Kirkland Synthetic Oil Reviews: Are They Good And Reliable?

Okay, so how many of you know Kirkland from your wife’s shower gel or shampoo? I know I do! But if you ended up here, you know they make synthetic car motor oil too. Fairly new in it too no doubt. This raises the question, are they good?

Well, look no further! Because in this blog I will discuss the good and bad of Kirkland synthetic motor oils in detail! How they perform, reliability, expenses, you are here for the entire deal.

So, stay till the end to find out everything in a glance about Kirkland motor Oils.

How Good Kirkland Synthetic Oils Are?

Whenever talking about synthetic oils, people usually go for API and Dexos certification. I am not only going to talk about that, but I will also give you the real-life implication for that.

Yes, Kirkland possesses both the API and Dexos certification. This is the biggest proof of the company’s safety, durability, and all the good stuff.

But Kirkland motor oils are a bomb when it comes to engine wear protection. With its synthetic technology, you get the best engine clearance. Add the most optimum fuel efficiency to that.

Moreover, you can count on Costco to not tarnish its image by storing rubbish engine oils. Add the Warren company to the scene. They come to play in the manufacture of these oils with the house brand. I, like so many others, would be more than happy to use their products.

Moreover, Kirkland motor oils are backed up by Walmart as well. These brands have a good reputation for supplying good quality oils.

So apparently, Kirkland Oil has pretty strong reasons for being selected.

How Reliable Is Kirkland Synthetic Oils? 

Kirkland is very new to manufacturing synthetic oils for motors. This raises the obvious reliability questions. However, it has already become a cult favorite. And here is why:

The advance wear protection has come to everyone’s attention. This increases the longevity of your engine. And reduces your regular engine maintenance cost.

The 5W-30 viscosity oils are one of the thickest consistency that Kirkland formulated. These are a fan favorite and people have loyally stuck to this one.

Familiar with Mobil 1? Let me tell you that Kirkland has a similar performance to it. But at a very inexpensive price.

Now let’s get t some serious certification business. These oils meet the SAE J300 specifications. It is a specification for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on the product label. And as previously discussed, has both API and Dexos certification.

How Durable Is Kirkland Synthetic Oils?

There are three different categories of oils produced by Kirkland. These are: 0W 20, 5W 30, SAE 5W 30. The 0W 20 are their best-selling engine oils. The 5W 30 is compared with the Mobil 1 quite frequently.

These oils are good for as long as 5,000 miles on an engine. After that they need replacement. But depending on the usage, it can be more long-lasting. The mileage before a replacement can stretch up to 7,500 to 8,000.

Therefore, it is a pretty reliable synthetic oil.

What About Older Kirkland Synthetic Oils? 

Kirkland motor oils’ parent company (Warren Distribution) started in 1922. But Kirkland motor oils have started the journey fairly recently.

So the available motor oils have a very little history. Kirkland has started with these few oils and they hope to expand in the future.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Kirkland Synthetic Oils?  

Kirkland Motor Oils are made by Warren Distribution in America. The headquarter of this production facility is in Omaha, Nebraska. It is a nice facility with 2 million square feet of manufacturing and distributing locations. Both are separate in different states of America.

For example, the 6000 square feet of manufacturing facilities at Lake Guntersville. There are two sweet spots that we are participating in Alabama and 340000 square feet in Houston,

What Are Typical Problems With Kirkland Synthetic Oils? 

The only seemingly issue with this oil is that it might need oil replacement too often. For example, you may need to change the first qurt of oil within 3,000 miles. And then the 2nd quart within 2,500 miles. 

How Long Does Kirkland Synthetic Oils Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

As I discussed the only problem of Kirkland is it’s need of quick replacement, it should be said that other branded oils last a bit longer.

Although Costco, Walmart etc sells genuine products, some people don’t rely on the longevity of the cheap oil. Especially users of vehicles like Subaru.

So other expensive brand oils will last longer and cheaper oils usually last for about 3,000 miles. Some have reported that they have to change their oil within 2-3 months.

Do Kirkland Synthetic Oils Hold Their Value?    

Synthetic oils do not come with a shelf life. They are supposed to last as long as forever. So no matter when the oil you bought was manufactured, you should be able to get new oil from the bottle.

Fully synthetic oils don’t break down. But if you mix or make a blend, then it might not last as long.

Are Kirkland Synthetic Oils Still Being Made?  

Yes! Currently, Warren Distribution, the largest oil blenders in the USA are producing Kirkland synthetic motor oils.    

What Are The Best Kirkland Synthetic Oils? 

Let’s have a look at the most popular and recommended Kirkland Synthetic Oil –

  • The Most Popular and Thinnest Oil: 0W 20.
  • Thicker And Enduring: 5W 30 and SAE 5W.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Kirkland Synthetic Oils?   

Kirkland is popularly used as the synthetic oil for car engine. But some classic favorites die hard.

For example, SuperTech, Mobil 1 and Amazon oils can be considered alternatives to the Kirkland oil. But the best among them is the SuperTech one in terms of quality within price.

Customer Reviews On Kirkland Synthetic Oils

Here are a few opinions from the owners:

“Very similar to Super Tech, made by Warren, and is good stuff when a proper OCI and filter are used. Use it with confidence.”

– Rob, NE, Oklahoma.

“Good price for synthetic. I have to use up my 9 more jugs before attempting to buy more for our family fleet.

For this price, I’d use them in snowblowers and lawnmowers, too.”

– Jason, Jacksonville, FL.

“I recently went down the rabbit hole of looking into “which is the best oil for my car” and this one came up on top on many occasions, along with Supertech which is distributed by the same parent company.”

– Hannah, Dallas, TX.

Final Thoughts

Kirkland is presently one of the leading brands that offer best synthetic motor oils in cheap price. You can easily blend oils with this one and get the performance you want. These oils excel in ensuring 100% safety and comfort of the user.

So, if you are looking for quality, inexpensive motor oil options, have a look at Kirkland Synthetic oils.

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