Do You Know Who Makes Atturo tires? (Answer Explained)

As Atturo is pretty much new to the market, they have marketed themselves as a budget-focused brand.

But who makes Atturo Tires? Are they any good?   

In this article, I will be discussing all the brand and their manufacturing details.

Who Makes The Atturo tires?

Atturo tires are manufactured by Federal Corp. It is a US company. The headquarters of Atturo is located in Illinois.

Atturo debuted at the China International Tire Expo in Shanghai in 2009 as a low-cost tire manufacturer for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

Where Are Atturo Tires Made?

The company’s plants are located in Taiwan and Thailand, and they manufacture tires that are approved for use worldwide.

Atturo Tires has 80 years of total tire production experience.

Are Atturo Tires Any Good?

Yes, Atturo tires are very good if you are on a budget. They are durable and are much cheaper than high-end tires.

Atturo offers top-quality tires for your offroad vehicle. They are good value for the money but not as tough as the more expensive premium tire brands.

In 2016, Customers complained about their tires falling out of round when they are no longer perfectly round.

The company has since made several changes, with the tires and they are now lasting far longer.

About The Manufacturers:

The Company started in 1954s founded by Chi San Ma in Chugai, Taiwan.

In the 60s they got approval for the U.S D.O.T trademark and started the export business. And had the technical cooperation with Bridgestone tire.

In 1978 they initiated PCR tire manufacturing. And after 10 years later they agreed to Technical corporation with Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

In the 1990s they Won Ford Q1 and GM/OPRL awards as well as the HONDA quality award.

A decade later they launched their famous winter HP tires.

Since then Atturo is delivering their consumers their budget-friendly tires for Extreme off-road journey. They are popular for their SUV and Truck tires.

Now the manufacturer has over 200 distributors around six continents.

What Are the Types of Atturo tires Available? 

Atturo mainly sells tires for your SUV, Crossover, and Light Truck (4×4) segments. You can find their design a bit aggressive that meets your needs both on and off-road. They are dedicated to delivering Tires for your crazy adventure.

According to their website, they categorized their tires into:

Off-Road: Trail Blade Boss

  • Full 3 Ply Sidewall that allows overload capacity and puncture resistance
  • The solid pattern gives extra protection from gouges and traction
  • The balanced pattern between the tread and open areas create acres of biting edges
  • Oversized tread blocks provide terrain crushing power in the trail blade lineup
  • Center Blocks at the base

Hi-performance: AZ 800

  • Broad Shoulder Blocks hold the road under hard lateral forces
  • Oblique Lateral grooves give the tires the ability to disperse water while in motion
  • Finely sliced blocks that reduce noise and allow water to flow out the contact area
  • Four main channels give the tire look stylish and increase grip in both wet and dry condition

Truck/SUV: Trail Blade M/T

  • Unstoppable biting tread
  • Beveled center tread blocks help reduce on-road noise
  • Full 3ply sidewall
  • Wide track draining helps ejects obstacles, dirt mud and allowing for easy cleanout and enhanced grip
  • Menacing style with high-level grip and extra-deep tread
  • Provides extra grip with staggered shoulder blocks

Trailer: ST series

  • Four channels to help with wet traction
  • Rated up to 75 mph
  • Interlocking shoulder and inner tread blocks

Winter: AW730

  • Studdable and standard
  • Has directional tread with contoured sips
  • Silica-based tread compound

Commercial Van: Trail Blade A/T and CV400

  • Affordable
  • All-weather performance
  • Durable
  • Provides extra grip with staggered shoulder blocks
  • Sliced blocks that reduce noise and allow water to flow out the contact area

What is The Best Atturo tire? 

Atturo tires are better suited to individuals who are more concerned with off-road aesthetics than with performance.

Atturo is committed to offering off-road performance at a high peak in budget.

The Trail Boss series is the most extreme off-road tire series from Atturo. They are Built differently to perform the extreme off-road traction.  They also come with a more than 45000 miles warranty.

According to trucktiresreview, The Trail Blade series is the best among all the tires from Atturo.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Atturo Tires? 

There are a lot of brands available if you are looking for alternatives.

Some of the brands have been around for over a century.

However, if you want to spend your money wisely and obtain the greatest quality, I recommend Toyo.

For extreme off-road performance, you can see Toyo Open Country A/T. Toyo is one of the newest tire brands but delivers a vast collection of tires.

Where to Buy Atturo Tires?

Since Atturo is a global brand you can buy their tires from their authorized dealers and seller’s shops.

Besides that, if you want to book or purchase your product online, Atturo tires are available on most of the leading e-commerce sites such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and AutoZone.

And you’re lucky cause Atturo is available on every tire shop website such as Discount, Simple Tire, Tire Agent.


Atturo provides all kinds of premium tires for every type of customer. Many of the consumers don’t know about the manufacturer. This is why In this article, I’ve discussed every query regarding Atturo tires.

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