Michelin LTX A/T2 Vs BFGoodrich T/A KO2 – Detailed Comparison

Choosing a new tire that suits and fits your vehicle most is crucial because you mustn’t consider getting a new tire every year.

Among a lot of brands and options, Michelin and BFGoodrich both are highly favored choices to the users. And, so you’re one of them who might be looking for the best one between these two.

 While the Michelin A/T2 is a good option for on-road terrain, the BF Goodrich KO2 is better on off-road surfaces.

This guide will cover everything in detail including the pros/cons and discuss which one to select between these two. I’ll go through a smooth and thundering tone to tell you everything that will help you make your decision faster and correctly. Keep reading and stay tuned.

Comparison Chart – Michelin LTX A/T2 VS BFGoodrich T/A KO2

Michelin LTX A/T2BFGoodrich T/A KO2
60,000 Mile manufacturer’s treadwear limited warranty*50,000 Mile manufacturer’s treadwear Limited Warranty including all replacement sizes  
Developed to  meet the needs of today’s commercial and recreational pickup, SUV drivers, and vansDeveloped to meet the need for jeep, sports vehicles, and pickup trucks
Provides good fuel efficiency, low noise, and even wearGo-anywhere traction with outstanding durability, get year-round traction even in snow and great wear too
Smaller grovesWider groves
No satisfaction guaranteeProvides 60 days satisfaction guarantee
6 years standard limited warrantySame as Michelin – 6 years standard limited warranty
Holds air impressivelyPretty much comfortable handling
Shows excessive wearGreat treadwear
Seemed to be garbage for off-road but satisfactory considering mileage wearSeem to do well in off-road but not so well in mileage wear

In-depth discussion – Michelin LTX A/T2 VS BFGoodrich T/A KO2:

If you’re in a hurry and looking for a quick deal, you can decide based on the comparison chart above. But if you want to take some time and then decide, go through the key points described below.

Overall Design and Performance

While both the tires are durable, reliable, and long-wearing having massive traction in snow and light use on off-road surfaces, there must be something better considering the performance and design. Michelin LTX A/T2 has come up with an advanced and light tread rubber compound. It is molded into a unique tread block design.

Michelin Biting Edges (notched blocks) are tread figured which enhance traction on gravel, mud, dirt, snow, and wet grass. It uses the Advanced Maxtouch Construction process to design a long-lasting unique tire footprint shape.

Even the treadwear is designed with a computer-optimized and precision manufacturing system. It helps to lower the vibrations, road noise and overall deliver a comfortable ride. The tread pattern of kO2 looks jagged while LTX A/T2 is straighter in design.

On the other hand, BFGoodrich T/A KO2, is mostly popular for off-road usage, because of its exclusive features. The features include an interlocking tread pattern, wide groves that allows you to feel like a truly all-terrain tire as it helps to evacuate stones in the gravelly areas.

Well structured and 3-D sipes KO2 tires work fine driving in wetter conditions by sliding water away. It also has biting edges in its shoulder which help to boost traction on maximum level to work even better to deal with the snow.

Off-road (All-Terrain) Traction

A/T2 has excellent stability and traction on any surface, mostly hard-packed. The off-road endurance capability is excellent and works 35% longer on gravel compared to other leading competitors in the market.

But, in mud, it performs slightly horrible due to the tight tread filling up instantly. Also, they are absolute disasters on gravel like soaking up the tire and when you go to the pavement, it seems you’re running studded tire miles after miles!

The blocks of the treadwear are placed closely to give it more contact patch which helps to perform excellent grip on the hard surfaces.

The T/A KO2 is a dreadful tire, performs pretty well in various off-road terrains. It has aggressive all-terrain traction that ensures more confidence wherever you want to go. The shoulder is serrated in design providing higher mud, rock, or snow traction. Mostly, in aired-driving, the traction works great. By stabilizing the tread blocks along with severe snow placing, the 3-D sipes of the tire provide maximum traction handling on-off road terrain.

On-Road (Light Track) Traction

The KO2 comes with a bigger tread pattern, wider shoulders, and deeper grooves. For this, it gives a tough and noisy driving experience on the surface. The tire has less surface area in contact with the road and that’s why it makes a lower grip on the road.

A/T2 performs pretty well on-road driving. Its dense design is particularly designed to reduce noise levels and provide you with a comfortable driving experience.

Having a smaller grooves design than KO2 helps it to create more contact with the surface of the road. It also works great even in wetter conditions due to the higher number of sipes in the A/T2.


When it comes to off-road capability, the KO2 is by far superior to A/T2. Besides, if you’re looking for the comfortable one, A/2 is better.

The KO2 is featured with almost 20% better grip on show, twice tread life on the gravel roads (where 15% is on the paved roads) along with 10% better grip on the mud. With all these benefits you can imagine no matter what the situation is, KO2 is going to take the challenge for you.

A/2 creates less noise, higher contact with the road and gives you a smooth driving experience. The treadwear blocks are close to one another so that it resists the air to pass through.

Durability and Treadwear

Some sizes of T/A KO2 are designated “DT” which are improved to resist the cuts and chips while driving heavily with higher torque inside. So, it provides long-lasting durability and solid treadwear. DT sizes feature a fifty thousand mile treadwear warranty but 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snowflake), is just a non-DT-sized feature.

The radial construction plays a great role to make it more durable. Also, the tire is included with a few steel belts amidst the structure. BFG is better in off-road situations due to the high void and aggressive tread design.


Both the tires come in a range of almost $150 to 500$, within this range, you must consider the best one that is also affordable for you.

Though A/2 is a bit expensive, it is very comfortable to ride, having a 60000 mileage of limited warranty.

Michelin has always been a good choice when it comes to durability, reliability, push safety, and overall performance.

Michelin LTX A/T2 VS BFGoodrich T/A KO2 – Which one to choose?

If you’re concerned about off-road capability, KO2 will give you a superior experience. And for on-road, the table will turn into A/T2’s favor.

I hoped the BFG would do better on the highways and give a satisfactory performance both from the fuel and tread wear.

LTX A/T2 does better for riding quietly, especially far better on the snow and rain as well. In a nutshell, it is more adequate when it comes to off-riding as well as does great on the highways.

For towing purposes, Michelin’s LTx is much better, because it performs excellently in wetted on-road driving.


Are both tires all-terrain?

Yes, both the tires are all-terrain.

Which is more compact?

A/T2 is more compact due to its tread design which ensures more contact with the surface, ultimately, performs well.

Which suits better in off-road traction?

BFGs KO2 is better off-road because of its wider shoulders, deep grooves

Which one is better considering the look?

BF Goodrich looks great but the dilemma is whether it is worth the drop in the longevity as well as on-road performance.

What is one bad thing I heard about Michelin?

They tend to wander, and so they may not do it all year round for you.

Which one creates less treadwear?

LTX A/T2 is made of compounds that helps to reduce treadwear.

Which is more comfortable and long-lasting?

In terms of regular use, both the tires are adequate for comfort and long-lasting.

Final thoughts

Throughout the article, I’ve discussed everything that breaks the dilemma – which one to choose between Michelin’s A/T2 or BFG’s KO2. Before considering a new tire, you must check the durability, traction, performance in mud and snowfall, and so on.

Both the tires have pros/cons depending on different surfaces. So while you want to get your purchase done, make sure it meets all of your criteria. Don’t ever go for a quick deal. Ask yourself where, how, and when you are likely to use the tires. Also, double-check your vehicle that suits the tire best or not. I think, after reading this extensive guide, now you’re all set to go and make your new purchase confidently.

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