Do You Know Who Makes Road Hugger Tires? (Ans Explained)

Although the Road Hugger tires brand is relatively new in the automotive tire industry, this has already created a buzz and gain recognition for offering ultra-high-quality performance tires at a very affordable cost.

All the credit goes to its incredible manufacturers, but do you know who makes road hugger tires?

Well, in today’s article, let’s find out the correct answer with proper background information –

Who Makes Road Hugger Tires?

Mainly, the Road Hugger tires brand is a private tire label owned by Discount Tire and America’s Tire company as well as exclusively sold by the Discount Tire Company.

Asian highly renowned tire manufacturers Nitto Tire and Kumho Tire mostly make tire road hugger tires for the Discount Tire Company.

Where Are Road Hugger Tires Made?

Kumho Tire Company has several manufacturing locations to produce all tires for brands like the Discount tire company.

Kumho has three major manufacturing plants and facilities in South Korea and also three manufacturing plants in China. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and Macon, Georgia.

Nitto Tire Company has its own manufacturing facilities in Japan and the United States.

So, these are the most locations where road hugger tires production takes place.

Are Road Hugger Tires Any Good?

Though I agree currently, Road Hugger tires are not the only best tire option available in the consumer market, there are other well-reputed brands that offer better options even premium quality tires than Road Hugger brand’s products.

However, when it comes to budget limitations or affordable ranged tires with ultra-high quality, there are very few options and Road Hugger is definitely one of that short-list.

Since these tires are manufactured by some of the giant tire manufacturers, the performance quality is according to the industry and consumer acceptance standards.

Road hugger Tires are specially designed with better grip and traction to provide a better cornering grip than regular touring tires, also stronger braking, and more acceleration traction.

Although Road Hugger tires cannot beat the premium tires, manufactures have ensured that consumers can experience proper traction and handling grip on dry pavement.

Even, the brand has not compromised with the safety concern and designed the tires with good Hydroplaning resistance as well as adequate braking control. So, you do not have to worry about driving during rainy weather conditions.

Besides all those features and technical advantages, Discount Tire company also added free repairing under its treadwear warranty.

The company will take care of airchecks, flat tire repair, and tire rotation service within the given warranty period.

About Manufacturer Of Road Hugger Tires

Let’s have a short but in-depth overview of all Hercules tires brand’s manufacturing company-

Kumho Tire was previously known as Samyang Tire Company. It is a Korean tire manufacturing company with over 60 years of the glorious history of contributing to the industry as one of the world’s oldest giant tire manufacturers.

Originally, Kumho Tire Company was founded in 1960 by Park In-chon, the first head of the Kumho Asiana Transportation Group, as well as the Korean Synthetic Rubbers company.

Kumho used to manage and operate under the business unit of the Kumho Asiana Group until 2018.

In 2017, The Chinese tire manufacturer Doublestar announced acquiring the majority stake in Kumho Tire Company, and the acquisition was finalized and confirmed officially in 2018.

Since then, Kumho Tire Company has been actively operating as a subsidiary of Chinese tire conglomerate Doublestar.

Currently, Kumho Tire Company’s headquarters are in Gwangju, South Korea, and in Atlanta, Georgia for the Kumho Tire USA.

Kumho Tire has been manufacturing a full range of tires under the Kumho, Marshal & Zetum brands as an industrial conglomerate chaebol.

Reportedly the company has a total of 8 manufacturing plants located in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Georgia, the United States. Kumho also has around seven R&D centers located in South Korea, China, Germany, Akron, Ohio, and Birmingham, England.

Kumho Tire also exports its tires worldwide and has been associated with Daehan Tire since 1991.

Nitto Tire was initially founded, in 1949, as a subsidiary of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd in Japan.

From the very beginning of till now, Nitto Tire Company has been a small but worldwide successful as a trusted tire manufacturer.

During mid-1990 its production and sales both took a regional boost, and in mid-2000 it started a steady stable business globally.

Since then, the company didn’t have to turn back and continued growing with small but firm territory.

Currently, Nitto Tire Company has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Malaysia, and the United States.

What Are the Types Of Road Hugger Tires Available? 

Road hugger tire brand is currently offering only three types of all-season tires.

So, let’s have a quick glance at these tire types-

Road Hugger All-Season Tires:

It is the exclusive line of Road Hugger all-season tires, which offer decent and stable performance throughout the year.

Whether it is dry, wet, or light snowy weather, these tires will adjust accordingly and provide dependable handling grip, as well as good all-season tractions.

Road Hugger brand has two options under this category: GT Ultra tire and GTP A/S tires, which are compatible for Sedan, Coupe, Crossover, or Minivan.

Road Hugger Passenger or Car Tires:

It is the exclusive line of Road Hugger passenger or car tires designed with versatile performance and economy.

These Road Hugger tires also ensure durability, dependability, decent quality grip, and good traction throughout the year.

Road hugger brand also has two choices under this category: The GT Ultra tires and GTP A/S tires, which are compatible with Minivans, Crossovers, Coupe, or even sedans.

Road Hugger Performance Tires:

Road Hugger ensures strong control over braking, handling grip, as well as a stable and confident performance with its exclusive line of performance tires.

Road Hugger also offers two alternative choices, such as the GT Ultra and GTP A/S, which ensure boosting your Car, Van, Minivan, or Crossover’s performance and make your driving more relaxing.

Where To Buy Road Hugger Tires? 

Since the Discount Tire Company is the only exclusive retailer of Road Hugger tires, you can buy tires from any of that company’s physical or online stores.

Reportedly, Discount tire company currently has almost 1076 stores in 36 states across the United States.

Besides, these tires are also available in some of the local and global authorized e-commerce sites like eBay.

What Are The Best Road Hugger Tires? 

Let’s have a quick glance at the top-ranked and recommended Tires from Road Hugger Tire brand:

  • Road Hugger GT Ultra tires
  • Road Hugger GTP A/S
  • Road Hugger GT Eco

What Are The Best Alternative Of Road Hugger Tires? 

Cooper, Kumho, Hankook, Toyo or General Tire Brands can be your best alternative to choose the quality tire set at an affordable price.


The Road Hugger Tires Brand of The Discount Tire Company is still comparatively new as a tire brand. So, before purchasing this brand’s products, asking who makes Road Hugger Tires is very understandable and natural. That’s why this article aimed to help those interested consumers having a better overall idea about this brand, its products, and manufacturers.

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