Do You Know Who Makes Autocraft Batteries? (Ans Explained)

AutoCraft batteries are some of the best vehicle batteries available at affordable prices on the market, and these batteries are known for producing a good amount of power as well as having a longer lifespan. 

But, do you know who makes Autocraft batteries or where the production takes place? 

If you are unaware of that, no worries because I will reveal those answers in this very article, and I will also share some other exciting facts about Autocraft batteries.

Who Makes Autocraft Batteries?

Only two major American manufacturers produce for serving the entire American consumer market along with the global markets. 

One of them is Clarios, which was formerly known as Johnson Controls, Inc and this is the company behind the production of all Autocraft brand’s quality products.

Where Are Autocraft Batteries Made?

Clarios, which was previously known as Johnson Controls, Inc has approximately 2000 production locations spread over six continents to operate and ensure worldwide supply as well as distribution of these batteries.  

Besides that, Clarios or Johnson Controls also has its manufacturing facility available in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, China, Germany and Mexico.

Are Autocraft Batteries Any Good?

Well, it is difficult to answer whether the brand is good or bad because you can find some best and the worst products from the same brand. 

So, it may vary based on what a particular consumer is expecting and the brand has in its stock to offer. 

However, if I have to sum up the overall value of Autocraft batteries, then these batteries are a great deal for budget-oriented consumers. 

Especially the gold and platinum series of Autocraft batteries are the best option compare to other similar grade brands available in the market. 

Another thing is each of the Autocraft batteries exactly meets what the manufacturer and brand have stated in their labels or product specifications.

About The Manufacturer Of Autocraft Batteries:

Let’s have an overall background view on the manufacturer of Autocraft batteries:

Johnson Controls is widely known as one of the prominent automotive batteries manufactures and is an American Irish-domiciled multinational conglomerate. 

Johnson Controls has been proudly contributing to this automotive industry for 136 years now.

Johnson Control Inc was established jointly by Warren S. Johnson and a group of Milwaukee investors in 1885 as Johnson Electronic Service Company. 

Initially, Warren Johnson started the company with the intention of exploring new ways or techniques to harness and conserve precious energy resources. 

In 1974, they changed the company name to Johnson Controls. Since then, the headquarter of Johnson Controls has been in Cork, Ireland.  

Since 1978 Johnson Controls has been fully concentrating and manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles. 

Johnson acquired Globe-Union battery company in 1978, and the same year, Johnson Controls also divested itself from Standard Electric Time Company. Standard Electric Time Company was sold to Faraday. 

Later in 1985, Johnson acquired two automotive seating companies Ferro Manufacturing and Hoover Universal.

Along with the battery production, Johnson controls is manufacturing and supplying HVAC, fire, and other security equipment. 

In January 2016, the company again reformed as Johnson Controls International Plc, as a result of the merger between Johnson and Tyco International.

Based on 2019 reports, Johnson Controls has approximately 2,000 locations spread over six continents to operate their production and ensure worldwide distribution of the batteries.

However, Johnson controls is no longer operating its business as an automotive battery manufacturer. In May 2019, Johnson reportedly sold to Brookfield Business Partners. 

After this acquisition, Johnson controls has rebranded and launched as Clarios battery company by its new owner. 

What Are the Types Of Autocraft Batteries Available?  

Autocraft offers mainly four types of vehicle batteries, which are listed below:

  • AutoCraft Economy Batteries:

These batteries are widely known as AutoCraft Automotive or Bronz batteries and are available with a 12-month of free replacement warranty. 

These are the cheapest among all Autocraft battery types. These batteries are designed with the basic features only to meet the modest minimum requirements for functionality. 

Since Autocraft economy batteries have the minimum Amperage, Reserve Capacity, and lack of Cold Cranking Amperage, these batteries are not recommended for large engines or diesel vehicles.

Although Autocraft ensures that their economy battery lines meet manufacturer specifications, these batteries are not suitable for high-end luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Lexus.

  • AutoCraft Silver Batteries:

AutoCraft Silver batteries are considered mid-tier grade vehicle batteries that come at affordable pricing. 

These batteries are designed to meet the requirements of OEM replacement standards also match the quality and specifications of stock batteries.

Although the Autocraft silver battery line does not feature PowerFrame technology, this will not affect the day-to-day driving job of any users unless they are driving a large vehicle in harsh weather conditions. 

These batteries are available with a 2-years of free replacement warranty.

  • Autocraft Gold Batteries:

AutoCraft Gold Batteries are considered one of the top non-AGM batteries and also one of the most recommended batteries among similar grade brands. 

Autocraft Gold batteries are specifically designed to meet and exceed the CCA requirements standard. 

These batteries are almost designed with the same specs as the Autocraft Platinum battery line but come at approximately 15% less price than those Platinum batteries. 

Autocraft Gold series is capable of smoothly handling large engines even in any harshest conditions.

These batteries are built with PowerFrame positive grid technology and the most Reserve capacity to prevent premature failure caused by the extreme level of corrosion. 

You can even listen to your favorite program or music on the radio while turning off the engine at the parking position because the battery reserve capacity will back up your engine. 

Autocraft gold series of batteries are available with a 3-year free replacement warranty.

  • AutoCraft Platinum AGM Batteries:

AutoCraft Platinum AGM Batteries are the premium product line of this brand, and these batteries also carry the highest price among all Autocraft battery types. 

Autocraft Platinum battery series is exclusively designed with more added flexibility, unlimited mounting, and increased durability. 

These batteries are designed to meet or exceed the CCA and CA standards requirements. 

However, Autocraft is offering these premium quality products mainly for users, who are looking for batteries to maximize the performance and durability of their off-road, aftermarket, or performance vehicles regardless of price. 

Autocraft Platinum series is available with a 3-years of free replacement warranty.

Where To Buy Autocraft Batteries?  

Although all batteries from the Autocraft brand were exclusively available in Advance Auto Part’s authorized retailer shops or stores as well as in their online store, they no longer sell Autocraft batteries.

Currently, Autocraft batteries are only available in its authorized dealers and retailer shops.

Besides, these batteries are also available in Autocraft’s online store, and other popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay also sell those batteries.

What Are The Best Autocraft Batteries?  

The top 3 products from Autocraft’s wide product lines are listed below:

  • AutoCraft Platinum Battery
  • AutoCraft Gold Battery
  • AutoCraft Silver Battery

What Are The Best Alternative Of Autocraft Batteries?  

Besides AutoCraft batteries, if you are looking for other best alternatives, you can go for Optima, Duralast gold series, EverStart, Excide AGM, ACDelco, DieHard, or Costco battery.


Although AutoCraft has made a great reputation for providing some of the best vehicle batteries available at a budget-friendly pricing range, many people are unaware of who makes autocraft batteries.

That is why in today’s article, I wanted to address and reveal the identity of the actual manufacturer of all Autocraft batteries.

Hopefully, this article was informative enough to answer all similar queries regarding the Autocraft battery brand.

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