Do You Know Who Makes Maxxis Tires? (Answer Explained)

Maxxis has already established its brand name for offering various range high-quality tires at very affordable cost. Especially, when you consider the world’s top ten tire manufacturers, one of them will be Maxxis International, which is currently leading on the 9th position in the ranking.

But do you know who the actual manufacturer of these high-quality low-maintenance Maxxis tires is?

Well, if not, let’s find out the manufacturer’s details, production locations, and some other unknown details regarding the brand from today’s article-

Who Makes Maxxis Tires?

All products of the Maxxis International tire brand are exclusively made by its parent company Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd.

Maxxis International is mainly a wholly-owned subsidiary brand of Taiwanese tire manufacturer company Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd., which is also commonly known as Cheng Shin Tire or CST brand.

Where Are Maxxis Tires Made?

The parent company of Maxxis tires brand has manufacturing facilities in several countries to fulfill its international market demands.

Currently, Cheng Shin Tire has five research and development facilities, including Taiwan, China, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Besides, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co also has manufacturing facilities in India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

However, most of the Maxxis Tires are manufactured in the united states and Thailand.

Are Maxxis Tires Any Good?

Answering whether a brand is good or not can be difficult since you can literally find some best and worst products offered by the same brand. Also, individual consumer requirements and preferences play a vital role in deciding whether the brand worth considering or not.

However, after considering the overall performance ratings and testing results of Maxxis tires, you can clearly understand that people who prefer high-quality products with low maintenance and affordable prices favor Maxxis tires over other similar grade brands.

Maxxis has already won several awards as the trusted tire manufacturing  brand since these tires are designed and built with the latest technology, sturdy handling, and exterior body.

Maxxis has a wide range of tires category based on different vehicle styles and requirements so, whether you need a light passenger car tire or heavy-duty off-road tire, Maxxis has several excellent options for you.

Maxxis offers premium quality, high efficiency, and better durability with each of its innovative tire ranges. These tires also ensure the ultimate comfort on the road.

So, unless you are looking for an expensive premium quality tire brand, Maxxis tires are the best deal.

About Manufacturer Of Maxxis Tires

Let’s have a brief in-depth overview of all Maxxis International tires brand’s manufacturer company-

The world’s 9th largest tire company, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co., was originally founded in January 1967 by Luo Jye in Yuanlin City, Changhua County, Taiwan.

Initially, Cheng Shin company started its journey as a producer of bicycle tires, but later on, as the business grew, the company also got involved with other types of tires production like passenger cars or motor vehicles tires.

Currently, the main headquarter is still in Yuanlin, Taiwan.

This company also has two major wholly-owned subsidiaries Maxxis Tyres and Cheng Shin Tire or CST tires. Both of these brands’ available products are exclusively made by the parent company.

Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co is also considered the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires worldwide.

The company has a wide range of tires categories based on different needs and vehicles or equipment styles.

Cheng Shin Rubber industry produces tires and tubes for bicycles, bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, forklifts, autos, trucks, agricultural tools, lawn & garden equipment.

The main three manufacturing facilities of the company are in Xiamen, China, and currently has distributional facilities approximately in over 150 countries to cover a wide range of global consumer segments.

Cheng Shin Rubber Industry. Co also achieved several awards and certifications, which proves its international standard.

The company obtained DOT certification from the US Department of Transportation, ISO9001, TS 16949, E-Mark, and even the China Well Known Brand Award.

What Are the Types Of Maxxis Tires Available? 

Maxxis currently has five major and broad categories of tires.

So, let’s have a quick glance at them-

  • Maxxis AUTO/LT Tire Category:

Under this category, the Maxxis tires brand offers several tires options for UHP, PASSENGER CAR, LIGHT TRUCKs/SUV, EXTREME OFF-ROAD, COMPETITION, and TRAILER.

  • Maxxis ATV/SXS Tire Category:

Under this particular category, Maxxis offers tires that are compatible with vehicles such as ATV SPORT and UTV/SXS

  • Maxxis BIKE Tire Category:

Besides light-duty, off-road, and heavy-duty vehicles tires, Maxxis also has a wide range of tires compatible with different types of bicycles and bikes. Such as BICYCLE, MOUNTAIN bike tires, ROAD side racing, or regular bike tires, GRAVEL tires, BMX tires, HYBRID tires, TUBES tires, and  ARCHIVE tires.

  • Maxxis MOTORCYCLE Tires Category:

Maxxis also offers quality tires for MOTO OFF-ROADs and SCOOTERs

  • Maxxis OTHER Tires Category:

Mainly under this tire category, Maxxis has tires for TRAILER, LAWN AND GARDEN Vehicles or Equipment, KART as well as INDUSTRIAL Equipment or vehicles.

Where To Buy Maxxis Tires? 

Reportedly, Maxxis International tires brand currently has factories and distribution centers in more than 180 countries to reach its global market. That means you can literally get Maxxis tires dealers or distributors in almost every country to purchase.

Besides, Maxxis tires also allow online shopping available on its official website. You can even shop those tires from Walmart, Amazon, or eBay.

What Are The Best Maxxis Tires? 

Let’s have a glance at some of the most popular and recommended Maxxis Tires:

  • Best For Using On XC Or Trail: Maxxis Aspen Tire
  • Best For Using On XC Or Trail: Maxxis Ikon Tire
  • Best For Using On XC Or Trail: Maxxis Ardent Race Tire
  • Best For Using On XC/Trail & Trail Or Enduro: Maxxis Rekon Tire
  • Best For Using On XC/Trail & Trail Or Enduro: Maxxis Ardent Tire
  • Best For Using On Trail Or Enduro: Maxxis Aggressor Tire

Note: The above-stated products list is only based on the overall consumer rating and feedback of Maxxis Tires, so they may not match all consumers since everyone’s opinion on products or brands varies.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Maxxis Tires? 

Rather than choosing from the Maxxis Tires brand, you can also opt for some of the best tire brands.

Such as Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper Tires, Firestone, General, Goodyear, or Michelin.


Most consumers do not give much thought or attention to the original manufacturer name and location while buying products from a reputed brand. But I believe these details also help get an in-depth idea of the product and its brand that you are investing your money in.

That’s why along with the manufacturer company’s name and production locations of Maxxis tires, I also shared other relevant details in today’s article.

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