Atturo Trail Blade X/T Vs Nitto Ridge Grappler – Comparison

Looking for the best mud-terrain and all-terrain tire? You’re exactly in the right place. While Ridge Grappler is incredible in on-road and off-road both the world, Trail Blade is more expedited on off-road trips than highways.

Coming to the regular to adventurous trips, Atturo has built all sorts of tires that feature sturdy off-road trips quite comfortable as well as slick or rough highway conditions. Ridge Grappler also provides a noiseless comfortable ride from the beginning to any of the trails.

Well, both seem to be better and it’s a dilemma to choose one between them, right? Let us help you demonstrate all features and pros and cons in detail.

Comparison Chart – Atturo Trail Blade X/T vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

Atturo Trail Blade X/T Nitto Ridge Grappler
Open shoulder and sidewall tread lugDynamic hybrid tread pattern
3-Ply SidewallDual Sidewall Design
Contains larger shoulder to get an excellent grip on mud and loose sandExtra rigid tread blocks to lower the flex
Uses “Knife Blade” sidewall elements to protect from damage issuesUse stone ejector to lower the damage of the groove
 Designed by texas-based Quartermaster KnivesUsed advanced sound equipment to design pattern that is quiet and comfortable
Modestly angled shoulderShoulders and Lateral Z grooves

In-depth discussion –  Atturo Trail Blade X/T vs Nitto Ridge Grappler:

If you’re in a hurry and willing to make a quick deal, follow the above chart and make your decision. But, It’s not recommended for anyone to go quicker rather everyone should check the ins and out of the object (this time tire) before making any purchase. So, let’s get into the detailed comparison.


As both of the tires are all-seasoned so we can say there is no weather constraint for those tires. Trail Blade X/T performs better in wet and snow conditions than in dry. The alternating vertical and horizontal sipes are placed in the center of the tread to control road noise and snow traction improvement.

Also, the smaller center tread blocks help to reduce road noise while other channels improve snow and wet traction. The use of multiple sipes across the tread made it more aggressive for the snow traction.

Nitto Ridge Grappler rotates well in dry and wet conditions than other weather conditions. Particularly for the “F” rated Nitto tires,  in wet pavements, you might get a drastic performance loss that can even be a pretty horrible experience.

One of the users of Nitto Ridge stated that he had found it okay on dry condition. But in the rain and wet pavements, got it choppy, louder, and make noise, overall an uncomfortable situation.


Once you’re all set to make your tire purchase, it’s very important to make sure the size is correct for your vehicle. Different vehicles come with different-sized tires. So, the tire manufacturers make sizes variety of ranges.

For Atturo Trail Blade X/T, the size differs from 235/65R17 to 35×12.5R17 for 17 inches RIM size. And, 285/40R24 (33×11.5R24) to LT345/50R24 (37×14.0R24) for 24 inches RIM. The other sizes are follows:

For 18 inches

  • 235/60R18 to 35×12.50R18LT

For 20 inches

  • 275/45R20 XL to 35×12.50R20LT

For 22 inches

  • 275/45R22 to LT325/50R22 (35×12.5R22)

For 24 inches

  • 285/40R24 (33×11.5R24) to LT345/50R24 (37×14.0R24)

 And for Ridge Grappler the size starts from:

 For 16 inches RIM Diameter

 265/70R16 116T XL

 (width/aspect-ration/construction-symbol/RIM-Diameter/Load-Index/Speed-Rating, and XL for extra load) to 38×13.50R24LT F 127Q.)

For 17 inches

  • LT255/80R17 E 121/118Q to 37×13.50R17LT E 121Q

For 18 inches

  • 255/55R18 109T XL to 37×13.50R18LT D 124Q

For 20 inches

  •  265/50R20 111T XL to  38×13.50R20LT E 128Q

For 22 inches

  • 285/45R22 114Q XL to 38×13.50R22LT E 126Q

For 24 inches

  •  LT315/45R24 F 123Q to 38×13.50R24LT F 127Q

So, here you got a detailed idea on sizes.

Speed Rating

The higher the speed rating of a tire, the easier and smooth handling, and control it will show in any road trip. So, the speed rating for the tire is crucial to know before choosing it for your vehicle.

The speed rating for Trail Blade X/T is “R” rated which means it can go up to 106 mph (170 km/h).

On the other hand, the speed rating for Nitto Ridge Grappler is 99 mph with having maximum inflation pressure is 80. The speed is deliberately good in off-road/mud terrain. The touring performance of this tire is just fabulous.

Traction and TreadLife

Trail XT is not only limited to the best off-road performance but also based on its super multi-terrain characteristics, it goes super on the on-road world too.

The alternating horizontal and vertical sipes of the tires enhance noise reducibility and create impressive traction on snow and rainy surfaces.

Tread block design is really surface-friendly. Those centered small tread blocks allow the tire to have more grip on the road and get a rigid contact through the road. Driving it on a different trail proofs its super adaptability on any road surface.

The staggered shoulder lugs from Nitto Ridge is the source of traction in off-road environments. It uses step block edges and alternating tapered edges to enhance the biting edges and ensure more traction on the road.

However, the traction on the paved road in wet weather conditions can experience you a bit dismal; taking both navigated turns from starting. In terms of snow traction, it is just outstanding. Besides, the tread pattern provides capable and aggressive off-road performance.


The cutting-edged design from Atturo Trail boasts it truly. It’s not something to be neglected. Because this day everybody checks the looks even after heavy load on the tire and here are the appearance matters.

Tire performance on hardcore muti-terrain mostly depends on the tools and functionalities. These tires are absolutely brilliant in clawing on the most gruel terrain. But there is a performance drop on the less-intense surfaces.

Ridge Grapple is featured with a variable pitch tread pattern that can connect to any surface with great traction. Advanced sound equipment enhanced the tread blocks to provide a quiet and comfortable ride. Also, the dual sidewall design comes with two bold patterns: one features a new and proactive tread block design and the other one features the traditional tread patterns.

In a nutshell, the performance in off-road, dry and wet condition is amazing. While there is a drop in quietness and ride comfort, that’s not staring.

Durability and Comfort

Trail Blade X/T is an ultra-durable tire because they regularly test and make changes on the tires based on performance on the muddy terrain. X/T is the reflection of all the past learned user reviews of Atturo tires.  The “knife blade” compound on the sidewall provides the tire surface extra to behave strong on rock and hard surfaces.

3-ply sidewalls made it more durable. Trail blade also comes with a variety of sizes and different load, ultra-tough features. So, it is proven that X/T provides next-level value in all road performances.

Ripple Grappler is a beast when it comes to longevity. It has 60000 miles on the highways and you can easily pull a heavy load on the tire. Even in the high elevation the tire performs great. The treads block are so rigid that you could gain a year’s tread left on your road trips. On trails like snow, mud, or downpours they seem to be pricy but the performance, durability, and comfort is just impressive.


Both the tires have a variety of sizes and combinations. Depending on those, the price varies from low to high. For Atturo Trail Blade X/T the price starts from $110 for the size (LT30x9.50R15) and $330 for the size  (LT325/50R22 122S).

Nitro Ridge Grappler is available between the price range $213.00 – $787.00 ea. (varies depending on the size.) It has super stone ejectors that throw out rocks and keep the tread safe.


For Atturo Trail Blade X/T the limited warranty is up to 45000 miles (featuring the mileage warranty). To claim warranty, the buyer will have to go the dealer who sold it to him/her and present it there. Must need to provide the proofs of purchase. Worn to 2/32” (1.6mm), or 60 months from the date of purchase, the warranty will be applicable on the eligible tires.

 For Nitto Ridge Grappler, you’re eligible for a limited warranty under the following circumstances:

  • You’re an original purchaser and purchased it after 2015
  • The tire used on the vehicle which they should originally install
  • You maintained tire safety and took care of it properly

Upon the eligibility, you can also claim Workmanship and Materials Limited Warranty. Check the full warranty manual from the official Nitto tire website to get a pdf copy of full warranty in details.

Atturo Trail Blade X/T vs Nitto Ridge Grappler – Which one to choose?

Both the tires are good choices for off-road performance and have a good manner on on-road trips too. Trail Blade looks great with awesome insights. There is no road noises that would be staring. Sometimes, there might some noises but that is not even so louder.

Absolutely the tires are amazing with the hard treadwear and awesome contact to the surfaces. If you can rotate the tire properly you can get a higher lifespan for these tires.

Nitto Ridge Grappler is also a great one in off-road, wet, and mud surfaces. You will get 60K mileage cover on this tire which is really great. The tire will remain in good shape even after some cracking from your side. You can drive constantly off the pavement pulling in any trails. Yet, there will be reserved mileage for the tire that is really amazing.

While both are good options, the choice is yours. Depending on your truck/vehicle required tires, which fits better, select that from this comparison.


Which one provides more mileage life?

Nitto Ridge Grappler, provides more mileage life with up to 60K miles.

Which one creates less road noise?

It’s Atturo Trail Blade X/T create very minimal road noise and provides a smooth ride.

Which one looks better Trail Blade or Nittor Grappler?

Trail Blade looks good and gives comfortable ride on the road.

Which one is more quiet?

Ridge Grappler is more quiet and they handle very well in the rain.

Final Words

Purchasing a tire may seem to be a dilemma while lots of recommendations and options are available on the market. You mustn’t go for a tire every year or even within a year, right? So, it’s crucial to choose your tire wise that you won’t need to regret later for the wrong choice.

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