Do You Know Who Makes Barum Tires? (Answer Explained)

Barum tires are one of the best and oldest tires in the market. 

Most people who use these tires don’t know who makes them and about their other products. This is why today I will present to you all about Barum Tires. 

Who Makes The Barum Tires?

In 1993 Continental Group, which makes Continental Tires, took over Barum Tires.  

Barum tires is a German Tire maker that’s over 147 years old holding the market and you know they have a solid impression with their tires showing up on OEMs.

The distributor of the Barum Tires is Emirates for Universal Tires (EUT) who is the sole distributor of the Barum tires market.

In the UAE market, EUT supplies Barum tires specially for light trucks and commercial types of vehicles. 

Today, Barum produces more than 21 million tires annually, and also it is recognized as a leading tire company in Europe.

Where Are Barum Tires Made?

According to their website, Barum Tires is a European company.

Their headquarters is in Otrokovice, Czech Republic, actually they do most of the basics there. 

In 1945 the three major rubber-producing companies in Czechoslovakia were merged, which were Bata in Zlin, Rubena in Nachod, and Mitas in Prague and post-war in Hrádek nad Nisou. 

The Bata family lost control over the company after a few years, which was seized by the state and the Barum company was created.

Barum Tires are one of the oldest, most established, and trusted manufacturers in Europe over 70 years. 

Are Barum Tires Any Good?

Barum is an excellent and trustable tire brand for drivers with modern technologies with latest manufacturing methods over seven decades.

Barum says this tire is good for High Mileage, good safety during critical maneuvers, good for wet weather, and low rolling noise, all bold claims for a tire that claims to do it all at a price point far less than its competition.

The users also gave positive reviews with its cheapness and they also feel reliable with it. The wet grip is okay and the dry grip is good.

Their main features are 


The tires have wide circumferential grooves that evacuate water. They are very good at countering winter weather and delivering grip on the snow surface.


To extend the tire’s life, the company enhances the contact patch of particular models. The manufacture of Barum tires extends the tire’s usable life, giving drivers exceptional value for money.

About The Manufacturers

Barum’s success story was laid by the founding trio: Bata, Rubana, and Mitas. These three rubber visionaries founded the tire company together in the Czech town of Zlin in 1948.

Here only one man Bata single-handedly provided all the necessary expertise. And His name is firmly associated with the successful brand of Shoes “Bata”.

In 1894 Tomas Bata the brother of Bata took over the group business and in 1945 after nationalization Bata finally devoted Himself to the new rubber business. 

The Name “Barum” was founded out of a blue putting together the initial three letters of the three founders. 

In 1971, Barum organized the inaugural Barum Czech Rally in Zln, which has since become one of the country’s most prominent athletic events. 

In 1993 Barum merged with German tire maker company Continental. And that was the historic milestone for Barum. After being part of the Continental group it grew at a breakneck speed.

Since then, Barum has benefited from the German tire company’s experience and expertise, as well as its research capabilities and high-tech tire production processes. 

What are the types of Barum tires available?

They have some series for their tires. These are:

  • Bravuris
  • Polaris
  • Brilliantis
  • Quartaris
  • SnoVanis
  • Vanis

These Tires features:

  • Wet Grip: Provides short braking distances on wet roads
  • Fuel Efficiency: Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel and cuts C)2 emissions.
  • Noise Level: They make very low noise and the noise level rated in class from A to C

They categorized their tires into size, season, and vehicle type.

I am focusing on some of the famous and most sold tires from Barum. They are:

Bravuris 5HM:

  • It’s the new tire with a developed High Mileage compound.
  • It has Low rolling resistance and a reliable grip.
  • Its innovative central rib design with optimized lateral grooves and sipes delivers a smooth-rolling behavior.
  • It’s a Long lasting tire.
  • Available size: 14’’, 15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’, 19’’, 20’’, 21’’

Bravuris 3HM:

  • The economical tire handles good directional stability on winding roads precisely.
  • Short wet braking distances.
  • High Mileage.
  • It has a flat contour, which keeps the rubber abrasion and low wear.
  • Available size: 15’’, 18’’

Brilliant 2:

  • High mileage Tire gives you greater safety during critical steering maneuvers.
  • Greater protection against wet roads.
  • Low rolling noise.
  • Available size: 13’’, 14’’, 15’’

Bravuris 4X4:

  • High safety and short braking distance in wet and dry conditions.
  • High mileage
  • Low noise when traveling increases driving comfort
  • Cuts CO2 emissions
  • Available size: 15’’, 16’’

Quartaris 5:

  • It’s an all-season tire
  • Good braking performance on snow
  • Precise  handling in dry conditions
  • The curved patterns ensure the strong braking on snow down road
  • Available size: 13’’, 14’’, 15’’, 16’’, 17’’, 18’’

Where To Buy Barum Tires?

As Barum is one of the oldest brands You can find Barum tires in every online store.

You can buy their product online from tires online.

Popular sites like DiscountTree, 1010tires, Amazon, eBay also sell Barum tires online.

What Are The Best Alternative For Barum tires? 

If you are looking for the best tires to get other than Ohtsu, you may try some other renowned brands

Michelin or Goodyear would be great alternatives for Barum Tires.

Although they are not cheap as Barum but they are holding more than 100 years of legacy. 

So if you have big budget to spend you definitely can look for Michelin.


Barum cares about their customer by giving the best at an affordable price. Their customer reviews prove the satisfaction they have received from this company. As many of you didn’t know about them, I have described the manufacturer’s company and their background so that you have a good idea about Who makes Barum tire.

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