Do You Know Who Makes Solar Tires? (Answer Explained)

Do you ever wonder what type of tiers your vehicle has?  If it features solar tires then you have likely the best on the market. 

Solar tires are very popular, affordable and ensure an all-season road performance. These solar tires are also fuel-efficient and are ideal for long-distance driving. 

In this article we will find out, who makes Solar tires.

Who Makes Solar Tiers?

Solar tires are manufactured by a Japanese company based in Kobe, Japan.

The brains and intellect behind Solar Brand tires is a company named Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. They are also known as Sumitomo Gomu Kogyo Kabushiki-gaisha in their native language. 

This Company is very popular for making products for brands like DUNLOP and FALKEN. This company manufacture a wide range of high-performance rubber products, including tennis balls, golf balls, and other sports.

Who Owns Solar Tiers?

We know that, Solar tiers are made by the company named Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. This company is the 6th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries is a public limited company, meaning that the firm is owned by its shareholders. This company is a part of the Sumitomo Group.

Masatomo Sumitomo was the founder of this company. 

The two key figures of this company are- Satoru Yamamoto, the president and CEO of the company and Tetsuji Mino, the chairman of the company.

History of Solar Tiers (About the Manufacturer)

Masatomo Sumitomo, a former Buddhist monk, opened a bookshop in Kyoto in 1615, which subsequently became the Sumitomo Group. 

In 1909, the Sumitomo group made their impact by investing in Dunlop Japan. Dunlop Japan was then a recently created Japanese subsidiary of Dunlop Rubber, a British company.

Sumitomo and Dunlop maintained a tight economic connection throughout the years. In 1963, the Sumitomo Group bought Dunlop Japan and renamed it Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

In 1997, Sumitomo set up a joint venture with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company to produce tires for each other’ s markets, including branded tires from Dunlop.

But Goodyear announced its desire to end its collaboration with Sumitomo on February 14, 2014, alleging “anticompetitive behavior.” Goodyear stated on June 4, 2015 that its joint venture with SRI would come to an end soon that year. 

Sumitomo Rubber’s Solar tire brand is now supplied by Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the United States. Because of its quality and cost, it is seen as a viable alternative to brand tires.

Where Are Solar Tiers Made?

This tier is made by the sixth largest tire producer in the world Sumitomo Rubber which has an outstanding quality, performance and lifespan track record. 

This company is situated in Kobe, Japan. So, now you know where is solar tiers are made.

Are Solar Tiers Any Good?

Yes, Solar tires are good-quality tires. These tiers are very affordable and you can use these tiers in any season.

Here are some Design Features of Solar Tire that can help you to decide if they are actually good or not-


A strong traction tire will provide your car with exceptional ground grip. This feature will assist your vehicle in avoiding an accident on a super-dry or super-slippery road. Traction is included in all solar tires. 

Tire Treads Wear

The treadwear of a tire determines how long it will last. And every Solar tire type is capable of standing on its own.

However, several elements can influence a tire’s treadwear. Climate, road surface, and heat are all elements that influence the rate at which a tire wears out.

Ride Noise

Tires with no riding noise are required for enhanced performance. While driving, all solar tires make very little noise, which is ideal, especially if you’re on the road.

Fuel Consumption

The tires of OEMs are significantly known for lowering fuel consumption. And solar tires are approved for global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) production. So, these tiers going to save your money on gas.

Tire comfort

These tires are very comfortable to ride with. In any type of road and under all conditions they operate extremely well.

What Are the Types Of Solar tires Available?

There are a few different types of solar tiers. Let’s learn a bit more about them.

1. Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-195

The solar 4xS plus all-season radial tire-195 is a high-performance tire with supreme quality and configuration that is also one of the most affordable tires on the market. 

This tire, like the rest of the solar 4xS series, combines excellent treadwear, minimal ride noise and excellent traction so that you can drive easily on any kind of road.

2. Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-225/60R

All solar tires have one thing in common: they can travel smoothly on roadways without making any noise. The quantity of airflow within the tread blocks causes this noise, which reduces the vehicle’s performance.

All solar tires have one thing in common: they can travel smoothly on roadways without making any noise. The quantity of airflow within the tread blocks causes this noise, which reduces the vehicle’s performance.

3. Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R

This tire’s deep lateral grooves drain water from the center of the rubber to the side, allowing it to move on wet roads. This tire is a feasible alternative for usage due to its combination of great traction and tread wear.

4. Solar 4xS Plus All-Season Radial Tire-185/65R

This tire has outstanding traction and grips well on all sorts of roads at a reasonable price. Despite its low cost and outstanding craftsmanship, this tire is quick on the road. It has an H-rated top speed of 130 mph, which is rather remarkable.

It can go 45,000 miles before the treads wear out, indicating that it is a long-lasting tire.

Where to Buy Solar tires?

You can buy these premium quality tires from Walmart, Amazon or any other online platform at a very cheaper price as they are very affordable.


Solar tires are the all-in-one tires of the highest caliber. Their prices are attractive to a large number of consumers, and they have all of the necessary specifications.

You can rely on these high-quality tires now that you know how and where they are manufactured. To be honest, Sumitomo tires have really reshaped the automobile industry.

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