Who Makes Douglas Tires? (Answer Explained)

People who love to use less money for a quality tire know about Douglas tires. These tires are excellent for your car wheels and on-road traction. 

There are many rumors about the manufacturer of these tires. Some say they are made by Walmart and some suggest they have different makers.

Then, who makes Douglas tires? Are they good enough for your money? Can they provide desired performance?

Well, let me get rid of your confusion first. Walmart and Goodyear tire and rubber company made an agreement where Walmart has become the sole distributor of these tires. And Goodyear tire and rubber company manufacture Douglas tires.

In the next sections, I will tell you more about these tires and details about the manufacturers. So, do not go anywhere!

Who Makes Douglas Tires?

Goodyear manufactures Douglas Tires as an agreement with Walmart where the production part is handled by Kelly Springfield Tire Company and after production management and selling is operated by Walmart.

Douglas tires are one of the many products of Walmart that are competitive and of great quality at a reasonable price. 

Although Walmart sells these tires only in its stores, they are not made by Walmart. It invests in these tires and distributes them in its stores but the whole manufacturing process is operated by Kelly Springfield Tire Company which is a subsidiary company of Goodyear tire and rubber company.

Thus, we can say, Douglas tires are made by Goodyear with the investment of Walmart and sold only by Walmart.

Where Are Douglas Tires Made?

Douglas tires are not made in all the facilities of Goodyear. Only the Kelly-Springfield company of Goodyear makes these tires.

Hence, Kelly-Springfield Tire Company’s factories are where they’re made. The firm has a number of large manufacturing sites across the United States.

Akron, Ohio is home to one of the company’s oldest factories. They did utilize a factory in Wooster, Ohio, but it was eventually shut down.

It has an 81-acre facility in Cumberland, Maryland. This factory employed thousands of workers. When it first launched in 1916, it was regarded as one of the largest.

Tyler, Texas, and Freeport, Illinois, are also two facilities of the firm. These two facilities produce a large number of tires.

The company owns and operates the world’s largest tire manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina. You won’t find any other tire manufacturing factories in the world that can compare!

These are the production facilities where Douglas tires are made.

Are Douglas Tires Any Good?

As a brand of Walmart Douglas tires provides great quality tires for customers. There are some aspects that you should know about these tires.

Low-cost tires:

Douglas tires are incredibly inexpensive. They are among the most affordable tires on the market, even when compared to certain Chinese-made alternatives. This is one of the best Walmart products that are cheap yet have excellent quality.

Safety and great handling:

These tires are made carefully and go through different levels of testing. Thus, they are reliable and you can be assured to get the best tires from Walmart. 

Douglas tires are tested for the best safety before supplying. You will get flawless tires.

The tires may not perform like the premium ones but they have great handling and good traction. They are good on all kinds of roads and conditions.

Great on dry roads:

Tire technology has advanced so much that even low-cost manufacturers like Douglas can provide a pleasant ride on dry roads. The tires aren’t particularly impressive, but they should give adequate traction and grip for everyday driving.

Available in most places:

As Walmart is the sole distributor of Douglas tires, you can find these tires in the nearest Walmart store. Thus, these tires have become quite popular.

Reasonably comfortable:

There are certainly quieter and more comfy tires available, but Douglas is adequate for the price. Even at freeway speeds, the driving experience is pleasant, and the tread grumble is tolerable.

Great warranty:

You will get a 45k mile treadwear warranty with the Douglas tires. Hence, you can be tension-free when you use the tires for a long time. If anything happens during this time you will get a totally new tire as the replacement. 

About The Manufacturer

The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, which has been a fully-owned subsidiary of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company since 1935, is among the country’s oldest continuously operating tire companies.

The McMillin group purchased the firm for $1 million in 1899. Arthur Grant received $166,000 in stock and $33,000 in cash in exchange for his investment in the company. The new firm was called Consolidated Rubber Tire Company by the McMillin group, which it kept until 1914.

The name Kelly-Springfield Tire Company was given to the New York City sales subsidiary in 1911. In 1914, Consolidated was renamed. The Kelly-Springfield Tire Company was formed in 1932 when the word “the” was added to the beginning of the name.

In 1935, it was acquired by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

The company claims to be the first to design and manufacture solid rubber tires for carriages and early cars. Kelly-Springfield supplies to private retailers and retail chains throughout the country, producing at least 54 different types of tires for cars, trucks, and agricultural equipment.

Kelly-Springfield is the biggest private tire manufacturer in the United States, as well as the largest producer of farm tires.

Well, that concludes the question of who makes Douglas tires.

What Are The Types Of Douglas Tires Available?

Douglas tires come in a variety of sizes and forms. It fits a variety of wheel shapes. There are tires designed for great performance on the road in various conditions.

The same tires are available in a variety of sizes. As a result, you may select the finest one that suits your vehicle’s wheels.

Where To Buy Douglas Tires?

These tires are exclusively sold at Walmart stores. You will not find these tires in any other stores. Thus, if you need to buy Douglas tires you have to visit a Walmart store or you can check the Walmart website.

What Are The Best Douglas Tires?

There are basically two kinds of Douglas tires-

  • Douglas All-Season: 

All-season tires are designed to withstand wet roads and modest winter travel in family automobiles such as minivans. These flexible tires are developed to provide a mix of summer and winter drivability features. 

Douglas All-Season tires have a long tread life, a reasonably quiet ride, and are suitable for use all year.

  • Douglas Performance:

The Douglas Performance is built for drivers who desire convenience and control on the road, according to the makers. It is more agile and has a better feel behind the wheel than the standard All-Season. 

The steering isn’t as precise as it is on quality or even budget performance tires, but it’s enough for the price.

What Are Alternative Of Douglas Tires?

Despite Douglas Tires being excellent, several manufacturers also produce excellent tires. Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, Bridgestone, and others are among them.

If you want to acquire some high-quality and premium tires, you should look into any of the options listed above. They’re all fantastic for purchasing.


Walmart always tries to supply the best possible products within the budget. Thus, Douglas tires are great at performance though these tires are inexpensive.

Besides, these tires are made by Goodyear company who are quite reputed for making tires for various top brands. 

Thus, knowing who makes Douglas tires assures you that you are buying one of the best products.

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