Valvoline Vs Mobil 1: Which Oil is the Better Performer?

There are several best options available on the market. Choosing oil can be challenging, especially with top brand names such as Mobil 1 and Valvoline. 

Mobil 1 and Valvoline are two of the most popular automotive fluid and oil brands. Mobil 1 fully synthetic oils are favored by many because of their reliability, high life expectancy, & long change intervals. The Valvoline provides better protection from wear if you prefer to stick with it.

Due to their popularity, people often ask, “what is better between Valvoline Vs Mobil 1? Choosing the right oil for your vehicle seems to be a tough question.

For an overview of the problem, this article compares both companies, the products they offer, and their similarities and differences. It’s time to go below to find out both.

Valvoline Vs Mobil 1: A Brief Comparison Chart

Valvoline:Mobil 1:
The antiwear film is thicker, protecting against frictionProvides excellent lubrication & wear protection
Extends engine life by up to 75,000 milesProtects engine parts between oil changes for about 10,000 miles
Viscosity of 5w-30Viscosity of 5w-30
Prevents leaks caused by auto oilProtects critical parts of high mileage engines
Equipped with bottle systemsAlso includes a bottle system
Extra detergents to fight sludge & depositsOutperforms regular heavy-duty oil
40% more effective compared to industry standardsExcellent heat protection for internal engines
Reduces damage to the exhaust systemMobil 1 also controls oxidation to reduce the breakdown of oil
The price range is cheaper than Mobil 1The price range is higher than Valvoline
The product features durable anti-wear componentsOffer adequate anti-aging technology

A Detailed Comparison between Valvoline vs. Mobil 1

Basically, a wide variety of products are produced by Valvoline and Mobil 1. In any case, they’re primarily focused on motor oils, so we’ll focus on them. Their products meet the high demands of American, European, & Japanese automobile manufacturers. To ensure your vehicle lives longer, these standards assure you are using the proper oil that has the correct viscosity. 


In terms of structure, Valvoline is an inexpensive oil line, but it’s made from premium synthetic oils. Generally, it is difficult to find 100% synthetic oil in such an affordable price range. Consequently, Valvoline oil is exceptionally capable of protecting cars’ engines.

Besides being loaded with anti-wear and high-quality ingredients, Valvoline oils are also loaded with high-performance detergents and antioxidants. Thus, providing total protection performance, as well as friction reduction.

Modern production lines and hundreds of years of manufacturing expertise enable Mobil 1 products to achieve extraordinary results. As a result, Mobil 1 oils have new technology-based features and still maintain the values which made this brand famous.

All products of this brand, no matter what the segment is, have a very long operating life of at least 20000 miles. 

It’s obvious that Mobil 1 wins the features game. The number is very high in comparison to other products in the same category.

Oil Type

Due to its advanced additive technology, Valvoline oils can withstand conditions such as extreme temperatures. These oils provide wear protection over 40% greater than the industry’s norm. 

Despite Mobil 1’s superior performance, advanced Valvoline fully synthetic engine oil has improved wear protection. Tests of Valvoline 5W-30 grade oil indicate that it’s 4 times more effective against wear and tear than Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 Advanced 100% synthetic car oil is one of the best synthetic oils available today. Compared to the vast majority of synthetic oils available from Valvoline, Mobil 1 consistently performs the best.

Many manufacturers cannot match the maximum protection provided by 20,000 miles on your engine. Mobil 1 synthetic oil has the disadvantage that it is not approved for use with some vehicles, like Audis.

In this category, Mobil 1 is also the winner. The synthetic oil’s thermal properties and oxidation resistance can be maintained at 500° Fahrenheit, allowing it to withstand hot-temperature complications.

Intervals Changing

In terms of performance, Valvoline SynPower (now called advanced Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil) is comparable to the Extended Performance of Mobil 1. In addition to its SAE viscosity grade of 5W-30, it has the same capacity as 5 quarts. This product is also available in other highest grades such as 0W-16, 5W-20, 0W-20, and 10W-30. 

In the current market, the most popular product is Mobil 1 full synthetic extended protection motor oil. The 5-quart bottle of motor oil contains 160 fluid ounces of oil that protect your engine for 20,000 miles (or 1 year, whichever comes first) between oil changes. However, your mileage will be affected by driving conditions & other factors as well. 

As an alternative to conventional oils, Mobil 1 developed Super Conventional to replace its older and conventional lines. According to Valvoline, Motor Super is a 5W-30 viscosity oil with a 32 oz capacity as well.

Wearing Protection

Mobil 1’s high-performance motor oil comes with a synthetic protection system that prevents the breakdown of the oil. In addition, it meets the ILSAC GF-6 standard, allowing you to protect against low-speed and pre-ignition as well. Additionally, approved standards can provide a robust timing chain to improve fuel efficiency and prevent engine contamination.

Valvoline’s performance engine oil is proven to protect against wear 40% – 50% better than industry standards by the Sequence IVA corrosion test. Plus, synthetic motor oils provide 10 times greater protection from extreme temperatures than conventional oils. Additionally, the oil contains superior antioxidant properties that help it resist breakdown under harsh conditions.

Valvoline wins this round. In addition to synthetic engine oil, Valvoline performance engine oil is a fantastic choice for car, truck, and SUV owners. Additionally, Valvoline’s oil is the most cost-effective as Mobil 1 is a bit more expensive.

What’s Better, Valvoline Vs Mobil 1?

In tests carried out on full synthetic Valvoline oil, Valvoline performed 4 times more effectively than Mobil 1. The additive technology used by Valvoline resists engine stresses caused by conditions such as high temperatures.

Mobil 1 performs more quickly, so the engine achieves peak efficiency faster. A powerful antioxidant system in Mobil 1 resists oxidation and thickening more effectively, which reduces friction and improves fuel economy.

Which should you buy, Valvoline Vs Mobil 1? Regardless of the oil brand you choose, find a product that meets your car’s needs. Before selecting any engine oil, make sure that it meets your car’s specifications by checking the datasheet. 

Both Valvoline and Mobil 1 are capable of meeting your automotive needs, although they are compatible. Moreover, you can think about other factors, like price, product quality, features etc.

Price Comparison

Is there a significant price difference between Valvoline and Mobil 1 products? The answer is YES. 

When you compare many products from the same category, Valvoline models remain cheaper compared to Mobil 1. Thus, Valvoline’s lubricating oils are typically cheaper than other brands.


Valvoline oil is good, isn’t it?

Valvoline provides top-quality automotive care products. Synthetic oil like this is very effective and available at an affordable price. Once applied, it can boost the performance of your engine, giving you a smoother, quieter ride.

What Makes Mobil 1 The Best Oil?

Since Mobil 1 operates at a much higher speed, it reaches its maximum efficiency much faster. The strong antioxidant system in Mobil 1 resists oxidation & oil thickening greater than in regular oils, which reduces friction and improves fuel economy.

Do Valvoline Synthetic Oils Last Long?

In general, oil of any chemical composition will last 12 months or more, regardless of the mileage. The reality is that there is a mileage limit between 10,000 – 20,000 miles based on the type of oil. Therefore, it would be the last 12 months or the maximum miles, whichever is first.


In conclusion to the Valvoline Vs Mobil 1 comparison: Mobil 1 is best for higher mileage vehicles, & Valvoline is best for passenger vehicles, trucks, light vans, and SUVs.

Due to their speedy airflow at startup, they will both provide you with excellent performance. Synthetic oils are twice as expensive as conventional oils but don’t undergo thermal breakdown. Mineral oils only last up to 3,000 miles, whereas synthetic oils last 10 times longer. Unfortunately, synthetic oils cannot be used in diesel engines.

Following the steps provided, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Check the manual to learn how to do it. Discuss your concerns with someone who is experienced in the field.

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