Deka Battery Review: Are They Good and Reliable?

Looking for a good affordable battery for a wide range of outdoor vehicles. Deka car batteries manufactured by East Penn are the perfect ones for this purpose.

Your local Costco can help. But do Deka batteries provide superior performance like other East Penn batteries? How reliable are they? How long do they hold the value?

Don’t worry, I have done all the necessary research for you. In this article, you will find out everything there is to know about Deka batteries. Read till the end to help you decide on purchasing the batteries or against them!

Who Makes Deka Batteries?

The Deka batteries are produced by an American company called East Penn Manufacturing. They are the sole owner of the Deka battery. They are the only largest battery manufacturer producing batteries since 1946.

Deka battery is a dream project of the Breidegam family. The family started the battery business with just one room, and day by day, get more popularity due to their reliable battery production. Also, the company won hundreds of awards for the Deka batteries.

Now, the East Penn manufacturing company produces all the Dekha batteries in the united states with an ISO-manufacturing facility and provides outstanding after-sell service all over the old by the distributor.

The company also produces various battery and battery accessories such as battery cables, battery terminals, and booster cables.

How Good Deka Batteries Are?

Deka batteries are one of the most versatile batteries out there. They fit not just the automotive needs, but marine requirements too. Just go on TBT forum and scroll for a while, you will find out.

You have a wide range of models to select from. Hearing a smooth lawnmower? Could be Deka batteries. Commercial production? There are Deka batteries for that too! They even have models of AGM and EV as well.

Most importantly, all of the batteries are 12V so you don’t have an adapter problem. You just have to select the type of battery and its reserve capacity (RCM and Amp Hours). They have a discharge capacity of up to 30 seconds.

The different technologies in different batteries enable optimum performance in any vehicle they are used.

How Reliable Are Deka Batteries? 

There are more than 11 types of batteries you can choose from. Lead Technology and the Lead-Acid Technology used in the Solar and UltraBatteries respectively provide reliability across all different vehicles. The latter even has the advantages of an asymmetric capacitor

The battery has also been termed the best US-made battery. Customers highly rely on its cutting-edge technology.

Different batteries have different kinds of capacities. The marine/RV batteries have 12 months. The Gold and HD batteries have an 18-month warranty.  The AGM and Premium ones come with 24 to 36 months.

How Durable Are Deka Batteries? 

You can already count on East Penn to produce good quality, versatile batteries. But how long-lasting or enduring are the Deka batteries?

Let me tell you a bit about the construction of these batteries. They come with PowerPerform plates. These plates have full frames with short prevention ability. They also help in energy storage and ensure safety by giving a safe jolt each time. But this doesn’t mean they are slow. They in fact give quick power-up in emergencies.

The current transfer gets maximized due to Fortified posts. They come with a flush cover design enhancing battery performance. This ensures maintenance and safety!

What About Older Deka Batteries? 

You can easily check manufacture date your Deka batteries with a code on their sticker or stamps. The progression starts with a capital alphabetical letter followed by numbers.

The month is denoted from A to M with A being January. The letter I is skipped here. The number gives the month. For example, if it’s E4, this means, the battery was made in May of 2014.

If it was 04, the date will be May of 2004. You can learn about the age this way and check with the store if they manufacture these anymore. Most models of the past decade are not manufactured. Somehow, a store may have one in their stock.

Do They Still Make Older Models?

East Penn started their journey a little over seven decades ago. In 1947, Karl Gasche joined the Breidegam family. He became East Penn’s vice president. Deka was born from “DeLight” and “Karl.”  

Since then, Deka has discontinued many models. For example, Deka has discontinued a few models. For example, the 8V195. Here’s a link to check out the available models by Deka

Where Is the Manufacturing Location of  Deka Batteries?  

Deka batteries are produced by East Penn Manufacturing Company. The manufacturing facility is situated in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The single-site manufacturing facility is of 520-acres.

What Are Typical Problems with Deka Batteries? 

Sometimes, the new Deka batteries hold up a good charge but have a bad cell. You will need an inverter as they are not meant to be cycled.

Sometimes the summertime can affect the batteries. But this can pass as a scattered incident as the batteries provide good service across weather conditions.

Also, you will need to drain the oversized flooded batteries regularly to keep the battery right.

Except for these few things they do not have any major issues.

How Long Do Deka Batteries Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

These maintenance-free batteries last anywhere between 12-30 months. This is not a very long duration, but they provide a smooth performance.

Other batteries like NAPA, AutoZone batteries last anywhere between 3-4 years. But they aren’t as superior as the Deka ones.

Do Deka Batteries Hold Their Value?   

Deka batteries hold the value as much as regular batteries do. They depreciate at a 60% rate per year. So you may get a 40% value on their first year. And it reduces thereafter.

Are  Deka batteries Still Being Made?  

Deka batteries are still being made throughout the USA by East Penn.  

What Are the Best Deka Batteries? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended best Deka batteries  –

  • Best premium performance: Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator Battery.
  • Best Value: Deka 9A51P AGM Intimidator Battery.
  • Best Pick: Deka 9AGM49 AGM Intimidator Battery.

Which Brands Can Be the Best Alternative to  Deka batteries?

Deka batteries are already superior to its subsequent brand batteries. But here are the bands that can be the best alternative to Deka batteries:

Napa, Autozone, Duralast, AUX Battery, Duracell, Rayovac, Harley Davidson.

Customer Reviews on Deka Batteries:

Deka batteries have received mostly positive reviews. Not just limited to USA, we have researched on users across countries with diverse climates too (e.g: Canada).

Here are some reviews that might help you:

Have one of these in a 2005 C230 (four years) with not a single issue and plenty of starting power no matter how cold it’s gotten. Installed

another in a 2006 S600 last year, no problem cranking the big double turbocharged V-12. These are also deep cycle rated and AGM technology.

I am expecting at least 8 years of service from these big batteries.”

– Chandler Grey, Vancouver, Canada.

“I’ve had this battery for a few months now. For the first month, it sat in the vehicle while I was completing other repairs. When I finally got things all fixed, I was worried the battery would be low and need a charge. Instead, it cranked the SUV up right away no problem.”

– Teri, Hell’s Kitchen, NY.

This battery lasted 7 years and still has some life. This is the only battery to purchase. Made in the USA also makes me feel good about the purchase.”

– Gavin, Florida.

Final Thoughts

Deka batteries are good quality batteries that provide a large range of options. They suit many different vehicles and tend to each requirement pretty nicely.

So if you are thinking about getting one for your boat, car, mower, or even your business facility, I suggest you do it!

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