Firestone Destination MT2 Vs BFG KM3 – Detailed Comparison

So, you’re looking for a tire that would perform outstanding especially in off-road condition, Right? But you’re messed up to take a decision to get one from these two: Firestone Destination MT2 vs BFG KM3. Yes, both the tires work great on muddy and snow-covered surfaces.

While both perform great in off-road conditions with outstanding traction, there’s definitely a better one than the other. Let us help you demonstrate the actual differences, pros/cons of these two tires and then choose one as per your needs.

Comparison Chart – Firestone Destination MT2 vs BFG KM3

Firestone Destination MT2BFG KM3
Incredible offroad performance and satisfactory in wetted conditionsMud tire works great in extreme traction, and toughness
20% more biting edges to enhance the stability in snowy weather, and slick surfacesUse advanced compounds to enhance 8% better traction on the rock and slick surfaces
Clear debris from the tread and achieve maximum usability  Use “Mud-Phobic” bar in the shoulder of the tire to release muds compacted with the tire
Strong sidewall compound to resist in almost any conditionUse  Krawl-TEK compound to enhance even more grip when climbing
Quality remains almost same even after using an extended mileage.Tire quality deteriorates drastically as more mileage you would go (almost 12000 to 15000 miles)

In-depth discussion – Firestone Destination MT2 vs BFG KM3:

Above chart is a quick guide in case you’re willing to get one shortly. Now, I’ll discuss the key points to keep in mind before purchasing your new tire. Stay connected with us.


Both tires are designed for all-season usage. While Destination MT2 provides excellent traction and stopping ability in the off-road, the BFG KM3 is just made to mud.

The Destination MT2 in wet, dry, and off-road performance this tire is just outstanding. On the other side, the KM3 provides you 5% better traction on the mud while none of its predecessors can offer you such.


Both the tires come in a wide range of sizes. You can find the tire size for Destination M2 starting from LT275/70R18 to LT285/65R18. Depending on your vehicle’s required tire size, choose one that fits perfectly.

BFG KM3 also comes in different sizes according to vehicles’ required variable sizes.

For 15 inches RIM

  •  The size is between 215/75R15 100Q to 35X12.5R15 113Q

For 16 inches

  • the range is 235/70R16 110Q to 7.5R16 116Q

For 17 inches

  • The range is 245/70R17 119Q to 39X13.5R17 121Q

For 18 inches

  • The size is between 265/60R18 119Q to 37X13.5R18 128Q

For 20 inches RIM

  • The range is 75/65R20 126Q to 37X13.5R20 127Q

For 22 inches RIM

  • The size is 37X13.5R22 123Q

BTW, All of the BFG tires have RBL(RAISED BLACK LETTERS) sidewall marking. You can check sizes there.

Speed Rating

Most of the tires of  Firestone Destination MT2 come with the speed rating “Q” which means it can sustain safely up to 99 miles per hour. Also, the speed rating indicates it’s a light Truck/SUV mud terrain tire.

The speed rating for BFG KM3 is also the same as Destination MT2 which is “Q”. That means it can also go up 99 miles in an hour, obviously maintaining safety issues.

However, the speed can vary and the maximum speed is limited to the given lowest speed on the tire. Don’t exceed the speed breaks lawful.

Traction and TreadLife

The traction delivered from Destination MT2 is incredible in any condition. If you’re a scenic lover or you drive heavy in ruts, rocks, or mud wherever it is, you will get solid traction from it. It will feel you pretty much reliable and pleased.

Besides, MT2 has new compounds for its tread pattern. The sidewall construction was designed more aggressively to get higher resistance in the muddy, wetted roads.

On the other side, BFG KM3 has improved its traction by 8% using advanced Krawl-TEK compounds. Also, It has linear flex zone technology to cover objects aired-down driving. Overall, its treadwear performance is just excellent.

Fuel Efficiency and Overall Performance

With the steady fuel usage from Destination MT2, you can get almost 40,000(forty thousand) miles usage, and it’s a rough calculation. But if you can maintain proper use and rotation, it can go up to 50, 000(fifty thousand) miles in a single drive.

BFG KM3 has higher fuel efficiency in this cage. State from a number of motorists they got a fuel life from 60,000 miles to 80,000 miles in a drive. So in case you’re concerned about higher mileage usage, KM3 is the outright winner.

Nevertheless, coming to the performance, as those tires are off-road master, performs almost the same. But, destination MT2 is better if you want me to be biased.

Durability and Comfort

After Destination MT1, Firestone replaced it MT2, with massive changes on different factors which made the tire really worth it.

There is a noticeable improvement you can explore on it just after your first drive. Improvement on tread design pattern, using solid rubber compounds, quiet off-road performance, of course, the excellent mud cleaning is just amazing.

With race-proven toughness from BFG KM3, mostly using rubber compounds on the sidewall made it quiet, smooth rolling on the surface, and extensive longevity.

It releases muds from the tire surface tremendously which made it more durable and extraordinarily comfortable to drive.


For MT2 depending on the size the tire price differs from $299.99 ea to $319.99 ea. Check your vehicle required tire size before going out to make a brand new tire purchase.

BFG KM3 tires are available in different sizes with different RIMs. Depending on the size and RIMs the price is in the range of $194.99* for 15 inches RIM to $563.99* to corresponding 22 inches RIM size.


The warranty of firestone tires is fully customer-oriented. If a retailer isn’t satisfied completely for their eligible brand tires, they can return the tire from where they had purchased it or exchange another or get a complete refund within 90 days from the date of purchase.

On the other hand, all of the BFG tires have come with standard manufacturer limited warranty covering materials for the extended life of usable treads, identifying defects in workmanship or straight 6 years warranty whichever you would face first.

Firestone Destination MT2 vs BFG KM3 – Which one to choose?

Wherever the trail takes you Firestones Destination MT2 performs just outstanding treading through paved or rough surfaces, wet, snowy,  or dry in any condition. Especially in off-road and wetted surfaces, this tire is the outright winner than any other predecessors.

BFG KM3 is good in wet and dry traction. But after driving for almost 10,000 (more or less) mileages, it can lose some pieces of treads. So, there are higher chances of overall mileage drops for KM3.

In a nutshell, Destination MT2 is the outright winner of this clash “Firestone Destination MT2 vs BFG KM3”.

Final Words

No can guarantee you the best choice until you go through a solid process that would solve your all needs. So, check your vehicle required tire size, keep in mind the mileage usage, and mostly the places where you will go for the road trips.

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