Who Makes Everstart Batteries For Walmart? (Ans Explained)

Everstart has own many hearts with great performance and effectiveness. Walmart succeeded in providing its own car batteries to the customers with the best that they can get.

But who makes Everstart batteries for Walmart? Are they good enough for your car? Are there better alternatives in the market?

Well, Everlast batteries are made by a variety of companies for Walmart. The manufacturer of the Everlast battery offered at your local Walmart is determined by the area of the United States where the battery is marketed.

However, most of the batteries are made by Johnson Controls and East Penn.

In this article, I will explain everything that you need to know about the Everstart batteries of Walmart in detail.

Who Makes Everstart Batteries For Walmart?

As mentioned before Walmart uses different companies to make Everstart batteries. Whoever offers the best deal gets to make batteries for Walmart. 

However, Johnson Controls has been making most of the batteries for Walmart for a long time till now. Other than that, East Penn also makes good quality batteries for Walmart. Both of these companies are top battery manufacturers.

Exide used to make Everstart batteries. But they no longer make them for Walmart. 

Where Are Everstart batteries for Walmart Made?

As the information is confidential, Walmart or any other manufacturers of Everstart batteries didn’t share information on where these batteries are made specifically. However, we can assume that these batteries are made in the best facilities or plants of Johnson Controls, East Penn.

Johnson Controls, commonly known as “Clarios,” employs millions of workers at factories all over the world. This battery firm has activities on six continents and employs 2,000 people globally. They employ about 105,000 people all around the world.

East Penn has a 520-acre single-site battery production factory in Berks County, Pennsylvania, featuring world-class plants which are among the industry’s most advanced ones.

Are Everstart Batteries for Walmart Any Good?

EverStart batteries deliver exceptional performance at a low cost. They have amp ratings, which allow them to work in harsh cold weather and frigid temperatures. These batteries are simple to operate and do not need any maintenance. 

According to consumer feedback, EverStart batteries can last two to three years without a problem. The EverStart Maxx battery, which is the top of the series, may last three to five years. 

However, the actual life duration of these batteries is determined by where and how often they are used.

At 1 ampere, the regular Ever Start battery seems to have a rating of 122-amp hours, whereas the Ever Start Maxx has a value of 114-amp hours. The MCA rating of each of these batteries is equal. 

The standard EverStart battery has a one-year warranty, while the EverStart Maxx has a two-year warranty. Furthermore, the Maxx variant offers a 30% higher cycling capacity. 

They are not only inexpensive, but they may also deliver excellent results. They are suited for harsh conditions due to their amp ratings.

EverStart batteries, like other contemporary automobile batteries, do not require maintenance. You do not require to add distilled water on a regular basis. These batteries are ideal for people searching for excellent value at a low cost.

About The Manufacturer

A number of businesses produce Everstart batteries. These batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, East Penn, and a variety of other firms, which explains why they are so good.

Johnson Controls International, based in Cork, Ireland, is a global business. After receiving his patent for the first electric room thermostat in 1883, Warren S. Johnson and other Milwaukee investors founded it in 1885.

Johnson Controls and Tyco International merged on January 25, 2016, to establish the business.

Johnson Controls was able to escape paying US taxes on its international market operations as a result of the transaction, which also provided a financial windfall for Alex Molinaroli, the company’s CEO at the time.

Johnson Controls’ tax return to Ireland, which began in November 2018, is the third-largest in US history.

Johnson Controls, on the other hand, has sold its automobile battery sector to Brookfield partners. Clarios is the new name that the company’s new owners have given it. 

In order to make a big impact on the industry, Clarios is concluding more transactions and utilizing innovative processes and technology.

The Breidegam family had a vision for East Penn. In 1946, DeLight Jr., a young Air Force hero, and his father, DeLight Sr., started a battery firm. Their business began in a small one-room creamery in Bowers, Pennsylvania.

As the war was going on, battery availability was few, but there was a strong demand for refurbished batteries to allow returning soldiers to get their automobiles back on the road.

This need was satisfied by DeLight and his father acquiring ancient batteries and refurbishing them to their former state.

With more than 10,500 full-time employees, 515 product ideas, a global supply chain, and hundreds of industry accolades, East Penn have grown from a one-room facility with 5 car batteries to one of the world’s finest battery producers.

What Are the Types Of Everstart batteries for Walmart Available?

Everstart offers a large selection of car batteries. The battery type varies from vehicle to vehicle.

There are several varieties; all you have to do is locate an Everstart battery model that is compatible with your car. They have-

– Marine and deep cycle batteries

– Automotive Batteries

– Leisure and vehicle batteries

– Tractor and Batteries Riding Lawn Mower

– Multi-sport batteries

Where To Buy Everstart batteries for Walmart?

You should find all kinds of Everstart batteries in Walmart stores. You can buy them online or you can pick one from your local Walmart store.

You will also find these batteries in some battery shops or dealer stores.

What Are The Best Everstart batteries for Walmart?

There are many Everstart batteries in the market. However, here are some top picks-

  • EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 24:

This battery appears to be of high quality, with a CCA of 700, and it looks to be simple to use. It is productive even under the most difficult operating circumstances and would be an ideal alternative for your car’s dead battery.

  • EverStart Value Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 26R:

The reason that this battery appears to work with a variety of automobile types makes it a great choice. It has a CCA of 525, which makes it highly dependable for starting the engine in cold weather.

  • EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 27DC:

It has a 750 MCA and 109-amp hour rating, making it ideal for use with a boat or RV. This EverStart battery has a higher cycle capacity, which means it will last longer. That implies that a boat will be able to remain out on the sea for extended periods of time.

What Are the Alternative Of Everstart batteries for Walmart?

Everstart provides high-quality batteries for a variety of automobiles. There are, however, several alternative batteries from other manufacturers that you can try.

– Optima Batteries RedTop 35

– Optima Batteries YellowTop D34/78

– ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery

– DieHard Advanced Gold Battery

– AutoCraft Platinum Battery


Everstart batteries of Walmart are great for the price and provide superb performance. Johnson Controls and East Penn are the top manufacturers that make Everstart Batteries for Walmart.

If you are reading the conclusion here, then you probably have read the article and gathered the necessary information about these batteries. I believe, it can help you choose the right battery for your vehicle.

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