General Grabber Arctic Vs Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2 – Comparison

The winter season is coming ahead bringing out all the snow, ice, slush, and the fog is so dense that makes driving such a trouble.

So, if you’re looking for a winter tire, General and Bridgestone brands, both are good choices. But the confusing part is which one to select between these two. They are almost similar in size 70R17/265 (Blizzak and Grabber); comparing to the tread depth.

However, in this guide, I’ll provide you a thorough input on what tire would be perfect for you during the winter season. Based on the experience of several users, the guide is going to help you most to decide which one performs better than the other. Stay tuned.

 Comparison Chart – General Grabber Arctic vs Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2

General Grabber ArcticBridgestone Blizzak DM V2
Offers outstanding traction in low temperature that performs pretty well in snow, ice or wetter conditionsImproved contact of the tire with the road to touch more surfaces and give more control in winter seasons
Pretty noisy in non studded snow tire conditionGood ride noise in all condition
Lighter hydroplane resistanceIncludes hydrophilic coating to remove water from the surface of the tire.
Wider tread pattern including biting edges insideSmaller tread pattern
In terms of comfort, it behaves noisyQuiet, smooth and more comfortable
Higher tech load reinforcement to perform better in any load conditionsIncreased block edges to 15% for better control on noisy, muddy surfaces
Regular touring winter tirePremium touring winter tire
Average customer rating is 4.2Average customer rating is 4.6

In-depth discussion – General Grabber Arctic Vs Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2:

If you’re in a hurry and willing to make a quick deal, follow the above chart and make your decision. But, It’s not recommended for anyone to go quicker rather everyone should check the ins and out of the object (this time tire) before making any purchase. So, let’s get into the detailed comparison.


General Grabber Arctic is a studdable all-terrain winter tire with excellent temperature traction shows on ice, snow, and wetted conditions. It is durable, reliable, perfectly handy, and robust that makes a comfortable ride for large pickup, trucks, and SUVs.

Blizzak DM V2 is specially developed for the drivers of pickups, sports utility vehicles, and crossover vehicles looking for outstanding performance in slush, snow, and ice conditions. It is a studless winter tire brought out by Bridgestone for Light trucks or SUVs. The enhanced grip from Blizzak is really amazing.

Tire Size

If you’re going to change your existing tire, be aware of the proper size such as the width and the aspect ratio. Usually, car and light truck tires sizes are expressed in a short number series on the surface of the tire.

General Grabber Arctic tires come with a range of  29″ to 33″ in diameter, 9.4″ to 11″ in width, 6-8″ to 7.5-9.5″ in RIM, 2271 lbs to 2756 lbs maximum load, 29.9 lbs to 40.6 lbs weight, and runs 716 to 630 REV per mile.

And Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2 is  28.9″ to 32.1″ in Diameter, 9.3″ to 11.2″ in width, RM range 7″ to 9.5″, maximum load  2271 lbs to 2337 lbs, weight 32 lbs to 43 lbs, and goes 722 to 649 REV per mile.

However, both tires have different sizes and variations. Be cautious to choose according to your requirements.


Based on the features and smoothness, tires have different types of treadwear patterns. Such as alignment, balance, inflation, and worn out.

For General Grabber Arctic, it uses a tread block buttress to make higher reinforcement with the tire. Besides, the even treadwear of the tire extends the tread life remarkably. The tread pattern is included with winter sipes that lock together to improve acceleration by turning and braking on snow and ice surface.

Coming to the warranty policy, it provides a 45 days satisfaction trial and 72 months limited warranty for the treadwear.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2 has adaptive NanoPro technology that specializes in water-loving hydrophilic coating and nano bite particles. It throws wicks water, snow, and ice while the bite particles make more contact to make better braking on glare ice.

The tread pattern is molded with a directional tread design increasing 15% better block edges than the earlier one Blizzak DM-V1. Besides, the 3D zigzag sipes help to increase the number of biting edges.

Speed Rating

Speed is the indicator to calculate how fast it can go with an extended period of running hours after hours. For high-performanced tires, the speed range is also higher than the moderate ones, mostly family used or regular use.

The Speed rating is expressed on the surface of the tire with alphanumeric codes generally from L to Y in the letter range and 75-185 MPH.

General Grabber Arctic tires speed is relatively quite good on the highways. It is tested on almost every condition like dry, wet, heavy snow, ice, light snow, slush, and standing water.

The alphanumeric speed rating for Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2 is “T” which means the tire can run on up to 190 km/h in an optimal condition.

Durability and Comfort

Grabber Arctic tires are robust and comfortable, especially for SUVs and pickup trucks. The treadwear remains consistent even after an extended period, also the road noise keeps very minimal. Without stud, Arctic tires are marginal on the ice. You will find it pretty comfortable on the snow too, actually they’re excellent tires. To be precise, there is no tire like this serving you well in the deep snow, getting more mileage, awesome contact with the surface, and incredible traction with outstanding stopping ability.

Blizzak tires also perform great in winter and bad conditions Both general and professional users stated its overall performance is great, especially the ability to stop on the snow and ice surface is just outstanding.

In a nutshell, It is designed for the drivers to avoid severe hydroplaning roads and all other high marks made it long-lasting, reliable and of course, comfortable.

Fuel Efficiency and Overall Performance

Grabber Arctic tires are very minimal when it comes to the difference in fuel efficiency as well as noise on the road. For the highway roads, it also requires more fuel consumption depending on the tread depth and the road condition while it is too muddy, snowy, or iced. But the consumption rate is quite low than the regular fuel use.

Blizzak DM V2, it has improved its fuel efficiency pretty compared to DM V1. The NanoPro multicell adaptive technology made it more handy and efficient for the winter pickup trucks, SUVs with outstanding performance on snow winter, and studless ice.


Grabber Arctic tires come in a range of 110 USD to 195 USD approximately. Depending on the size you require the price will vary more or less.

You can a Blizzak DM V2 tire in a range of 120 USD to 210 USD with varieties of sizes. So, depending on the size the price will be set for you.

Check your truck or SUVs tire size to make a purchase so that you won’t regret later for the wrong sized one.


For General Arctic tire, all of the tires come with a limited-time warranty with all other adjustment policies remain eligible for 72 months from the date of purchase. According to this policy, you can get a free replacement warranty for the next 12 months starting from the purchase date.

Blizzak DM V2 is pretty much supportive for its users. They will replace your winter tire with a completely new equivalent tire if that is used temporarily and got unusable despite the manufacturer’s controls and conditions.

General Grabber Arctic vs  Blizzak DM V2– Which one to choose?

If you are looking for a tire that works incredibly on snow, Grabber Arctic will be a great choice for you. They stops superior on the snow and cut ice that no other tire can even beat. They’re solid, quiet, comfortable and with immense traction on the road.

Blizzak is also great as a winter tire. You will get flawless efficiency when it’s about security. Mostly, in areas where there are risks of sudden weather changes    and then you will find severe snowstorms, Blizzak DM V2 tires are absolutely great in that condition.


Are  Grabber Arctic tires 3PMSF rated?

Yes, they are.

What is the ideal temperature for Grabber Arctic tires?

Don’t use it above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are Bridgestone tires very good in winter?

Yes. They’re incredible to use in the winter season.

Which provides better traction Grabber or Blizzak tires?

Blizzak tires create outstanding traction on the road. You can call it a “snow tamer”.

Final thoughts

If you’re not aware of the required kinds of stuffs before going to purchase a new tire, it can be quite a daunting experience for you. Check your vehicle specifications and the tire features (most importantly size)  that would be perfect for you. Also, another crucial part is the purpose. Make sure the tire serves all the purposes, you would like to get into it. Also, you can cross-match the information from this guide.

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