Do You Know Who Makes Hercules Tires? (Answer Explained)

Being a leading company in the replacement tire industry, Hercules Tire & Rubber Company offers a set of value products for every type of vehicle owner or user at a very reasonable price.

But have you ever thought about who makes Hercules Tires or where the production takes place?

In case you are unaware of those details like most people, let’s find out the answers together from today’s article-

Who Makes Hercules Tires?

All different sets of Hercules tires are exclusively made by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company since 1960.

Where Are Hercules Tires Made?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is the only exclusive manufacturer of Hercules tires and has over 60 manufacturing plants to facilitate in 13 countries including, the USA, Mexico, Krusevac, Serbia, China, and Vietnam.

But most of the Hercules tires are made in the USA and China.

Are Hercules Tires Any Good?

Hercules as a brand never disappoints its customer by advertising something and delivering something less or else.

So, the products are exactly what the brand showing on the leaflets or advertisements.

Each Hercules tire is exclusively designed to over a safe and smooth driving experience on most surfaces. Hercules tires are a great deal to go on long trips with your partner, friends, or family cause these tires make long drives more relaxing.

Also, these tires are quieter and more comfortable than other similar grade brand’s off-road tires.

Even consumers do not need to worry about the longevity and pricing of these tires.

Hercules offers pretty competitive treadwear warranties, and surprisingly, the price range of these tires is affordable than other competitors.

About Manufacturer Of Hercules Tires:

Let’s have a short but in-depth overview of all Hercules tires brand’s manufacturing company-

Originally the company was formed as Cooper Corporation by Ira J. Cooper, then director of Schaefer and Hart company, in 1920, in Findlay.

The company still has its main headquarter in Findlay, Ohio, the U.S.

Soon after its establishment, the tire manufacturing company grew through constant intensive R&D, mergers, acquisitions, and increasing sales.

Even during World War II, Cooper Corporation had demonstrated its flexibility and patriotism. They took the voluntary initiative and converted its “hard goods” department into a wartime equipment production unit.

In 1946, the company was renamed Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and on 11th July 1960, the newly renamed Cooper Tire & Rubber Company became a publicly held corporation by listing it on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since 1960, the company only grew further and never had to turn back.

Throughout the previous five decades, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company expanded its global wings by launching several new manufacturing plants in new regions to increase their production and introduced new product lines.

Not only that, but the company has also expanded its worldwide distribution network to reach more global marketplaces.

In 1983, Cooper also got ranked on the Fortune 500 companies as one of the largest industrial companies in the United States.

Some of the most successful acquisitions of the company are Avon Tyres Limited (US-based) in 1997, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels in 2003, and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, in 2021.

In December 2003, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and Kenda Rubber Industrial Company Ltd agreed on work as a joint venture and constructed a manufacturing plant outside Shanghai to produce radial tires.

During the 2004 to 2016 periods, Cooper was concentrated on their expansion so, they acquired and obtained majority ownership of several large manufacturing companies in China, Mexico, and Europe.

In 2017, Cooper had won its first OE fitment with Volkswagen, and in 2018, Cooper added two new warehouses to its distribution network.

In 2018, the company also announced launching another plant named TBR tire manufacturing plant in Vietnam and this new plant started its first production in November 2019.

What Are the Types Of Hercules Tires Available? 

Hercules offers seven different tires categories to serve all types of consumer needs.

So, let’s have a glance at what Hercules brand offers-


These tires are built to meet the intense demands of speed enthusiasts and performance-oriented users. These tires feature the perfect combination of grip, handling, and innovation to enhance the control and performance of high-end sports cars or sedans.


These tires are styled and engineered to offer a quieter as well as more comfortable ride. The unique patterns of these tires enhance the performance along with tread life.


These crossover tires are exclusively featured with better responsive handling so that you do not have to worry about the driving surface or conditions. These tires ensure safe and smooth riding in any season as well as on any surface.


These tires are engineered with maximum durability to cope up with every season and weather condition and dominate off-road. From on the job to on the trails driving, these tires ensure protected rides every time.


These tires are specially designed and engineered with winter-specific raw materials to offer maximum traction even when the temperature drops.


Hercules Specialty Trailer and Bias-Ply Tires are engineered with advanced materials and commercial-grade construction to ensure better safety and performance. Whether you run boats, campers, RVs, or anything in between them, these tires will make your ride relaxed and adventurous.


These tires are designed and built with commercial-grade construction and durability to make worksite jobs such as towing, loading, and hauling hassle-free and quicker.

Where To Buy Hercules Tires? 

Hercules Tire & Rubber Company has already acquired several tire manufacturing and distributing companies in several countries to expand its worldwide network.

Hercules has their authorized dealers and retailers to reach towards the global mass consumer groups.

Besides the physical stores, Hercules tires are also available to shop online, so you can easily place your order from Hercules tires brand’s official online store, as well as from Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

What Are The Best Hercules Tires? 

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the most recommended and top-rated Hercules Tires:

  • Hercules Roadtour 655 MRE
  • Hercules Raptis R-T5
  • Hercules Terra Trac Cross-V
  • Hercules Terra Trac AT II
  • Hercules Terra Trac M/T

The above-stated products list is only based on the overall consumer rating and feedback of Hercules Tires, so they may not match all consumers since everyone’s opinion on products or brands varies.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Hercules Tires? 

If you are looking for the best alternative to Hercules Tires, go for any of the following brands:

Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, or Pirelli tires.


Although Hercules Tire & Rubber Company has been a leading replacement tire company in the industry for more than 60 years, it seems still many customers are not aware of who makes Hercules Tires.  That’s why I decided to share those details in today’s article, including some other fun facts about the brand. Hopefully, this article was informative enough to help them.

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