Mercon SP Vs. LV: What’s The Best Transmission Fluid & Why?

This high-quality automatic transmission fluid is available in two different formulations from Motorcraft: Mercon SP & Mercon LV. In addition, Ford Motor Corporation recommends this fluid for Lincoln and Ford vehicles. It provides outstanding performance in electronic automatic transmissions as well.

Mercon SP has “super performance” capabilities, whereas Mercon LV has “low viscosity” capabilities as well. However, LV replaced SP, and the two are completely interchangeable.

People are often unsure of the differences regarding Mercon SP Vs LV transmission fluids or whether one is really better than the other. As you read this post, we’ll discuss how these two transmission fluids differ, so you can choose the right one for your car. Let’s get started.

Key Differences Between Mercon SP Vs. LV

Mercon LV is one of the only products currently designed for conventional automatic transmissions, along with Mercon SP. Which is more reliable between Mercon SP and LV? You may see their specifications shortly first before going in-depth below.

Mercon SPMercon LV
Mercon SP refers to “super performance”Mercon LV refers to “low viscosity”
The Mercon SP oil is thickerThe Mercon LV oil is thinner
Transmission fluid of premium qualitySynthetic ATF automobile transmission fluid
Outstanding torque handling capabilityMade of high-viscosity fluid
Designed for long-term durabilityUnique formulation guarantees long-term service
Smooth and error-free transmissionBase oils are hydro-processed
Provide excellent shifting performance at high & low temperaturesSuperior shifting performance at high & low temperatures
Defends against gum, lacquer, sludge, and foamIt is highly oxidation, thermal, and shear stable
Ensuring long-term wear protectionExceptional abrasion & wear resistance
Designed to perform in Ford & Lincoln vehiclesFord company recommended Ford & Lincoln, models
2-year warranty with lifetime mileage and labor included. Those are Motorcraft’s strong points.2-year warranty with lifetime mileage and labor included. Those are Motorcraft’s strong points.

In-depth Comparison of Mercon SP Vs. LV:

In order to analyze Mercon SP and LV fluids, you have to understand that they’re different. Both have their advantages and disadvantages you should consider before deciding which one is best for your vehicle.

The transmission fluid from Motorcraft is Mercon LV, which uses high-grade base oils. Mercon SP transmission fluid is also manufactured by Motorcraft, using premium base oils & designed for smooth shifting.

Features Of Mercon SP

  • Mercon SP product from Motorcraft is ideal for automatic transmissions controlled electronically.
  • It protects against corrosion and rust.
  • Motorcraft high-quality automatic transmission solution, FNR-5 transmission fluid, and Type-F transmission fluid.
  • Use only in transmissions that require Mercon LV, Mercon V, or a continuous variable converter fluid.
  • Mercon SP is designed for smooth transmission performance while preventing transmission shudder.
  • Despite high and low ambient temperatures, these additives exhibit excellent shifting characteristics, as well as high thermal & oxidation resistance.
  • Its main function is to protect from wear and inhibit the growth of gum, lacquer, sludge, and foam.
  • For application, consult the owner’s manual & transmission fluid chart.

Features Of Mercon LV

  • Ford Motor Company recommends Motorcraft Mercon LV for Lincoln and Ford’s automobiles using Mercon LV type of fluids.
  • It also performs well with automatic transmissions that use electronically controlled fluids.
  • Fluidity at low temperatures is good, and it has great thermal stability, oxidation stability, & shear stability.
  • Motorcraft Mercon LV features a high-viscosity index, top-notch, hydro-processed base oils, & specially formulated performance additives.
  • The formula for modern automatic transmissions with low viscosity maximizes fuel efficiency.
  • Wear protection is achieved by inhibiting the accumulation of gum, sludge, foam, and lacquer.
  • A red dye is used to make it easier to detect leaks. This form is used in every transfer case.
  • As well as preventing corrosion and rust, it even prevents oxidation.
  • For application information, check the Owner Guide and the transmission fluid chart.

Type Of Oil

LV and SP are both transmission fluids by Mercon. As SP, it refers to “super performance,” and LV refers to “low viscosity.” There are also differences in viscosity between the 2 types of oils. The Mercon SP oil is thicker, whereas the Mercon LV oil is thinner. As a result, Mercon SP provides better protection during extremely cold weather, although Mercon LV improves fuel efficiency.

In addition to their different fluid types, these two transmission liquid types differ in their additives. Mercon SP has a greater number of friction modifiers, in contrast to Mercon LV. Accordingly, Mercon SP can decrease clutch wear, whereas Mercon LV is unable to.

When it comes to oil types, Mercon SP is clearly the winner. Mercon Super Performance oil has a more significant number of friction modifiers than Mercon LV. Additionally, Mercon SP reduces clutch wear, unlike Mercon LV.


A transmission fluid’s compatibility is among the biggest factors to consider. For Ford transmissions, there are two Mercon fluids that are compatible: Mercon SP and Mercon LV.

Although Mercon SP is compatible with some Ford transmissions, it isn’t compatible with every Ford transmission. You can only use it on certain models, for instance, the automatic 6-speed transmission found in 2007 and later Ford Shelby GT500s. Conversely, the Mercon LV transmission can be used with any Ford transmission.

The Mercon LV transmission is winning in the game, obviously. Mercon LV is capable of using all kinds of Ford transmission systems, but Mercon SP cannot and has only limited capability.

Type Of Vehicle

When it is time to choose any transmission fluid, it is crucial to consider the type of vehicle. Be careful; transmission fluid selection should be based on what kind of vehicle you have.

Keep in mind that if your vehicle is gas-powered, Mercon SP and Mercon LV should work fine for you. However, if your vehicle is diesel-powered, only Mercon LV should be used.

Hence, it will be a very wise decision to do your research enough before purchasing any transmission fluid. In addition, you can ask any professional for advice regarding your vehicle type.

Mercon SP Vs. LV: Who Is The Winner?

Who will win between Mercon SP VS LV? This is a question with many answers.

When comparing two different oils under the same label, it isn’t easy to pick a winner.

Motorcraft manufactures two other brands of oil, the Mercon SP and Mercon LV. As a premium oil, Mercon SP is enriched with several additives and performs better in high and low temperatures. This motor oil is also resistant to rust, oxidation, and corrosion, making it a viable choice for automobile owners.

Thus, it is difficult to determine the winner because each oil has its own advantages and disadvantages. Mercon SP oil is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performance oil with a number of additives. In contrast, if you prefer a user-friendly oil with lower viscosity, you should check out Mercon LV.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. Regardless of the oil you pick, Motorcraft will provide you with all the high-quality products.


Mercon SP and Mercon LV oil can be mixed together?

Sure, Mercon SP & LV can be mixed together. Even though Mercon SP and Mercon LV are slightly different lubricants, they have remarkably similar properties. Fortunately, you will not notice any difference in your vehicle’s performance, thanks to these excellent transmission oils.

What are the uses of Mercon SP?

Wear resistance and inhibition of gum, foam, sludge, and lacquer are benefits of this Mercon SP product. This oil also protects against corrosion and rust. As a friction-modified transmission, Mercon SP offers smooth transmission performance with minimal transmission shudder.

Is Mercon LV compatible with the power steering system?

“Mercon LV” generally is a synthetic ATF with low viscosity, whereas “Mercon V” is an all-purpose synthetic ATF. Transmissions 09+ are typically recommended for LV, which is generally advertised as being fuel-efficient. When it comes to power steering, Mercon V is the way to go.

Is it possible to mix new and old transmission fluid?

Fluids lose their standard properties over time, and they must be replaced periodically to ensure optimal performance. If you mix old & new fluids, you won’t get the right viscosity, which will negatively affect the transmission’s performance.

The Bottom Line

Mercon SP Vs LV: which one performs better for you? As with Mercon SP, Mercon LV is also made by Motorcraft. Mercon LV  has a lower viscosity, which increases fuel economy. Because it performs well at both low & high temperatures, Mercon SP can be used all year round and is also rust & corrosion resistant.

Your car’s engine will run smoothly and efficiently when you’re using a Mercon SP or LV. You choose the one that suits your taste and preferences. Regardless of the motor oil you use, your engine will run better if it’s changed frequently.

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