Duralast vs. Autocraft: Which Car-Battery is the Best?

Automobile manufacturers always try to come up with better technologies and modifications to cars. Car batteries are a significant addition to the list. It plays vital roles in supplying electrical power to a car.

It isn’t an easy task to find the best car battery suitable for you from so many options. It is even more difficult when we have to choose between Duralast and Autocraft car batteries, as they are best in the business.

The durability and performances of these two batteries are identical. Here we will discuss them to aid you choose the suitable one for yourself.

Duralast vs. Autocraft – Comparison Chart

We know that fuel runs the wheels on the road and drives the car forward. Rather than that, it is the battery that keeps a car alive. As a battery turns many functions of a car into fuel-free, it contributes greatly to keeping the environment carbon-free and clean.

Duralast and Autocraft, both of them are best selling car-batteries all across the globe. As their features are identical, you do not necessarily find the best between them.

Yet, we are here with a comparison chart of Duralast vs. Autocraft. There are many well-known models of these two manufacturers. We are going with two identical models, 24 DL and Silver 50, for Duralast and Autocraft, respectively.

Model: 24 DLModel: Silver 50
As for the weight, Duralast is a little lighter than Autocraft. It weighs 38.68 pounds.Autocraft Silver 50 weighs 43 pounds.
The Duralast 24 DL has a left side positive terminal location.We also find a left side positive terminal location of Silver 50.
The battery voltage is 12.Autocraft holds the same battery voltage as Duralast, 12.
As for the reserve capacity, Duralast has a slight advantage. This model’s reserve capacity is 110 minutes. The reserve capacity of Autocraft is 108 minutes.
It provides 2 years of replacements warranty.Autocraft also offers 2 years of replacement warranty.
Duralast provides Cold Cranking Amps of 600.Autocraft offers Cold Cranking Amps of 600.
Duralast works well in any weather.Not suitable to use in an extreme cold environment.

Duralast vs. Autocraft – Key Features Comparison

We have already seen that there are not many differences in these two batteries. They have many identical features. No wonder why it is difficult to choose the best one between the two. Here we will discuss some key features of them and try to figure out which one comes out as the winner.


The first thing we want from a car battery is its performance. Battery is not something we buy regularly. So, when we buy a battery we want a better-performing one.

Duralast and Autocraft, both batteries are well-renowned for their performances. It is the very reason why they are the best-seller car-battery manufacturers. 

These two batteries offer 2 years of replacement warranty. The manufacturers are so sure about the performance of their products that they offer you replacement services.

Moreover, both batteries offer voltages of 12 VDC. So, any one of them should be fine as far as the voltage is concerned. 

In terms of overall performance, Duralast battery gets a slight advantage. As we noticed, both batteries offer Cold Cranking Amps of 600. So, they will enable a first-time start. 

But in case of an extreme-cold condition, the Autocraft battery may not deliver a first-time start. So, Duralast car-battery is more dependable in terms of overall performance.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity refers to the number of sustainable minutes of a battery based on a given load. 

As we saw earlier, Duralast battery provides 110 minutes of reserve capacity. It means that the battery can sustain a given load for 110 minutes.

Likewise, Autocraft car-battery provides almost the same reserve minutes as Duralast. So, if your car requires a higher reserve capacity, Duralast should be the suitable choice for you.


Durability is an important aspect of buying any product, and a car battery is no exception. Most buyers search for car-batteries that offer the best longevity compared to the money.

Duralast and Autocraft car-batteries offer utmost durability for low budget car-batteries available in the market. Both of the batteries will provide good performance for up to 3-5 years, or sometimes even more. Because the durability of a car battery depends on proper usage and maintenance. 

Furthermore, the manufacturers  offer 2 years of replacement warranty. So, in terms of durability, you don’t have to separate the two.


Like many other sectors, we don’t have much to compare the cost of Duralast and Autocraft car-batteries. They are available for identical prices on the market. 

Duralast and Autocraft batteries are low-budget products which provide best value for money.

Duralast vs. Autocraft – Drawbacks

The car-battery manufacturers we are discussing here are well-renowned all over the world. The reason they are so popular is that they provide quality products having so little drawbacks.

But if we compare them to the high-budget batteries, we may find some drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Duralast

  • Many users claim the battery discharge rate is slightly higher.
  • Voltage of 12 VDC is not the best in the market.

Drawbacks of Autocraft

  • Voltage of 12 VDC is not the best in the market.
  • Not suitable to use in extreme-cold weather.

Duralast Or Autocraft – Which One to Buy?

Duralast and Autocraft are familiar names for car users all over the world. The battery manufacturers are so popular for their quality products. If you have read this far, you know that Duralast and Autocraft have many identical features.

It is very difficult to choose a stand-out winner. As they have the same CCA, Voltage, replacement warranty, pricing, and almost the same reserve capacity, you don’t have to choose between the two. 

But the main difference between these batteries is that Duralast is compatible for any weather, whereas, Autocraft is not suitable for snowy-cold weather. So, if you reside in an extreme-cold environment, you may want to go for the Duralast car-battery. Otherwise, pick any one and your car will be good to roar.

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