Michelin Commander 2 vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire: The Epic Battle!

Michelin launched Commander 2 in 2012, focusing on European markets and metric cruisers. There was no massive marketing campaign and no press release. Two years later, the tire gained recognition for its performance and longevity in the rain.

After the tire’s original release, Michelin started developing the Commander 3, its successor. In addition to marketing research to be conducted in Europe and the United States, part of this project included questionnaires pertaining to cruisers and touring.

Today, we’ll discuss the most demanding topics: Michelin Commander 2 Vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire. Before buying one, you need to read the article for accurate information. Well, let’s start.

Briefly Comparison About Michelin Commander 2 Vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire

Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle TireMichelin Commander 3 Motorcycle Tire
Product Dimensions:- 26.7 x 26.7 x 3.2 inchesProduct Dimensions:- 25.8 x 7.1 x 25.8 inches
Mileage capacity:- 10,896 milesCapable of reaching up to 25,000 miles
Item Weight:- 5.57 pounds21.9 pounds
Tire Size:- 150/80-16180/65-16
Load Rating:- 77 (max 908 Lbs.)81 (max 1019 Lbs.)
Tread Depth:- 4.3 Millimeters6 Millimeters
Speed Rating:- H (max 130 mph)H (max 130 mph)

In-Depth Comparison About Michelin Commander 2 Vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire:

Michelin Commander 2 Features:

  • According to Michelin, it “produces nearly twice as much mileage as competitive cruiser tires” (test conducted independently).
  • Feature a distinctive tread pattern that turns heads; high-quality sidewall treatment complements cruiser styling.
  • Rubber compounds ensure outstanding durability and wet traction at the same time.
  • In addition to enhancing casing rigidity and handling, square bead wires are easy to install and maintain.
  • The amplified density tire features a highly dense, highly rigid casing that enhances handling and feedback.
  • Commander II tires provide dramatic mileage increases, reduce weight, and provide excellent traction due to Aramid tread plies designed to prevent centrifugal growth.
  • Both tubeless and tube types are available.
  • Blackwall.

Michelin Commander 3 Features:

  • Exceptional tire life without sacrificing dry or wet traction.
  • A tire tread compound infused with silica prevents a variety of uneven wear by integrating silica into the compound.
  • High density carcass enhances maneuverability, while the crown ply of aramid fibers reduces weight while increasing durability.
  • Multiple longitudinal grooves allow water to disperse and provide outstanding traction in wet weather.
  • A tire casing that is dense and ultra rigid provides excellent handling and feedback.
  • It offers excellent stability due to its hardened tread plies, which resist centrifugal growth.
  • Square bead wires improve casing rigidity, handling, and ease of installation.
  • Eye-catching tread pattern.
  • Custom-designed Michelin “velvet” sidewalls complement cruiser styling.

Please Note: Remember that “Touring” and “Cruiser” Commander 3 tires are unique. The tread patterns are slightly different on each model, as well as the sizes and sidewall designs. 

Exceptional Wet Grip for Cruiser Bikes

Michelin commander 2 is a winner when tested. A Texas Test Fleet group conducted tests in 2011 on public roads. They compared the Michelin Commander 2 to the Dunlop D407/ D408 and the Metzeler- ME880, in sizes 130-80 B 17 and 180-65 B 16. Depending on the motorcycle type and operation conditions, individual results may vary.

Leading competitors cannot compete with the performance and braking distances of MICHELIN Commander 3 Cruiser tires in wet conditions.

An internal test was carried out in Fontange, France, using a Harley Davidson Forty Eight equipped with 130-90 B16 front tires and 150-50 B16 rear tires. Comparison of the racing performance of MICHELIN Commander 3 Cruiser tires with METZELER Cruisetec and Metzeler M888 Marathon Ultra tires and DUNLOP Elite 4 tires. Results may vary in real-world conditions.

Updated Tread Pattern

Michelin Commander 2 tires are inspired by cruiser motorcycles, as well as by Pilot Road tires, which feature flame-effect tread patterns. Using a computer design, the tread pattern is optimized to maximize mileage by evacuating water from longitudinal grooves helping to improve grip in wet conditions. Both have silica-reinforced tread compounds for the front and rear to improve handling in the wet.

There are more striations along the bottom of the tread grooves than Commander 2, giving them a deeper look. Michelin claims its treads last 25 percent longer than Dunlop and Metzeler competitors. A representative of Michelin said the purpose of the Commander 3 was not to extend tread life but to maintain the tire’s durability while improving handling on wet roads.


Michelin 2 was a breeze to ride through irrigation systems that throw water on otherwise dry roads during transitions from dry to wet to dry pavement on corners. According to Michelin, the tread pattern uses a “flame effect,” which channels water off from the surface. Compared to the MICHELIN Commander 2 tires, the new, rounder profile provides better contact throughout the entire profile, enhancing cornering performance.

These MICHELIN Commander 3 tires boast a patented sidewall design that enhances the styling of a V-Twin motorcycle. Wet conditions are not an issue with the tread compound because it uses 100% silica-reinforced rubber. In comparison to the MICHELIN Commander 2 tire, the front tire features an optimized groove design that allows for more excellent water dispersion.

Design & grooves

A new silica compound is utilized in the Commander 3 to improve traction in wet conditions. Compared to Commander 2, the 100% Silica tread compound is deeper and has a higher void ratio. Therefore, water is dispersed more effectively.

There is no difference in depth between the tread grooves on Commander 3 and Commander 2. The striations in the tread of 3 create the optical illusion. In corners, the new Commander has a larger contact patch than its predecessor because of its rounded profile.

Styling Look

With all of these features and stylish sidewalls and tread patterns, the new Indian Chief Blackhawk motorcycle came standard with the Commander II tire. It offers unmatched durability and style as well as stability, thus setting a new standard for Cruiser tires.

According to Michelin’s market research, styling is a key factor when buying tires. They have brought over Premium Touch Technology from the car side to make the sidewalls look better. Using a laser engraving machine, this new technology imprints the tire’s profile with a black velvety texture that resembles the brand’s logo. Instead of the typical in-mold branding, it’s subtle and dark, giving the tire an upscale appearance.


Michelin’s Amplified Density Technology (ADT) constructs the Commander 2 tire casing for greater rigidity, enhanced handling, and better grip and feedback. Using 90 thread density plies instead of 71 thread plies is a crucial part of this design. Our set of Commander 2 radials is biased ply; some sizes of the Commander II are available as radials.

ADT (Amplified Density Technology) is part of Commander III also. According to Michelin, ADT is a more dense, stable tire casing that delivers excellent handling and feedback. Among other benefits, Aramid tread plies provide superior stability, are lightweight, and resist centrifugal growth. The 90-tooth ply from ADT has 25% more density than conventional 71-tooth ply.”

Cost Comparison

There is still an available Commander 2 tire that is second in line behind Commander 3. Despite this, the Commander 2 tire is less expensive than the Commander 3. The price range for the Commander 2 is $140 to $283, and the cost range for the Commander 3 is $177 to $282 per tire, according to a leading online retailer.

Michelin Commander 2 Vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire: What To Pick?

Both Michelin Commander 2 and 3 Motorcycle Tire are full of practical features, longevity, and easy to ride as well. When you compare it deeply, Michelin Commander 3 is always one step fast. The latest Michelin Commander 3 versions must fulfill all your needs as a bike lover. Hence, get ready to take a unique selfie.


What is the difference between cruiser tires and touring tires?

The only thing we noticed was that the Touring tire had more lateral grip while cornering compared to the Cruiser tire, which was more rounded.

Can you mix Commander 2 and 3 tires?

NO. It is impossible. The front and rear of our ranges of products are uniformly fitted to ensure optimum performance and safety. On the same motorcycle, it is not recommended to mix ranges.

Are Michelin Commander 2 tires tubeless?

Michelin Commander 2 tires run tubeless but can also be used with tubes for spoked wheels. According to the size of the tire, Commander II tires are available in Radial or Bias Ply. Tubeless tires really can be worn on spoked wheels with a tube if necessary.

Which is better, Michelin or Dunlop?

Rubber from Michelin tends to be a bit harder and tends to last longer compared to Dunlop. As a result, Michelin tends to have a longer tread life than Dunlop because of their 9 mm tread versus 8 mm tread on Dunlops. Dunlop’s tires are often less expensive than Michelin’s.

Sum Up

Commander 2 was Michelin’s first creation. It has now been replaced by Commander 3. Michelin Commander 2 Vs. 3 Motorcycle Tire: which better? The Michelin Commander 3 Tire fulfills the manufacturer’s “Total Michelin Performance promise of reliability, durability, and dry performance.

The Commander 3 tire promises to put a new standard in performance for cruiser and V-twin tires on the back of the legendary Commander 2. However, wet traction on the Commander 2 was smooth and surefooted without causing tire wear issues. With a dry grip almost as impressive as the Commander 3, superior wet weather capabilities, and more extended durability.

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