Everstart Battery Review: Are They Good and Reliable?

Everstart batteries are one of the affordable batteries provided by Walmart. They are cheap and reliable as backed up by Walmart. But how reliable are they? Are they long-lasting and durable too? What kind of performance should you expect?

While researching for this article, I found that it is a pretty good battery. But you must know a few details before selecting for yourself.

We will debunk that in this blog now!

How Good Everstart Batteries Are?

Everstart batteries are one of the Walmart supplied batteries that are quite popular. The reason of the popularity can be attributed to its cheaper price than other batteries. The batteries cost anywhere between $65 to $140.

Not just the cheaper price, the quality is in no way compromised! This is due to the careful selection of batteries by Walmart. These batteries hold perfectly in different weathers. Especially extremely old weathers.

These batteries come from the same parent company as Costco Interstate batteries or Kirkland batteries. So, you can expect the performance to be similar as well.

A good thing about Everstart is, it can be very long lasting compared to other similar batteries. All Everstart batteries are of 12V, but measures different CCAs according to different size and specification.

Overall, it has been rated as a ‘good buy’ buy customers of Walmart.

How Reliable Are Everstart Batteries? 

You can use 2-3 of these Walmart batteries over a 15–20-year range. Which should give you a rough idea about how the batteries are. These batteries come with 3-years warranty with 100% free maintenance during the time. These batteries are also claimed to be maintenance free.

The thing about Everstart batteries is that they are not extremely unique to each other across models. This is good because you can get a battery with better CCA for your car. That will provide more reliability.

Many Odyssey owners have reported to pass more than 6 years with the Everstart battery with 100% reliability. These batteries also fit across various models of vehicles.

If you want a reliability check, search for Johnson Controls. The Everstart batteries are manufactured by them. You will find that most of the ‘higher-rated’ batteries are produced by them. Most of the Lower-rated Walmart batteries are made by Exide. So, keep that in mind.

How Durable Are Everstart Batteries? 

People are skeptic about Walmart batteries. This is due to them being inexpensive and so easily available. But they are good and here is why:

The parts are made with strong casing and good quality lead-acid is used inside the battery. Most of them range in CCA but I’s suggest the 750 CCA ones being the most useful. These batteries provide the maximum starting power.

These batteries are sturdy and weigh 44.4 lbs within the dimensions of 10.95 x 6.00 x 9.00 inches.

Do They Still Make Older Models?  

It is difficult to track whether Johnson Controls make older Everstart batteries. Because they are a company that mass produce about 2-3 brands of batteries. All for automotive vehicles.

But let me teach you a trick with which you can trace your Everstart battery model.  On the battery case, find a code beginning with an alphabet. The alphabet usually follows with a number.

The letter of the code specifies month (e.g : A = January, B = February, and so on up to L – December). Now the first number that follows the letter indicates the year (e.g: 0 = the year 2000, 1 = the year 2001). The month and year will give you the manufacturing date of the engine.

Where Is the Manufacturing Location of Everstart batteries?  

Everstart batteries are produced by Johnson Controls. The manufacturing facility is situated in Monterrey, Mexico.

What Are Typical Problems with Everstart Batteries? 

Usually, the problem with these batteries is them capping out or leaking while still on warranty. But these reports are very infrequent. Most reports suggest that they are pretty solid batteries.

However, the Everstart Maxx batteries have been reported to not hold a charge when they go dead.

How Long Do Everstart Batteries Last Compared to Similar Brands?  

The Everstart batteries last anywhere between 3-4 years and may even last longer. But the Kirkland ones or Optima last longer. The other batteries from East Penn or Varta last 12-13 years and give a better service. But the ones from Exide are crappy.

Do Everstart Batteries Hold Their Value?   

Everstart batteries hold their value when recycled. It is due to the ‘core charge’. That is, when buying, about $10-15 is given for the ‘core charge’.

When you return or recycle the battery to the designated shop, the core charge amount is returned. This is about 80% of the buying price. Which is about 20-30 USD.

Are Everstart Batteries Still Being Made?  

Everstart batteries are presently being made throughout South Carolina and Florida by Johnson Company at Monterrey, Mexico.

What Are the Best Everstart Batteries? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended best Everstart batteries –

  • Good cranking power and cold weather performance: EverStart Maxx.
  • Superior cycling and recharge capabilities: Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery.
  • Good Starting Vehicle Battery: EverStart Plus.

Which Brands Can Be the Best Alternative to Everstart Batteries?   

Batteries from Walmart’s Everstart are often compared with the Costco and Sam’s Club batteries. Both are good alternatives. Batteries from Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, AutoZone are good. Another interesting alternative is the Canadian Tire Motomaster AGM.

Customer Reviews on Everstart Batteries

Everstart batteries have received mixed reviews. Most people in America have had positive reviews.

Here are some reviews that might help you:

Good batteries. The real reason you buy one of these is 1) the price and 2) the warranty and 3) the nationwide availability of over 4000 Walmart stores to exchange it. There is no other battery retailer with such a nationwide presence.”

– Jackson, South Florida

“I decided to get a new battery after my cranking seems a little sluggish at 9F before Xmas, went to WM for a Maxx 35N, however that is also what I was replacing and maybe not feeling great about your battery after 3.5 years is not a good sign? At least my cranking seemed pretty snappy at 3F this morning and I started up fine at -13F over the weekend (although that was a remote start and I couldn’t hear the crank over the howling wind).”

– Probi, new England

I had one in my truck a while back. It was OK, didnt last that well. Not sure any one is much better or worse than any other in reality, all the batteries are made by JCI to some price point.”

– Moss, New Jersey

Final Thoughts

Everstart batteries are good quality cheap batteries for daily use. These batteries last reliably and for a long-time as well.

Most of the batteries deliver a smooth and maintenance-free performance. So I will highly suggest you look into them.

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