General Grabber ATX vs. AT2: Detailed Comparison

General Grabber AT2 and ATX did considerable demand overtime in all-terrain tires. The ATX is the improvised version of AT2. What makes the debate- General Grabber ATX vs. AT2, is the minor feature difference between them.

Mainly, AT2 is an all-terrain tire, and ATX has a blend of all-terrain AT2 and X3. So, it becomes a more aggressive tire from General. Both tires are excellent in both off-road and on-road performance.

Besides, you can rely on the tires in a different season as well. So, you get free from the hassle and cost of changing tires every season. Let’s dig into the details to know more about these two giants.

Comparison Chart – General Grabber ATX vs. AT2

General Grabber ATXGeneral Grabber AT2
A robust tire with aggressive sidewallsSidewalls are not so powerful as ATX
Larger Shoulder blocks that make the shoulder steadierThin regular shoulder blocks
Strong and larger tread blocks for affirming adhesion to the roadTread blocks are built sturdily to deal with heavy snow, mud, or water
Passes the burned-out test successfullyYou can get smoother rides even after an extended use
Little more expensive but worth the moneyBest deal in less price

In-depth Discussion – General Grabber ATX vs. AT2:

From the comparison chart above, you can see a quick view of these two great tires. Now, let’s figure out more details about them.

Shoulder and Tread Design

The center tread pattern is the same in both the General tires here. You can see some noticeable changes in shoulder lugs and side biters. The General Grabber ATX is more of a crossover hybrid tire.

The shoulder blocks in the ATX are more substantial and bolder than the AT2. Where AT2 still has rigid center tread blocks. The tread design and sipes pattern are also similar. You can not figure out much of a difference on that.

The excellent shoulder lugs and tread design ensures good on-road handling and off-road handling as well. You can be sure about it in the ATX. But, as AT2 is less technologized than ATX in this term, there remains a question.

Built Quality and Performance

As we knew before, the General Grabber AT2 and ATX don’t have many differences, so both tires’ built quality and performance are nearly the same. The AT2 has reliable and consistent tread elements. So does the ATX have, but with a stronger sidewall from X3.

Both of the tires are made with the same tread compound. The spacing between the lugs and tread blocks built quality ensures high-quality performance. Because it makes the tire capable enough to throw out the dirt, sand, and water immediately to provide smooth driving.

The tires work great also in stormy weather or any difficult wheeling situations. They make sure you get less noise from the drive. And take you to your destination Both, on-road and off-road. Well, as ATX has more rigidity, it will perform out better than the AT2.

Applied Technology

General spent a lot of their time and energy to build these two tires with supreme quality. So, they tried to apply different technology possible in one tire. Firstly they made the AT2 with such technicalities that the tire got rated as a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rated tire.

Then they made the ATX with enriched processing than the previous. This one also got the same rated tire ratings. Specifically, you can see three different technologies applied. The first one is Comfort Balance Technology. It is a tread cushioning system built for an extra layer of isolation from road disturbance. Besides, it provides smoother and quieter rides.

Size and Rating

General offers these two tires in different load range ratings. The ATX is being provided in 40 different sizes. Most ATX and AT2 tires are supplied in C, D, and E load range ratings. These are also offered in several different wheel sizes. In the ATX tire, you will also find some XL load range rating tires. Keeping the need of their consumer, General made a variety of size and load range rating tires. So, you can get whatever you want from General tires.  

Season and Weather Performance

A minor difference occurs in this factor. Users sometimes get confused about which one is the best for every season. General Grabber AT2 is referred to as an all-terrain tire. But, the General Grabber ATX is referred to as an all-season all-terrain tire.

So, you can see, General has specialized their ATX for every season. Although the actual users of the AT2 also said the tire was excellent in all seasons. So, you can rely on both the tires, as they are both Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake-rated tires.

The AT2 throws away the mud, snow, and water with its deeper grooves. The ATX deals with the snow, dirt, and rain and provides a smooth, quiet ride.

General Grabber ATX vs. AT2 – Which One To Choose?

The only considerable fact to choose between the General Grabber AT2 and ATX is the price point. Now, you need to rethink what you want. If you often drive in the heavy snowy or sticky muddy area, the ATX could be your best choice. But only if you are ready to spend some extra for the extra benefit.

If you are good to go with a less featured tire, you can go with the AT2. Although this tire has some features less and is not perfectly built strong, they still work great on-road and off-road. So, why spend extra for the near same driving experience?


What’s the difference between a General Grabber ATX and the AT2?

The main difference between the General Grabber ATX and the AT2 is that ATX has strong sidewalls and shoulder blocks, but AT2 does not. Besides, the ATX is a little bit more expensive than the AT2.

Are General Grabber ATX tires any good?

General Grabber ATX tires are the best as an all-season, all-terrain tire.  This tire will give you smoother rides with less noise both on-road and off-road.

Are General Grabber ATX tires loud?

General Grabber ATX is not loud. Because it is designed with Comfort Balance Technology. A cushioning system makes the tire quiet while driving in any road situation and weather condition.

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the discussion of General Grabber ATX vs. AT2. Hope that you will be able to choose one now. Selecting any of those will not be a wrong decision. Because both the tires are created with supreme quality.

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