Bridgestone Dueler AT Vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2 – Full Comparison

Looking for the best on-road or off-road tire for your vehicle? Checked different items and got confused? Well, you’re exactly in the right place.

Bridgestone Dueler AT are all-seasoned tires. They are quiet and comfortable on both on-road and off-road trips. While Cooper AT3 Sport 2 has the super ability to grip on the road in the dry conditions, the Bridestones Dueler tires are altogetherl good in any weather conditions.

Comparison Chart – Bridgestone Dueler AT vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2

Bridgestone Dueler ATCooper AT3 Sport 2
Ultimate 4WD all-terrain tire, designed and tested to withstand for the harshest conditions3PMSF and M+S approved for harsh winter conditions and slippery surfaces.
Modern tread pattern with rigid compoundsRobust tread design
Staggered shoulder lugs and open shoulder slots for extra biting edges and water evacuation.Comes with new EPDM to enhance sidewall protection
Great performance in both and on-road and off-roadProven off-road performance
 Engineered with advanced traction Claw technologyNew compound technology provides excellent cut and chip resistance  

In-depth discussion – Bridgestone Dueler AT vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2:

We’ve blended some quick points in the chart; in case someone wants to go for a quick deal. It will help them to take decisions based on the differences above. However, we must not recommend anyone to make quick purchases under any circumstances. You should think important takeaways before go for the deal. Let’s dive into details and breakdown the keypoints.


From paved road to most intensive applications Bridgestone Dueler AT is made to withstand in any conditions. The outstanding wear life with cutting and chipping resistance for road disturbness (like rocks, stones) works great to make it the first choice for most of the users. The super tread life of Dueler is worth enough to bring you back on the heavy mileage trips.

Larger tread blocks from Dueler improved the tread life and accelerated resistance on the road. Tread has been changed to a newer design, that’s also a fact to improve wear life. Optimized shoulder blocks shapes are very powerful to reduce treadwear life.

Cooper AT3 Sport 2 comes with 3PMSF designed and  M+S rated. The performance on the dry conditions is worth as well as the wet performance in wetted conditions or rainy days.

It offers effective balance in all road conditions both on-road and off-road capabilities. The handling performance of AT3 is highly qualitative. The acceleration, steering, braking, turning and other rotation stuffs.

Coming to the quietness, AT3 is awesome in words. You can’t feel it until you you’re getting a road trip with higher mileage.


There are 6 types of tires available for Cooper AT3 Sport tires. Depending on the user demands for different vehicle sizes, they’ve come up with these variations.

For 15 inches RIM size the tire size is:-

  • 255/70 R 15 to 195/80 R 15 XL

For 16 inches

  • 265/70 R 16 to 205/80 R 16 XL

For 17 inches

  • 265/65 R 17 to 235/70 R 17 XL

For 18 inches

  • 285/60 R 18 XL to 265/65 R 18

For 19 inches

  • 255/55 R 19 XL

For 20 inches

  • 285/50 R 20 XL to 275/60 R 20 XL (XL stands for extra load).

As tire sizes varies from different type of tires presented from the brands. For instance, we’ll mention Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S sizes on the market available on the market.

For Bridgestone tires including Dueler AT the sizes are different based on different RIM sizes.

If the RIM size is 15 inches, the tire size is:-

  • 265/70R15 to 175/65R15

For 16 inches

  •  265/70R16 to 285/75R16

For 17 inches

  • 265/65R17 to 315/70R17

   For 18 inches

  • 275/35R18 to 285/65R18

   For 19 inches

  • 275/35R19 to 285/45R19

   For 20 inches

  • 275/30R20 to 285/60R20

You can find all other sizes for both the brands in their product catalog. Just head over to their official website and scroll to the product section to get your desired one.


For speed we will take Bridgestone Dueler Revo3 as an example since there are multiple Dueler series available from Bridgestone. The rear tire speed is relatively not so good compared to the front tires.

The speed rating is “T” for Revo3 which means it can speed up to 118 mph (190 km/h) in an optimal condition. Over time, the speed can be steady or lower than the base speed. The road condition is a major fact for the speed.

It has the possibility to lose balance by some ounces on the rear tires. Also, on highways, driving at 60 mph seemed to be worse and when it reaches 80 mph it becomes unbearable.

Cooper AT3 Sport 2 comes with two different speed ratings. “H” and “T” are the speed ratings based on different sizes and other combination metrics. The handling speeds up to 130 mph (or 210 km/h) in the “H” rated tires and 118 mph (190 km/h) for the “T” rated tires.

Morever, The tire is made for the SUVs (4*4) due to the effective balanced in both on-road and off-road capablities.

Traction and TreadLife

Bridgestone Dueler tires are optimal when it comes to traction and treadlife. They offer a long-lasting tread life and a year round traction in both conditions on-road or off-road.

 In wet surface and dry weather the traction is also pretty confident. It uses advanced technologoy to design tread blocks and enhance the grip on the roads. So, the treadlife stays strong for long time and keeps the tire balanced in all conditions.

The powerful tread design with brand new compound technology from AT3 Sport 2 is excellent with its cut and chip resistant formula. The sidewall protect indirectly improved the treadlife. Better traction provides higher grip on the surface and makes the treadlife long-lasting as well as effective.

Fuel Efficiency and Overall Performance

Unlike all other all-season tires, Cooper AT3 provides excellent snow performance. It is noticeable in the first year but there is not so further onward.

The tire is well balanced and the on-road performance is above all good. Off-road performance is good enough for firsthand road trips.

Very low fuel consumption you will receive from AT3. It might seem to be a bit noisy on the road, overall the performance is quite satisfying. This tire is a good choice for the small or medium sized SUVs.

The NanoProtech tire technology from Dueler AT optimized the performance and ensure better fuel efficiency. There is a sidewall works for the fuel saver and reduce heat increasement.

Tire equipments selected by environmentally consiousness including the elements like non-aromatic oil , and recycled materials. So, the tire performs pretty good in all road conditions (on-road, offroad)  snow, dry or wetter weather too.


Depending on different sizes for different type of vehicles like Light Trucks, SUVs, the pricing is set. For Bridgestone Dueler AT is price starts from $275.99 ea to $300.99 ea.

Cooper AT3 Sport 2 price range starts from $100 ( almost £75) for the smaller size to $202 (almost £151).

As we already said, the price varies upon different sizes. So, it’s your required tire size to count the money you will need to pay for.


Bridgestone provides a 90 day buy and try guarantee for all of its tires. If you’re not completely feel satisfied with the tire in any road trip, you can return the tire from where the was made. You can ask for a full refund or exchange for the tire, completely up to you.

Cooper AT3 has warranty of 60,000 to 65,000 mileage tire life. For eligible adjustable elements you can claim quick replacements from Cooper. During 2/32″ (1.6mm) of tread wear, a brand new tire can be replaced with free of charge. If it passes 2/32″ (1.6mm) worn, there will be a service fee applicable. It also provides a 45 road test warranty that will be applicable based on eligibilities. Besides standard and extra cover under warranties, there is also warranty for treadwear protection.

Bridgestone Dueler AT vs Cooper AT3 Sport 2 – Which one to choose?

Dueler provides more rigid trean blocks and the tread pattern is much aggressive than Cooper AT3.

Coming to the grip and contact with the surface, AT3 has better handling capability in on-road performance than Cooper because of its more plain tread blocks design and the tread pattern isn’t so rigid.

Considering shoulders, both the tires comes with staggered blocks while Cooper AT3 has zigzag sipes blocks and Dueler has aggressive design pattern.

In wet road condition, as it seen, the sipings of the shoulder blocks provides better on road performancnce for Cooper AT3.


Which provides more on road traction?

Cooper AT3 has better on road traction because it has narrower grooves.

Which offers more mileage Warranty ?

Dueler AT has more mileage coverage of 60,000 miles where Cooper AT3 provides 50,000 mileage.

Does Dueler AT provides better off-road traction?

Yes, it provides better off-road traction on the rocks or in the mud.

Which reduces more noise?

Whisper grooves from Cooper AT3 helped it to reduce noise significantly

Final Words

Considering the usage purpose on different road trips and weather condition, the tire life varies from one another. Same tire can be more lasting than another one which driven in higher mud and wetted conditions. Don’t choose your tire based on general reviews from the users. Rather, check the tire hands and match the size, features go extremely well for your light trucks, car or SUVs.

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