Do You Know Who Makes Aspen Tires? (Answer Explained)

Although Aspen Tires are well known, and the brand name has already attracted global mass consumer attention, many users are still unaware of who makes Aspen Tires.

That is why, in today’s article, I have decided to expose the name or company behind all Aspen product lines. Not only that, but I will also address some other interesting facts regarding the brand and its manufacturer here.

So, let’s learn more about all interesting facts related to Aspen tires together-

Who Makes Aspen Tires?

Since some people may argue between NTB and TBC Corporation, therefore let me clear the confusion here.

The actual manufacturer of all Aspen products is NTB or National Tire and Battery, an American brand of auto service centers and wholly owned by TBC Corporation since 2003.

That is why, people also claim the manufacturer of Aspen tires as TBC Custom Brands.

Where Are Aspen Tires Made?

Since TBC offers products for the global market demand, all its subsidiary brands have their own manufacturing facilities around the world to meet production demand.

According to trusted sources, TBC Corporation currently has over 1,200 locations in order to operate all its subsidiaries including NTB, Tire Kingdom, Big O Tire stores, and also Merchant’s Tire & Auto Centers.

These subsidiaries have their operational and manufacturing facilities are located in 41 states Washington DC, Alberta & British Columbia, Canada and Thailand as well.

Are Aspen Tires Any Good?

The Aspen tires are one of the most reliable and comfortable tires one can find among the vast range of tire options available in the market. These tires have gained the highest marks and top ranking for offering exceptional mileage in most conditions.

According to consumer’s reports and user experiences, Aspen tires can be called fast-rolling tires that can hold their line through varying terrain. Also, these tires can serve as both a front and rear tire.

For long mileage as well, dry traction and ride comfort, Aspen Touring AS or Aspen GT-AS SRI can be your trusted go-to options.

Especially, The Aspen GT-AS combines good treadwear, known for offering a quiet ride all-season traction on any surface.

About The Manufacturer Of Aspen Tires:

National Tire and Battery (NTB) is also widely known as NTB® Tire & Service Centers, which provides an extensive range of automotive maintenance and tire services.

Currently, TBC Corporation wholly owns NTB as one of its subsidiaries, but originally NTB was founded by another industry giant Sears, in 1997.

Initially, Sears acquired Tire America and National Tire Warehouse from their parental company Western Auto Supply in 1988.

After that, the company formed NTB by merging Tire America (TA), National Tire Warehouse (NTW), and DieHard batteries brands.

Since then, NTB was under the ownership of both Sears and TBC Corporation until 2003, when Sears sold out their share of the brand.

Since 2003, TBC corporation has been solely owning the brand, but in 2020 Mavis Tire Supply Company bought 112 locations of NTB Tire & Service Centers.

Along with Fluid Services such as Oil Changes, Brake Fluid Exchange, Coolant Exchange, and Transmission Fluid Exchange, NTB also specialize in Battery Services, Brake Services, Wiper Blades, Vehicle Inspections, Steering, and Suspension Services.

What Are the Types Of Aspen Tires Available? 

There are three types of tires available currently from Aspen tires brand product lines-

High-Performance Aspen Tires:

The Aspen High-Performance tires feature a larger rubber footprint and greater grips to offer superior grip, sporty handling, and fast responsiveness.

Aspen Street Tires:  

Aspen street tires are narrower and have a traditional tread pattern so that your vehicle can easily deal with various circumstances in real-world conditions. These tires offer better traction during the rain, even on gravel roads, asphalt, pavement, and concrete.

Aspen Touring Tires:

Aspen touring tires offer better Treadwear and Wet Traction, which allows them to make more surface contact with the road. Not only that, these tires reportedly ensure better and longer mileage than other similar ranged tires.

Where To Buy Aspen Tires? 

Aspen tires are available in all the authorized auto part stores and retailers of TBC custom brands. According to sources, NTB exclusively has over 520 retail locations.

Aspen tires are also available to shop online from their online stores.

Besides TBC, NTB, and Big O Tires online portals, you can also shop Aspen tires from Walmart, Amazon, simple tires, Goodyear tires and other online portals.

What Are The Best Aspen Tires? 

Based on overall performance rank and consumer reports, Aspen Touring AS and Aspen GT-AS SRI are the two most popular and recommended tires.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Aspen Tires? 

The best alternative option will vary based on the user’s personal choice and preferences.

For example, if you are looking for a tire brand that will ensure the longest lifespan, you may consider either CooperCS5 Grand Touring tires or the General Altimax RT43 tires.

However, Goodyear, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, or Michelin brands are the top-ranked options you should choose as the best alternative to Aspen tires.


Aspen is considered one of the trusted and reliable tires brand, which also comes in affordable pricing, but there seems to be confusion about who makes Aspen tires whether NTB, TBC, or some other company.

However, I have already answered the question with a detailed explanation. So hopefully, you do not have any confusion left about the Aspen tires manufacturer.

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