Schaeffer Oil Reviews: Are They Good And Reliable?

Did you have an oil for your car in mind that is both lightweight but meets HT-06 requirements? Well, I do! It’s the Schaeffer oils. It meets many standards of being a good motor oil. But how good are they?

Schaeffer  is very good and popular oil and possesses the Dexos 1 certification.

Get ready to learn the good and bad of Schaeffer synthetic motor oils in detail! Learn how they perform, how reliable they are, expenses, and everything falling under the hood.

How Good Schaeffer Synthetic Oils Are?

Let’s get the elephant out of the room, the Dexos certifications. Yes, Schaeffer  possesses the Dexos 1 certification. But it also meets the Honda H-06 requirements. This is the biggest proof of the company’s safety, durability, and all the good stuff. However, don’t make a decision based on just these certifications. Let me actually make you understand their implication.

Schaeffer motor oils are a steal when it comes to using in Volvos, Tundras, Avalon, UOAs and similar cars. It is also extremely long-lasting. People cannot stop bragging about Schaeffer’s synthetic blend. Which is perfect for keeping your U-joints tight as heck!

It doesn’t matter if it is wet or really frigid cold. The oil will perform its functions properly. This makes it a high-value, albeit a bit expensive oil. They cost around $75-80. They are a bit expensive. But the Schaeffer has removed the Antimony from the oil to account for the cost.

I was really surprised to see so many good reviews whereas negative reviews were particularly non-existent. So it is worth the cost in case you were wondering.

How Reliable Is Schaeffer Synthetic Oils? 

Schaeffer falls under the more expensive synthetic oils for motors. So people always wonder if they are reliable enough. If it’s worth their money. Here is why it is:

Most positive reviews included having low wear numbers on their engines when they used Schaeffer oil. The oil is also fuel-efficient. It increases the longevity of your engine too. You can easily pull 1,00,000 – 2,00,000 miles. 

Their 5W-20 is the only oil that has passed both Dexos 1 and Honda HT-06 requirements. Schaeffer is also formulated to be what they call a ‘Soluble Molly’.

People who usually use the oil end up sticking to it for years. These oils have been reported to be smooth in trucks as well as cars.

Moreover, the PQIA experimentations have shown it to be a better oil than Valvoline Syn power or even Castrol Edge.

Finally, the Molly in them is definitely soluble enough to get more economical benefits. But this is not an oil for everyone, that’s for sure. With $7/qts and high benefits, you may choose to not make a daily use out of the vehicles with this.

How Durable Are Schaeffer Synthetic Oils?

These are Ester-based Antimony/Moly for extreme pressure. A Virgin Oil Analysis of the Schaeffer shows that a Schaeffer 132 when contains the following, performs the best:

Moly 25, Phosphorus 120, Zinc 10, and Antimony 64. Among the composition, Antimony is an ester-based anti-wear additive. The Moly is actually the Molybdenum.

They will last as long as 15,000-18,000 miles on an engine until they need replacement

What About Older Schaeffer Synthetic Oils? 

The history of Schaeffer started in 1839 with Nicholas Schaeffer. Originally they produced soaps and candles. After 1859, the company started manufacturing lubricants with petroleum as the base. The intention was to support westward expansion during the California Gold Rush. Schaeffer’s lubricants are sold as Red Engine Oil and Black Beauty Grease etc. the trade names.

The main oil production started in the 1920s. They produced private label oil for other companies. 1940 is when they started solely manufacturing the oils and formulated the sophisticated oil formulation. Followed by the introduction of additives in the oil from the 1950s to the 1980s. They got ISO certified in 1990.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Schaeffer Synthetic Oils?  

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. is established in St. Louis, MO. The company is still located there today.

What Are Typical Problems With Schaeffer Synthetic Oils? 

There are very few issues reported by users of the oil. As I mentioned before, they are expensive. But another issue is the lack of availability of the oil. Again, adding unbalanced additives can sometimes get the oil too thin for your vehicle.

How Long Does Schaeffer Synthetic Oils Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

Schaeffer lasts for about 15,000-18,000 miles before needing replacement. This is better than subsequent synthetic oils, as cheap as Kirkland or SuperTech (that offer 3,000-5,000 miles). Or even moderate to expensive oils such as Valvoline or Castrol Edge.

Do Schaeffer Synthetic Oils Hold Their Value?   

As you know, synthetic oils do not come with a shelf life. So in a way, they last forever. You should be able to get fresh oil from the bottle, at any given time you decide to open it.

Schaeffer does have a blend. But mixing proper additives will not break them down, which is equivalent to the oil depreciating. But if you mix or make a blend, then it might not last as long.

Are Schaeffer Synthetic Oils Still Being Made?  

Yes! Currently, Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. is manufacturing them.     

What Are The Best Schaeffer Synthetic Oils? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended Schaeffer Synthetic Oil –

  • Best for Turbo and Volvos : 5W-40.
  • Satisfies Honda H06 Requirements : 5W-20.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Schaeffer  Synthetic Oils?   

Schaeffer is better than many of it’s subsequent oils. But these brand oils can be considered as an alternative: Valvoline SYN, Castrol Edge, NAPA, Dino etc.

Customer Reviews On Schaeffer Synthetic Oils

Here are a few opinions from the owners:

“I’ve used Schaeffer off/on for years now. Always liked their products and company. Plus, my local rep has always been great. I’ve done two different UOA’s on two vehicles. First was on an ’09 Ranger and second was on our current ’03 Corolla. Both turned out with very low wear numbers and certainly could have gone further than I took them. It would be awesome if you posted up a UOA on the 9000 5w20! Very little info about it here, I didn’t even know it existed until a couple of months ago.”

– Mike, Nebraska.

“I use Schaeffer oils and lubes in my commercial trucks, ag equipment, and my vehicles. Since I get bigger quantities than the average buyer, I get everything I order from Schaeffer delivered free. Sometimes, they will have specials, but usually, those are on drums of oil. Like getting a free case of grease with a 55 gal drum purchase and they like to throw in free oil sample kits with purchases like that also. I usually only get regular 12 qt cases of oil for my vehicles.”

– Trucker, Central Iowa.

“I don’t think it’s worth the extra money unless you plan to buy it in large quantities to offset shipping costs. You also need to run a longer interval or it’s just wasted money.”

– Graham, Frisco, TX.

Final Thoughts

Schaeffer seems to be the best oil for those who cannot compromise. It is presently one of the leading brands that offer the best synthetic oils. If you blend additives properly with this one, you will surely get the performance you want.

So I will suggest you to go for this oil as long as your engine lasts. If you are not on a budget.

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