Are Costco Interstate Battery Good and Reliable? (Review)

Looking for some inexpensive interstate car batteries for short trips? Your local Costco can help. But are they the same as other interstate batteries? How reliable are they? Are they long-lasting?

Well, yes! But the difference lies in the details. Moreover, while researching for this article, I found out that there are as many fans of this battery as there are haters.

Why is that? Let’s debunk that in this blog right here!

How Good Costco Interstate Batteries Are?

Let’s start with why Costco batteries are so sought after. The first is that they are cheaper than other interstate batteries in the market. This is due to the careful selection of batteries by Costco. They also keep a lower amount of batteries in stock (3,500 to 4,000 SKU vs the typical 25,000 to 30,000 SKU).

Costco Interstate batteries are perfectly suitable for different weathers. In fact, Costco chose these batteries due to their high performance and popularity. The cost of these batteries falls between $50 to $100 US Dollars. But this battery sometimes comes with an expense called ‘core charge. Battery cores cost between $10-14. This can be retrieved when recycling the battery.

The downside is, however, the warranty of the battery. The warranty is as little as 3 years. Whereas each battery is supposed to last 2-6 years.

Moreover, Costco offers interstate batteries that fit a various range of vehicles within RVs, cars, and trucks.

How Reliable Are Costco Interstate Batteries? 

I’m going to be throwing facts at you without wasting your time. Among various automotive batteries, the most common type is the Standard Flooded battery. They are constructed with durable grids and a free-flowing liquid design.You wouldn’t need to perform any maintenance. Because the battery is sealed.

Next comes the AGM-type batteries. They tend to the greater engine power demand of the vehicle. Typically they are expensive. But you don’t have that problem with Costco.

While the standard ones tend to the electric supply needs, the AGM fully blasts the engine with energy.

They come with a 36-month limited replacement warranty. A battery used regularly can last up to 3-5 years. So most of your battery’s lifespan is covered. Although other retailers give a better period of warranty. But you have to look at the competitive prices too.

How Durable Are Costco Interstate Batteries? 

Now we raise the question, are these ‘drugstore’ inexpensive batteries strong enough? They are! Incredibly strong in fact! Johnson Control’s reputation speaks for itself!

Say you are looking for a battery for your RV. Or even your boat. They require extra string plates. Costco listens to that demand and assorts batteries that have thicker lead plates. They also come with threaded posts. Moreover, the battery cables can be connected with standard SAE automotive posts. Those are delivered with the battery.

This stops with heavy vehicles like RVs or boats. You get the perfect batteries for golf carts, lawn and garden accessories, Powersports, etc from Costco.

And surprisingly you will find that each battery comes with exactly what the vehicle requires for optimum performance. For example, mower batteries come with high durability against vibration.

The material and build make these assorted batteries long-lasting and reliable.

What About Older Costco Batteries? 

Costco used to sell some models of Kirkland and Optima batteries. Kirkland was manufactured by Duracell. Costco retailed those for $77-80. This was fairly cheap at that time. They also used to sell Optima models.

Do They Still Make Older Models?  

Costco has stopped selling both Kirkland and Optima batteries. The reason was that these batteries failed to bring them their intended profit.

Currently, Costco sells one brand of batteries. Those are the interstate batteries produced by Johnson Controls.

Where Is the Manufacturing Location of Costco Interstate Batteries?  

Costco Interstate batteries are produced by Johnson Controls. The manufacturing facility is situated in Monterrey, Mexico.

The East Penn company or Varta company also produces these batteries.

What Are Typical Problems with Costco Interstate Batteries? 

According to the majority of Costco Interstate batteries users, the batteries made by the Johnson company are junk. But the ones made by East Penn or Varta are better.

The batteries are mostly fine. Customers have reported that they have run their cars fine for even a decade with these batteries.

The group size 65 batteries may give you the worst experience with Interstate Megatron batteries. But otherwise, they will too last you as much as 9 years for sure and longer.

How Long Do Costco Interstate Batteries Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

The current interstate batteries last anywhere between 3-10 years and may even last longer. But the old Kirkland ones or Optima would last longer. The other batteries from East Penn or Varta last 12-13 years and give a better service.

Whereas the other interstate batteries last 3 years approximately. This is due to the electrical needs of a vehicle.

Do Costco Interstate Batteries Hold Their Value?   

Costco batteries hold their value when recycled. But that is the value of the ‘core charge’. That is, when buying, about $10-15 is given for the ‘core charge’. So the total bill stands as $12-20 for each battery approximately.

Upon returning or recycling to the designated shop, the core charge amount is returned. This is about 80% of the buying price.

But in terms of quality, it’s best not to buy batteries older than 3 years.

Are Costco Interstate Batteries Still Being Made?  

Costco Interstate batteries are still being made throughout South Carolina and Florida by Johnson Company at Monterrey, Mexico.

What Are the Best Costco Interstate Batteries? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended best Costco Interstate batteries –

  • Good cranking power and reliable performance: M Batteries
  • Climate friendly optimum performance delivery: MT & MTP Batteries
  • AGM construction: MTX Batteries and MTZ Batteries

Which Brands Can Be the Best Alternative to Costco Interstate Batteries?   

Batteries from Costco are often compared with the Walmart and Sam’s Club batteries. Both are good alternatives. Batteries from Advance Auto Parts are also good. They come with 730 CCA and 910 CA. Let me also mention NAPA and AutoZone for the batteries.

Customer Reviews on Costco Interstate Batteries

Costco Interstate Batteries have received mixed reviews. Some people suggest other alternative brands. While others like the short warranty cheap batteries. Costco’s service also fell under my analysis.

Here are some reviews that might help you:

Got the battery replaced by Costco, but they are pro-rating the remaining warranty for the replacement battery. So the new battery that they gave me only has a one-year warranty remaining and not three years. Before the replacement battery would have the full 3-year warranty.”

– Emma Brass, Allen, TX

“The Costco 12V battery is still a GREAT value for price and total warranty.”

– Michael, Hell’s Kitchen, NY

“I use it for my 06 Accord, been good and haven’t got any problem, been 3 years since I had it.”

– John, South Carolina.

Final Thoughts

Costco is a leading supplier of good-quality but cheap interstate batteries. They are quite reliable and durable and come with a good warranty. Their purchases are also designed to hold the value to a good extent. Therefore, it is definitely a battery to consider for your car.

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