Who Makes Big O Tires? (Answer Explained)

Who doesn’t know about the Big O Tires! It is a reliable company selling the best tires for your car wheel. But do they make their own tires?

Well, a big tire manufacturer company manufactures the Big O Tires. 

In this article, I will tell you who makes Big O Tires. Moreover, you will get a good idea about their quality. So, stay with me and learn more about your favorite Big O Tires!

Who Makes Big O Tires?

Big O Tires are made by Kelly-Springfield Tire Company. This is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the USA as well as the world.

They have been providing tires to Big O Tires for a very long time. The quality that they ensure is outstanding and reliable. The reputation of this manufacturer has reached many people even those who are not much familiar with tire manufacturers.

Where Are Big O Tires Made?

Before we answer the question, we should know that the Big O Tires are not made in their manufacturing plants. They are actually manufactured in Kelly-Springfield Tire Company’s factories. The company has many big manufacturing facilities across the USA. 

One of the oldest plants of the company is in Akron, Ohio. They did use another plant in Wooster, Ohio which was later shut down.

Its Cumberland, Maryland plant is a big 81-acre site. It employed thousands of people in this plant. And it was considered one of the biggest when it was opened in 1916.

The company also has facilities in Tyler, Texas, and Freeport, Illinois. They are producing lots of tires in these two plants. 

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the business owns and runs the world’s biggest tire manufacturing factory. There are no other tire manufacturing plants that can compete with it! 

These are the manufacturing facilities where it makes tires for Big O Tires.

Are Big O Tires Any Good?

There is no doubt that Big O Tires are the best deal for your car. They are made with great materials and they are perfectly shaped tires for the best performance.

Solid and planted:

The tires can handle great loads if it has the right air pressure. It can run and work as expected. Even when you put extra weight on the vehicle the tires will perform beyond your expectation. It will feel solid and planted well while you use the vehicle.

Less road nose:

The tires are made with the best materials that reduce the noise of the frictions on the road. It gets less bumpy when you use these tires. 

Can withstand rough roads:

It is normal for tires to perform great on the highway or good roads. However, they struggle on a rough road. Even though the road conditions vary from a slippery, slimy coating of mud at the top of the path to sandy washes to rocky terrain, the tires can perform well in any situation.

Great in bad weather:

In cold or hot weather or even on a rainy day the tires will give you great performance. 

In wet and rainy weather, you will feel quite confident about the tires. The tread is designed to rapidly and effectively divert water out and away. There will be no hydroplaning if you go through standing water on the roadway.

In cold weather, it will be great at gripping the road and you will feel less slippery. This will reduce the risk of accidents.

Overall, you’ll be quite pleased with the tires’ traction, performance, durability, and lifespan.

About The Manufacturer

The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company is one of the nation’s oldest continually functioning tire firms, has been a completely owned subsidiary of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1935. 

In 1899, the McMillin group bought the company for $1 million. For his stake in the firm, Arthur Grant got $166,000 in shares and $33,000 in cash. The McMillin group renamed the new company Consolidated Rubber Tire Company, which it retained until 1914. 

In 1911, the New York City sales subsidiary was granted the name Kelly-Springfield Tire Company. Consolidated was renamed in 1914. In 1932, the word “the” was included at the beginning of the name, and it became The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company.

Then it was sold to Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1935

The firm holds the distinction of being the first to create and produce solid rubber tires for carriages and early automobiles. Kelly-Springfield, which currently manufactures at least 54 types of tires for automobiles, trucks, and agricultural vehicles, distributes to private dealers and retail chains across the country. 

Kelly-Springfield is the largest maker of private brand tires in the United States and the leading producer of farm tires.

Well, this should answer you who makes Big O tires!

What Are the Types Of Big O Tires Available?

You can find different sizes and shapes of Big O tires. It fits in different shapes of wheels. There are tires for high performance on the street and even for off roads specifications. 

You can also find the same tires in different sizes. So, you can buy the best one that fits your car wheels.

Where To Buy Big O Tires?

There are many Big O tires shops in every city or town. The dealers supply directly to the Big O tire shops.

If you don’t feel like going outside to buy the tires you can also buy them online. There are some online shops from where you can buy them.

What Are The Best Big O Tires?

There are some top-rated or best of the Big O tires that you can consider when you need to buy one. 

  • Big Foot XT: 

This tire is made for off-road travel. It is durable and great for all types of trips. It is ready for all heavy duties. It is made with the best materials for durability. It also has Alternately Scalloped Shoulder Lugs.

  • Legacy Tour Plus:

The legacy tour plus is made with Micro-Gauge Zig-Zag full depth siping for great steering. It has redesigned sidewall. Asymmetric 5-Rib Tread Pattern can improve overall traction and facilitate a combination of dry and wet track performance. Optimized for less road noise.

  • Big Foot AS:

It can help improve irregular wear resistance. This tire will give you all-season performance without any trouble. It is also made with top materials for longevity. This is excellent for a safe/stable ride and high-speed responses.

What Are Alternatives Of Big O Tires?

Although the Big O Tires are great, some competitors make great tires as well. Some of them are Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, Bridgestone, etc. 

If you want to buy some great quality tires you should check any one of the above. They all are great for buying.


If you like Big O tires then this article has provided you the information on who makes Big O tires and who really manufactures the tires. 

And if you are confused about the Big O tires you can buy them without any doubts as they will give you the best performance and long-lasting lifespan.  Thus, you can buy the tires and if you want any other brands, then I have also included some best picks in the article.

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