What Is Compatible to GM 89021184 PS Fluid? (Answered)

A good power steering fluid should ensure the protection of the vehicle parts. Moreover, you must be able to use one single brand of fluid over a long time.

It might be a little tricky to pick a fluid for your GM car. How to choose the fluid? What criteria to keep in mind? A comparison between the available options of fluid?

Well to start, rather than a one-fits-all option, your first choice should be to individualize your choice.

In this article, I will discuss the fluid specifically compatible with GM cars with part number 89021184 PS. Read the entire article to find out all the necessary information you need on the topic. 

Why Do You Need Fluid for GM 89021184 PS?

Okay, let’s start with basic information. You need fluid for GM 89021184 PS to extract optimum performance from your vehicle. Without the fluid, you cannot ensure the protection and longevity of your parts either.

Note that GM 89021184 PS is now available with the part number 19329450.

Which Fluid Is Used by GM 89021184 PS?

GM 89021184 PS mainly takes light-bodied mineral oils as fluids. The most commonly used fluid is the ACDelco 19329450 PS (OEM) fluid

You can find various types of fluids for GM 89021184 PS. Winter fluids are sometimes difficult to find or choose.

The fluid helps with any steering pump issues, resists friction, is affordable with the best foam control guarantee. The best thing is, you don’t need to change the fluid during cooler months as it is built for all-weather situations.

These features make it the default fluid for the part.

Fluids Compatible to GM 89021184 PS Fluids

Your best bet will always be Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluids. Because your vehicle warranty may not be useful in case of damage while using replacement fluids.

Prestone power steering fluid AS 264 is one of the compatible fluids. So is Lubegard power steering fluid #23232. Some people also use MAX EZ from the Royal Purple Fluids. You can also use synthetic mobil 1 for example, from the brand Kendall. Another Option is AMSOIL Synthetic PS Fluid. Moreover, Pennzoil PSF works nice as well.

A Comparison Chart for Fluids Compatible to GM 89021184 PS:

FluidFoaming/Anti-Foaming PropertiesTemperature RangeAffordability
PrestoneAnti-Foaming-40oF-266 oFCheap
LubegardAnti-Foaming-41oF-130 oFExpensive
Royal Purple (MAX EZ)Anti-Foaming-50oF-400 oF (approx.)Expensive
AMSOILAnti-Foaming-58ºF-400 oF (approx.)Very Expensive
PennzoilAnti-Foaming~700 oFVery Expensive

So which fluid should you choose? Dpends on the features you are looking for. Here is a table containing features of the mentioned fluids:

Fluid Features to Choose for GM 89021184
  • Contains conditioner to revitalize seals, reducing steering leaks.
  • Perfect for high & low mileage vehicles.
  • Supports large temperature range.
  • Proper ATF viscosity index is maintained in the torque Converter.
  • Increased heat transmission ability of the fluid.
  • Free from zinc or ash.
Royal Purple (MAX EZ)
  • Quieter usually but loud if too close to the lock end.
  • Cleans 50% more.
  • Easier cold starts.
  • Delivers optimum synthetic oil performance.
  • Withstanding extreme temperatures.

Why Choose Specific Type of Fluid?

Basically GM 89021184 uses hydraulic fluids (not to be confused with ATF fluid). But if you will go for an alternative, I would suggest you go for the high-end synthetic ones. For example, Preston, AMSOIL or Pennzoil. Do not select synthetic fluids made out of base oils I or II.

Among the suggested ones, most people like using Preston PS fluid. But whatever you do, don’t mix different fluids. Chrysler Hybrid Manual strictly prohibits it.

But mostly you should remember the requirements for the PS fluid. It should be a perfect balance of viscosity, additives, detergents etc.

Why Are Synthetic Fluids Expensive?

Synthetic fluids like AMSOIL tend to be very expensive. It is natural to question the benefits of the oil being worth it or not.

Let’s talk about synthetic fluids first. As the name suggests, it is artificially made. They can be manufactured using petroleum components that have been chemically modified. There are alternative sources for deriving synthetic oils too!

A good synthetic oil demands expensive ingredients. And brands like AMSOIL, ensure that. You will notice it in the performance.

Most expensive synthetic oils offer extended drain intervals. They don’t damage the engine like so many cheap, ‘so called’ synthetic oils. Most cheap synthetic oils are made of Group I and II base oils. They provide protection every time, all days of the week!

But is it worth it?

Yes, because you will not need to change the oil as much. In other cases, you would need a change of oil almost as double as much you will need to change the synthetic oil.

So it all amounts to the same. Why would you miss the goodness of synthetic oil while counting the bucks that you will spend anyway,

Are Generic Fluids Compatible to GM 89021184 PS?

The most common type of generic fluid is the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). It is a type of fluid that can be used in this particular GM part.

Try not to use any vegetable oils for the car, although some people use it.

What Happens if You Use Wrong Power Steering Fluid?

The first thing you will see is your seals getting damaged. Because the fluid attacks it.

The vehicle’s use of hydraulic or electro-hydraulic fluid is a piece of important information. You cannot use oils for a system differently designed than that oil. Otherwise, it will damage the system and the parts.

You will also face problems in steering, lubrication and overall performance of the car. The wrong steering fluid does not give enough protection from friction and corrosion. In fact, you need the correct fluid to keep the temperature of your power steering gear unit stable.

So incorrect fluid damaged the pumps by increasing friction or other reasons. Your car won’t last long and will bear premature corrosion.

How Often to Use the Steering Fluid?

You need to change the fluid every 75,000-100,000 miles. Usually that’s how it lasts. I would say, for GM 89021184, once you hit the 88,000-90,000 mark, change the fluid.

Final Words

Steering fluids maintain the health of your vehicle. It is very important for GM 89021184 as well. Therefore, choosing a high end and compatible fluid for your GM 89021184 is a must!

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