Are SuperTech Oil Filters Good and Reliable? (Review)

Looking for a filter that allows only clean oil to the engine? No wonder you came across SuperTechoil filters while your research. But having doubts whether they actually stand up to their reputation?

Well, look no further! Because in this blog I will discuss the good and bad of SuperTechoil filters in detail! You will learn how they perform, common issues with them and how they hold their value.

Stay till the end of the blog to find out!

How Good SuperTech Oil Filters Are?

SuperTechoil filters are good quality filters found in Walmart. This is an oil filter that will give you optimum performance at a very cheap price (about $2-5). These filters approximately have a service life of around 30,000 miles.

Now let’s get into the specifications that justify why these filters are so good! The strongest suit of the SuperTechfilters is their filtering media. They use pretty string stuff. So strong that it cleans out almost 99% of the dirt that goes into the engine. Note that the efficiency rating of the filters is based on removing particles greater than 30 microns.

This is a pretty solid efficiency. So you can count on having maximum dirt clearance on your engine!

Moreover, all SuperTechoil filters come with a center tube. An example is, the new SuperTechST4386. This uses steel end caps and a center tube. The center tube maintains the stability and durability of the filter.

How Reliable Are SuperTech Oil Filters? 

Now, on one hand, most people on forums like the SuperTechoil filters. But some go on to say that they are horrible and might ruin your car.

One of the reasons can be some models being manufactured with plastic caps. This was reported by some users But that has been termed a hoax many times.

If you take an oil filter and start dismantling it, you will find that the cardboard is glued in pretty well. Almost rock solid. The center steel tube and spring coil also provide much support.

Users have reported that their car can chug as much as 1,50,000 miles without any issues with this filter.

In addition, the brand has been certified to exceed original equipment criteria. This has also been tested by Popular Mechanics.

How Durable Are SuperTech Oil Filters? 

SuperTechfilters are strictly durable for the long run. Let’s take the example of ST6607 2 1/2″ Spin-on Oil Filter.

This filter is built with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Of course, the center tube is present in this filter. With that, it is capacitated to reduce the flow restriction.

This one can endure a service interval of 10,000-mile. This is an attribute courtesy of the high-structural strength that allows the spin-on oil filter to withstand harsh conditions.

Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters? 

Champion Laboratories, a global manufacturer of branded filtration products, produces SuperTechoil filters. This is in collaboration with Walmart and Wix. The production occurs in six separate states.

The original manufacturer was Wix. Wix was joined by Walmart. They assisted Wix to build this type of filter. Currently, Walmart has delegated Champion to do the manufacturing process.

Collaborating with Wix was a window for Walmart to bag top-tier brand oil filters. Now we see a range of affordable oil filters that are much better than expensive oil filters from other brands.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of SuperTech Oil Filters?  

SuperTech oil filters are manufactured in the USA. It’s produced throughout six different states. There are manufacturing facilities in Illinois, South Carolina and other places.

What Are Typical Problems With SuperTech Oil Filters? 

Although there aren’t many problems reported by users, some models particularly display problems.

Users have reported problems with the model ST7317. One of the main problems reported was the oil level coming up. It starts coming up the filter. This might occur due to the filter clogging and the oil bypassing.

The bypass valve damage is a very core problem. There are a few Champion-made bypass filters that are called a ‘clicker’ bypass valve. These valves tend to be problematic.

The oil coming out of the filter might drain back into the pan. The anti-drain back filters are the main reason for concern. They function to keep the oil in the filter. This helps the oil to go to the moving parts faster.

If the oil is drained out of the filter, the engine may suffer from ‘dry starts’.

How Long Does SuperTech Oil Filters Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

The SuperTech oil filters should be replaced every 5,000 miles. But they can extend up to 1,50,000 miles long too! This is very long.

Whereas the filters from Fram should be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. And the OEM oil filters should be replaced every 3,000 miles.

Do SuperTech Oil Filters Hold Their Value?   

Although oil filters don’t expire, they break down over time. SuperTech oil filters are very cheap and usually, new ones can be bought within $2-5.

If you have just bought the filter and don’t have much mileage on it, then you may resell at $2-3. But usually, they don’t hold much value.

Are SuperTech Oil Filters Still Being Made?  

Currently, Champion Lubrications are manufacturing the SuperTech oil filters in 6 different states of the USA.

What Are The Best SuperTech Oil Filters? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended filter models from SuperTech –

  • Most environmentally friendly: st10575.
  • Filter can filter out impurities up to size 27 microns: st6607.
  • Unique cover plate: st9688.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To SuperTech Oil Filters?   

A cheap and top-quality oil filter is hard to find. But you don’t have to go too far. Walmart oil filters have a good range of cheap and reliable oil filters.  

Besides Supertech Oil Filters, if you are looking for other best alternatives at an affordable pricing range, you can consider oil filters  from the following brands- AC-Delco, AMSOIL, Fram, Napa Silver, and Purolators.

Soe of these have featured in the top oil filters of 2022 as well.

Customer Reviews On SuperTech Oil Filters

SuperTechoil filters receive mostly good reviews. Customers seem most impressed with the performance within the affordability.

Here are a few important opinions from the owners that will give you a bot of idea about the filters:

“I use them. I heard they were good and they are cheap. Great for 5k OCI.”

-George, NY

“I would get some NAPA Gold when then go on sale. The NAPA Silver and ST filters would be in the (good, better, best rating system) good category. Its a 13-year-old car. But I like filters with a silicone ADBV so I would go for the NAPA Gold.”

-Jackson, FL

“An example is, the new SuperTechST4386. This uses steel end caps and a center tube. The center tube maintains the stability and durability of the filter.”

Jack, Savannah, GA

“SuperTechhas a 98% single-pass efficiency and a 99% multipass efficiency. I actually do not have an exact number on the particle size in the test, but my first instincts tell me that the test was probably done at 25-30 micron. That seems to be the norm for most testing in conventional filters.”

– Michael, Jacksonville, FL

Final Thoughts

SuperTech is one of the leading brands that offer oil filters built with high-quality components to meet the highest engine clearance standard. These filters excel in ensuring 100% reliability and durability to the user.

So, if you are looking for quality oil filter options, have a look at SuperTech Oil Filters.

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