Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. BFG KO2: The Differences

Believe it or not, tires have a significant impact on your vehicle performance.

If you are looking for the best all-terrain tires for your vehicle, you may be stuck between Nitto ridge grappler and BFG ko2 because both are the best all-terrain tires. It is tough to choose one between Nitto ridge grappler and BFG ko2.

To help you out, here I will compare these two tires side by side in detail. If you follow this article, you will be able to choose the right tire for your vehicle from these two tires.

So, let’s see which tire wins the battle of Nitto ridge grappler vs BFG ko2.  

Comparison Chart Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. BFG KO2

BFG ko2Nitto ridge grappler
BFG ko2 has treadwear warranty of 50,000 milesNitto ridge grappler has treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles
It provides a money-back guarantee on satisfactionIt doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee on satisfaction
It can carry a maximum load of 2756 lbs It can carry a maximum weight of 3750 lbs
It has a temperature rating of AIt has a temperature rating of B
It is suitable for snowy conditionsIt is not ideal for snowy conditions

In-depth Discussion Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. BFG KO2:

Here is the in-depth comparison of Nitto ridge grappler vs BFG ko2. In this section, I will compare both tires side by side in detail. I will compare their treadwear, traction, load index, speed rating, costs, etc. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into it.


Treadwear is directly related to tire longevity. It determines tire longevity.

When it comes to treadwear warranty, BFG Ko2 comes with 80,000 km treadwear limited warranty. If you consider it with other passenger vehicles tires, then it might not look enough. However, an 80,000 km treadwear warranty is good enough for an all-terrain tire.

Moreover, BFG also provides a 60 days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the tire, you will get your full money back within this period. You will get this warranty for all sizes of tires.

Besides that, BFG ko2 features core guard technology that protects tires against spilling and bruising. As a result, the tire’s sidewall becomes 20% tougher than the previous ko tire.

On the other hand, Nitto ridge grappler tread wear life is around 40000 miles. However, users said that this tire runs 20,000 to 30000 miles without problems. Though Nitto grappler tread wear life is shorter than ko2, it provides excellent performance on off-road and on-road for a longer time.

In this battle of treadwear life, BFG ko2 is the clear winner. But Nitto ridge grappler is also a good choice for a durable option.    

Speed rating

The speed rating is another fact that is directly connected with the tire’s performance. It determines the maximum safe speed of a tire.

The speed rating of BFG ko2 is Q which means its maximum safe speed is 160km per hour. You can drive at this speed safely for a while with this tire. This speed rating is good enough for day-to-day uses.

Regarding the speed rating of the Nitto ridge grappler, you can get a maximum speed of 160km per hour. This speed rating is good enough for everyday tires.

In this category, the result is a tie. Both tires have the same level of speed rating.       


Traction is another crucial fact for tires. Tire’s overall performance greatly depends on it.

BFG ko2 exclusively focuses on snow and wet conditions. Therefore, it provides excellent traction in snow and muddy conditions. It features 3D sipes traction edges; as a result, it offers excellent hydroplane resistance. In addition, BFG ko2 features phobic bars; it aids in evacuating mud, water, and slush from the tread. Furthermore, this tire also features mud ejection technology that prevents mud from sticking inside the tread.

Nitto ridge grappler provides excellent traction like its previous models. Its shoulder grooves help to clear mud and provide adequate traction in muddy conditions. Moreover, its Lateral Z grooves are set in a zig-zag pattern to provide biting edges for traction. Furthermore, staggered shoulder lugs provide traction on the off-road. 

In the battle of traction, Nitto ridge grappler and BFG ko2 provide excellent traction on the off-road and on-road conditions. However, Nitto ridge grappler is not ideal for snowy roads.

So, BFG ko2 is the winner here.          

Temperature rating

The temperature rating determines tires’ heat dispersing capability. Hence it is connected with treadwear and longevity.

When it comes to temperature rating, BFG ko2 has a temperature rating of A. On the other hand, the temperature rating of Nitto ridge grappler is B. Rubber of the ko2 can disperse heat quickly. Thus, its treadwear and life span will be longer than a Nitto ridge grappler.

So, in the temperature rating category, BFG ko2 is the clear winner.     

Load index

Load index is another essential fact of a tire. It determines tires’ load handling capacity.

Nitto ridge grappler can handle heavy loads thanks to its reinforced tread blocks as far as load handling is concerned. It can handle up to 3750 lbs. You can carry this amount of load on this tire safely.

On the other hand, BFG ko2 is also capable of handling higher loads. It can handle a maximum weight of 2756 lbs.

Here Nitto ridge grappler is the clear winner. If you need to carry a higher load, then Nitto ridge grappler is the best choice for you.


It is time to know which tire takes the most out of your pocket.

BFG ko2 and Nitto ridge grappler are expensive all-terrain tires. Nitto ridge grappler costs more than ko2. The price difference differs from supplier to supplier. The actual price difference is about $150.

BFG ko2 is cheaper compared to Nitto ridge grapplers. Here from the price perspective, BFG ko2 is the clear winner. For me, I would go with BFG ko2.     

Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. BFG KO2 : Which One To Choose?

So, which tire is best between Nitto ridge grappler and BFG ko2? It is tough to answer this question. However, the short answer is both are good tires; you can choose one from them.

And the long answer is if you are someone who traverses through mild terrain regularly and looking for an aggressive-looking high-performance off-road tire, Nitto ridge grappler is the right choice for you.

If you don’t drive off-road frequently and need a long-lasting, affordable tire, BFG ko2 is the best choice. 


How many miles do Nitto Ridge grapplers last?

Nitto ridge grappler can last around 40000 miles.

Are Nitto Ridge grapplers good on the highway?

Yes, Nitto ridge grapplers are good on highways and terrain.

Is BFG KO2 worth the money?

Yes, BFG ko2 is worth the money because it is a long-lasting and high-performance tire for regular and off-road use.

Is the Nitto Ridge grappler quiet?

Nitto ridge grapplers are quiet on the highway. 

Final words

Nitto ridge grappler and BFG ko2 are great tires for daily uses and frequent off-road uses.

In this comparison of Nitto ridge grappler vs BFG ko2, I have compared their treadwear, speed rating, load index, costs, temperature rating, and traction in detail. Nitto ridge grappler leads in the load index. On the other hand, BFG ko2 leads in the treadwear, costs, and temperature category.

If you consider the overall comparisons, BFG ko2 performs better than Nitto ridge grappler. However, you won’t go wrong if you choose one from these two tires.

If you need a regular long-lasting tire, go for BFG ko2. If you drive off-road frequently, then go for Nitto ridge grappler.

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