K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1: What Are The Key Differences?

“Oil filters” are crucial components for vehicle engines because they keep grime and dirt out. If you’re new to the automotive world, choosing a reasonably priced and high-quality oil filter is difficult. Even though there are countless oil filters on the market, the two most common and recognized brands are K&N and Mobil 1.

For decades, these two K&N Oil Filter and Mobil 1 filters have dominated the automobile industry. Due to their competitive nature, companies are bound to battle for customers’ attention. Make sure your hard-earned dollar is not wasted on a filter that isn’t suitable for your vehicle. 

Would you like to discuss K&N oil filters Vs Mobil 1 face-to-face? Would you like to join us in this discussion? Comparing these two top-of-the-line oil filters and highlighting similarities & differences will be fascinating. Let’s get into it now without further ado.

K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1: Comparison Of Specs

The automotive industry has been dominated by Ford and GM for decades. Rivals are expected to compete against one another naturally. Prior to going into details, I would like to mention a few of the products’ specifications.

SpecificationsK&N Oil Filter Mobil 1
Manufacturer:K&N engineeringMobil 1
Origin Country:USAUSA
Model:Oil filterM1-113A
Dimensions:4-L x 4-W x 4-H inches4-L x 4-W x 4-H inches
Item weight:9.6 ounces4.5 ounces
Height:3.75 inches4.19 inches
Outside diameter:3 inches3 inches

A Detailed Comparison between K&N Oil Filter vs Mobil 1

Filters made by K&N are named after its founders, “Ken and Norm.” Furthermore, their oil flow filters offer the best reliability as well as the fastest on the market today. 

Mobil 1 filters provide the ultimate protection for engines against wear & tear. This filter is one of the best ways to remove contaminants and purify the oil as much as possible.

Main Comparison:

K&N Oil Filter Mobil 1 Oil Filter 
Compatible with heavier motor oilCompatible with nearly all motor oils
Media for filtration is celluloseFiltration media fiber and synthetic blend
Filtration accuracy compared to its competitorsThe filtering capability of this product is superior to its competitors
Effectiveness is approximately 85% with 20 micron sizeEffectiveness is approximately 98% with 20 microns
Mileage intervals between 7500 to10,000Mileage intervals between 3000 to 20000
The bypass valve operates at 30 to 45 psiThe bypass valve operates at 22 psi
Filters approximately 40% of contaminants99% of contaminants are filtered out
The oil flow rate is higherThe oil flow rate is lower


Developed through extensive research & testing, K&N products are rigorously tested for quality, as there is no substitute for experience. K&N oil filters earned their name from their founders, Ken & Norm, but have also proven to be fast and reliable. With K&N oil filters, you can say goodbye to non-moving oil filters. The canister top is welded with a 1-inch hole to facilitate removal using a socket or wrench. 

Almost any car engine can benefit from Mobil 1 oil filters due to their exceptional resistance. You cannot find a product that can match Mobil 1’s 28 grams of filtering capacity. Synthetic & fiber media are balanced in this filter, making it the most effective oil filter. It also has unbeatable protection against pressure, able to stand up to nine times as much pressure as a traditional oil filter. 

Oil filters from K&N won the feature section category games. Due to their tailoring to thicker oil, these filters are effective for car racing. In addition, these filters are best suited for high-performance motors.


The premium K&N aftermarket performance parts will help your motorcycle, car, truck, dirt bike, and ATV perform better. They provide you with increased power and a better driving experience. You will experience more horsepower, torque, & acceleration from your existing vehicle. With K&N oil filter systems, airflow can be directed more effectively, enhancing your engine’s performance.

Mobil 1 oil filters are designed for extended performance to provide your engine with maximum protection. They work particularly well with Mobil 1TM advanced fully synthetic engine oil. Synthetic blend media ensures superior oil filters, resulting in cleaner oil, longer engine life, and more efficient performance. Mobil 1 oil filters can actually give a full year’s worth of protection when used with high-performance motor oil. 

In this section, the K&N air filter is the clear winner. If you choose K&N air intakes, you can be sure that torque and horsepower will increase; it is guaranteed.

K&N Oil Filters: Their Benefits

  • This injector is designed to deliver a high flow rate & a consistent supply of oil.
  • Hex nut welded to 1-inch fastener, Wrench-Off can be removed quickly and easily.
  • Filtration media comprised of synthetic blends remove the most harmful particles.
  • The canister is made from heavy-duty plastic for long-lasting durability.
  • The vehicle manufacturers recommend service intervals that are high-capacity.
  • Ensures excellent efficiency, mechanical strength, and capacity by laboratory testing.
  • This motor oil filter can be used with all conventional, blended and synthetic motor oils.
  • Limited warranty of 1 year.

Mobil 1 Oil Filters: Their Benefits

  • Designed for today’s extended oil drain intervals and offers long-lasting performance.
  • More pollutants are removed than with conventional filters.
  • This product is made of synthetic fibers, promoting clean oil & extending the performance and lifespan of engines.
  • Oil drain plugs are made from temperature-resistant silicone. 
  • Keeps your pump’s flow rate high and keeps it from clogging as well.
  • In addition to reducing oil resistance, they improve filter efficiency.
  • The best economical filter brand traps & removes 3 times as much dust.
  • This system can withstand up to 9 times its operating pressure.
  • Limited warranty of 1 year.

K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1: Differences

  • The K&N oil filter provides greater oil flow compared to the Mobil 1 filter.
  • Mobil 1 works with any motor oil, whereas K&N filters are only useful with denser oils. 
  • K&N uses media celsius, whereas Mobil 1 uses fiber blend & synthetic media. 
  • Oil filters from Mobil 1 provide a better level of filtration than those from K&N. 
  • Mobil-1 is 98% efficient at 20-microns, whereas K&N is 85% efficient. 
  • Mobil 1 offers mileage intervals between 3000 and 20000 miles, but K&N offers intervals between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. 

K&N Oil Filter vs Mobil 1: Which Is The Better Oil Filter?

What should you choose between K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1? It wasn’t easy to choose between the 2 options, but after reading the above information, you’ll have no trouble picking. They are both high-quality, high-performing filters. 

In comparison with K&N oil filters, Mobil 1 has a better filtration capacity. K&N uses media celsius filtering, whereas Mobil 1 uses fiber blend & synthetic media. Mobil 1, is 98% efficient at 20-microns, whereas K&N is 85% efficient. 

Consequently, it is up to the users to select which one suits them best, whether straining media or a high-flow filter.


Is it worth it to buy Mobil 1 filters?

Using Mobil 1 oil filters will certainly last at least 15,000 miles when the car uses synthetic oil. How does it work? Synthetic motor oil usually lasts longer as compared to conventional motor oil, which results in a smoother ride. Hence, Mobil-1 is among the most popular synthetic oil filters.

What is the lifespan of K&N oil filters?

The K&N superior oils filter is designed to last longer between oil changes, typically around 10,000 miles on newer vehicles. Riders of motorcycles will find that K&N produces oil filters to fit their motorcycles & ATVs applications.

Final Thoughts 

Both Mobil 1 and K&N filters provide excellent filtration and perform well. Although they come from different brands and differ in some ways, their functions are almost identical.

Are you confused about K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1? What’s best over others?

When it comes to selecting a brand for your car, your personal preference will play a role. However, these two brands of oil filters are ideal for high-performance vehicles, but K&N oil filters have overall higher ratings.

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