineup, primacy tour a/s and premier a/s gather positive feedback due to their outstanding performance as a grand touring all-season tire.

You might now think which one will be better if you compare Michelin primacy tour a/s vs premier a/s? If you are thinking this, then the comparison guide is for you. The guide will help you to choose the perfect tires according to your needs.

Michelin Primacy Tour a/s VS Premier a/s

Michelin primacy tour a/s vs premier a/s : Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesMichelin primacy tour a/sMichelin premier a/s
CategoryTouring all-seasonTouring all-season
Vehiclessedan, coupe, crossover and SUVCoupes, sedans and minivans
Dry performanceBetter traction and handlingBetter traction and handling
Wet performanceDecentBetter than primacy due to EverGrip technology
Winter performanceDecent in lite snow but not ideal for heavy snowBetter performance than primacy
Noisesexceptionally quiet ride due to ComfortControl with PIANO Noise ReductionSame as primacy but noise arrived after one or two year of uses
Load capacity1,477 to 2,403 lbs1,201 lbs to 1,929 lbs
Tire size17 to 22 inch15 to 18 inch
Tread Depth8.5 32nds8.5 32nds
Mileage warranty55,000 mile60,000 mile
PriceStarting at $180Starting at $116

In-Depth Difference Between Michelin primacy tour a/s and premier a/s:

Dry Performance

You cannot say one is better than the other when discussing dry performance. Primacy and premier come with exceptional grip and traction levels, allowing you to perform aggressive acceleration with full confidence. Also, you don’t need to worry about handling in dry conditions.

Primacy tour a/s provide tons of traction on dry surfaces due to their wide shoulder blocks and contact patch. The tire rides smoothly and provides superior gripping power in dry conditions. 

Like the primacy tour a/s, the premier a/s also provides a smooth driving experience, precise cornering and most importantly, superior handling.

Wet Performance

The premier A/S has many close competitions when it comes to dry performance. But on a wet surface, the premier A/S left far behind the primacy tour a/s due to its EverGrip safety technology.

It provides you with very controllable and precise handling without any slippage issues. 

Also, the hydroplaning resistance is superior, even in heavy rain or oily surfaces. The premier tires have special geometric shapes that improve the overall wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. 

Though premier a/s provide better performance in wet conditions, the primacy tour a/s will not disappoint you.

The tires come with a simple design for decent traction in wet conditions. Most drivers will find the grip to be sufficient while corning in wet conditions.

There is a slight disconnect between the road and the car, so you will find less comfort when cornering hard.

Snow and Ice Performance

All-season tires aren’t designed for use below 7 degrees Celsius. If you drive your vehicle in such a condition, it will lose its gripping ability.

In that case, both Michelin primacy tour a/s and premier a/s show the same result. Also, both tires cannot replace the winter tires.

But, it doesn’t mean they are worse. Regarding light snow, they can be perfectly capable of tackling it.

The primacy and premier get enough traction and grip to provide exceptional safe driving. Also, both have the shortest braking distances in the category.

Regarding deep snow, the tires don’t provide you with better performance. But, if you compare both of them, premier tour a/s will perform better due to its EverGrip technology with outer structure.

Also, the Primacy tour a/s has better braking and snow traction than the predecessor Primacy MXM4.

Off road driving performance

Though the primacy tour a/s and premier a/s fit with crossover or SUV, they aren’t ideal for that condition.

You can drive the car with those tires on some shallow mud or dirt road, but you will not find the performance you expected. 

Also, you will notice a lack of traction when driving your car off-road with those tires. Even prolonged usage can damage the tread life.

Comfortable and refined

Both lineups have enough ability to satisfy you when you are talking about comfort. But comfort gets a little hit when the company tries to make the primacy tour a/c a bit sportier.

The sidewall is slightly stiffer in primacy, making the ride harder compared to premier a/c.

On the other hand, premier a/s will not provide much scope to make any complaints regarding comfort. Its unique rubber compounds, comfort control technology and durable internal and external structure make your ride ultra comfortable.

In terms of noise, the noise level of both tires is decently quiet around the highway and town. But, some previous premier a/s users complained that noise levels increased after one or two years of usage. 

Fuel Efficiency

The average weight and non-aggressive design won’t hurt your fuel efficiency if you use the Michelin primacy a/s. The same thing applied to premier a/s.

Also, they have a low rolling resistance compound which helps to improve your car’s fuel economy.

Tread life

If you consider the tread life more than any other features, both tires will not satisfy you. This is because you can expect more tread life if you consider the price.

Compared to Michelin premier a/s, Michelin primacy a/s tread life has been limited due to its relatively soft compound. 


Michelin primacy tour a/s tire price starts at around $180. At the price point, you will get the smallest size which is 17-inch. For the biggest size tire, you need to spend around $350.

The starting tire price of premier tour a/s is lower than the primacy. Premier Tour A/S tire starting price is around $116 (15-inch).

If you compare both of them with their starter size, both are worth the money.


Below are a comparison warranty table between Michelin primacy tour a/s and premier a/s:

NamePrimacy tour a/sPremier tour a/s
Treadlife warranty55,000 Miles (H- and V-Speed Rated) 45,000 Miles (W-Speed Rated)5Years60,000 Miles6 Years
Uniformity Warranty1 Year or first 2/32″ of wear1 year or first 2/32 inch
Workmanship Warranty5 Years6 Years
Materials WarrantyFree replacement first yearFree replacement first year
Manufacturer Special Warranty3-yr flat changing3-yr flat changing

However, in terms of warranty, both primacy and premier will not satisfy you if you compare both of them with other premium all-season touring tires. The treadwear warranty is not satisfying if you compare the price.

michelin primacy tour A/S Or premier A/s : Which one should you choose?

The answer will vary from person to person. Primacy tour a/s and premier a/s are premium segment tires from Michelin with a decent tread life. I hope now you can make your decision all on your own after reading the comparison segment. My point of view is demonstrated below regarding which one is better:

As both are all-season tires, I hope you are looking for tires that provide better performance all year round and ensure better comfort. If your requirements match with me, then you should go with premier a/s.

You will get better traction and handling with the premier a/s in wet conditions compared to primacy tour a/s. Also, if your vehicle fits with less than a 17-inch tire, then you cannot go with primacy tour a/s as its starting size is 17-inch. 

However, it doesn’t mean primacy tour a/s is worse. It also provides a decent performance in all weather conditions. 


What vehicles will the michelin primacy tour A/S and premier A/s fit?

The Primacy Tour A/S and premier A/S fits the following cars:

Primacy tour A/S: 

  • Audi A4, A6
  • BMW 3, 5 Series
  • Lexus LS, GS, ES
  • Mercedes Benz C, E and S Class
  • Opel Astra
  • Subaru Forester, Legacy
  • Volkswagen Jetta, Golf
  • Toyota Camry, Avensis
  • Volvo S60
  • & More

Premier A/S:

  • Mini copper
  • BMW 328i
  • Cadillc CTS
  • Nissan Altima
  • Ford Fusion
  • Honda accorda
  • Toyoto  camry
  • & More

How long should Michelin Primacy tires last?

Michelin primacy tires offer around 45,000 to 55,000-mile treadwear warranty. So, you can expect to get service from Michelin primacy for around 4 to 5 years.

If you are considering the mileage, it will be around 30,000-55000. However, the lifespan will depend on your driving habits, road conditions and many more.

Is the Michelin Premier a/s a quiet tire?

The premier a/s tire comes with comfort control technology. The technology ensures that the vibration and road noise will not reach your cabin. So, you will be going to get a relatively quiet ride.

Why do I mention relatively? Because some users reported that premier a/s tire’s noise level and vibration start increasing after one or two years of ride. You will get some road noise after the time period.

Is the Michelin primacy tour A/S ideal for sporty driving?

Michelin tried to improve the sporty characteristics in the primacy tour a/s tire, but if you consider it with its previous version, MXM4, it cannot improve the sporty driving.

You should not expect to get a lap record with those tires. Also, you will get less feedback from the front wheels.

However, the tire isn’t too bad for sporty driving. It will provide you with decent responses and sharpness. There can be some fun with a twisty road on dry ground, but more than that means you will have difficulty.

What do the letters on the tires mean?

You will get several numbers, letters and symbols on your vehicle’s tire. Those inform more about the tire. Below are some common letters you will notice with Michelin tires:

Speed rating: The speed rating of a tire indicates the maximum speed it can sustain over time. You can easily check the speed rating of your vehicle tire by checking the letter. Below are commonly used speed rating letters and their maximum speed gaining capacity:

Speed ratingMaximum speed
T118 mph 
H130 mph
V149 mph
W168 mph
Z149+ mph (open-ended rating)

Load Index: P tires are designed for passenger vehicles, while LT tires can be used on light and heavy-duty pickup trucks. ST means that the tire is designed for towing trailers without power axles.

Do higher speed rated tires wear faster?

The speed rating is the maximum speed limit a tire can safely maintain. A higher speed rating means you will get better grip, control, increase of stopping power and handling at higher speeds. 

But, higher speed rated tires wear faster and decrease the tread life. You will also get lower performance in cold conditions and less comfort with shorter tread life.

How do you tell if a tire is a winter or summer?

You can easily identify winter or summer tires by checking the symbols of the tire sidewall. If the tires come with an M+S symbol and 3PMSF ( a pictogram with a snowflake and mountains) symbol, it means you can use the tire in winter without any issue. Both markings are industry standards.

Also, if your vehicle tire has the symbol, it is an all-weather tire. You can use the tire in both summer and winter. But, if the symbol M+S is missing from the sidewall of the tire, it means the tire is ideal for use only in summer or hot weather.


In the all-weather tire segment, both primacy tour a/s and premier a/s have a huge impact due to their performance, comfort and handling.

But, when it is time to choose one of them, which one should you select? Confused! I hope your answer is known as you have already read the full comparison guide between Michelin primacy tour a/s vs premier a/s.

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