Liqui Moly vs Motul: What’s The More Effective Engine Oil?

Motul and Liqui Moly both offer high-quality products, but their benefits are different. Yes, choosing the best oil for your beloved car can be a challenge. Before you purchase engine oil, you need to find out the grade.

Liqui Moly gear oil differs from Motul primarily in that Liqui Moly reduces friction, whereas Motul acts as a lubricant. As an example, Liqui Moly provides a wider selection of gear oils compared to Motul. In contrast, Motul provides more synthetic alternatives to Liqui Moly.

When searching for the right gear oil, you might wonder which brand to choose: Liqui Moly Vs Motul? Throughout this article, we’ll compare both brands in order to assist you in choosing the best one.

Liqui Moly vs Motul: Key Comparison Chart Briefly

In recent years, both Liqui Moly and Motul have enjoyed great popularity. Let’s have a look at their specifications before going into an in-depth discussion.

Liqui Moly Motul
Full syntheticFull synthetic
Excellent engine cleanlinessCleans your engine effectively
Low temperatures so that oil is delivered quicklyIts sheer stability & volatility make it ideal
Effective on Diesel and Gasoline enginesEffective on Diesel and Gasoline engines
Offers high wear protectionReduces heat buildup and prevents wear
Reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissionsMinimizes fuel consumption & emissions
Liqui Moly’s advanced formula provides your engine with greater protection & smoother performanceProvides you with a smoother driving experience & more protection than traditional oils
Liqui Moly contains ceramic particles and potent additives that make it extremely toughHigh performance and 100% synthetic lubricant
Oil change intervals of 8,000-10,000 kilometersIt is recommended to change the oil every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers

A Comprehensive Comparison between Motul vs Liqui Moly

It would be great to hear Motul oil is recognized worldwide as a synthetic oil expert. The company provides the highest level of quality & innovation through a variety of products.

By comparison, Liqui Moly meets customers’ requirements with superior quality, exceptional dynamics, & pure emotions.


“Motul” is a French oil or lubricant company that manufactures, distributes and develops products for varied engines & industries. Motul synthetic motor oils minimize fuel consumption and are considered high-quality engine oils.

Using oils helps prevent heat buildup and helps clean the engine. When using synthetic 5w-40 oil, the engine will wear less easily. The engine will start faster and perform at a higher level.

“Liqui Moly” comes from a German company specializing in lubricants, oils, and additives. Their motor oil is suitable for all types of vehicles globally.

Due to improved wear capabilities, oil performs better at a cold start. According to Liqui Moly oil reviews, 5w-40 Liqui Moly engine oil delivers high performance, friction-free operation, and is suitable for all seasons.

Liqui Moly: What Is This?

Liqui Moly does not refer to a particular product. Even so, the term refers to engine oil developed and produced by “Liqui Moly GmbH”, a company specializing in lubricants, greases, and additives. 

Offering the expertise of a company that has been in the grease business for more than 60 years. Each of these products meets outstanding quality standards.

Therefore, you can be certain that the oil samples of Liqui Moly will possess good lubrication properties. 

As a result, the engine runs more efficiently and there are fewer problems, like damage to the engine or hot cars, without overheating caused by friction.

Motul: What Is This?

In reality, Motul refers to a range of engine oil made by the same company, not an independent product. Similar to Liqui Moly, Motul is among the most historic brands as well.

Over 150 companies produce lubricants, greases, and various additives on the market today. In addition to its extensive experience, Motul has successfully developed new products. 

As a consequence, each product of this brand is backed by more than a century of experience. In this way, Motul lubricants are highly effective in a wide range of applications.


Rather than research base oils, Liqui Moly focuses on adding additives that make lubrication more effective while also eliminating harmful plaque. The Liqui Moly automotive oil bottles contain various chemicals as supporting components.

Regardless of the substance used, their main goal is to improve engine performance, whether it’s a cheaper engine or a high-end engine like an LS3 or LS7.

Of course, every type has been tested and studied extensively. This product from the Liqui Moly brand also performs better due to the appearance of these substances compared to other products in its class.   

Motor oils branded Motul have a reputation for being highly consistent. Theoretically, if the oil is thicker, it will ensure better protection since the liquid layer stays perfectly covered. Consequently, friction will be reduced. Indeed, this is certainly true for Motul’s products. Therefore, it is not surprising that many consumers comment positively about its excellent viscosity.

Furthermore, Motul oils offer something no other products can, a balance between price and quality. Considering performance & quality, it is evident that users are satisfied.  

Price Comparison

Liqui Moly’s and Motul’s prices are the most apparent difference between them. Engine oils from Motul and Liqui Moly are both reasonably priced based on viscosity grade, oil type, constituent, & other factors as well.

In terms of price, Motul is more affordable than most competitors because it has reduced many of the costs associated with each bottle.

Liqui Moly Oil


  • Suitable for both synthetic and mineral oils.
  • Ensure metal engine parts do not rub against each other.
  • Make sure there are no gaps in the oil circulation system.
  • This prevents any foaming of the crankshaft.
  • Improve your vehicle’s performance with Liqui Moly.
  • Prevents the build-up of sludge, extending the engine’s life and its oil.


  • It will cost you more to use an extra product.
  • Some additives reduce friction, but others work against them.

Motul Synthetic Oil


  • It protects the engine against evaporation.
  • Motul oil has an affordable price, as well as shipping costs.
  • The oil removes debris.
  • It prevents the accumulation of heat.
  • Motul oil is suitable for gasoline & diesel engines, reducing fuel consumption.


  • There is no universally recommended oil.
  • Aviation engines cannot be used with it.

Liqui Moly vs Motul: Who Has The Best Product?

Confused, which is better between Liqui Moly Vs Motul? The Liqui Moly and Motul engine oils come in a variety of viscosity grades. Their products are available for every type of vehicle. 

Therefore, if you need a specific gear oil, perhaps an 80w-90 engine oil or a 75w-90 LSD oil, you might want to consider Liqui Moly. In other words, if you want high-quality and pure synthetic oil, Motul would be your best bet.

Make sure the oil you use meets all requirements for your automobile regarding approval standards & viscosity range.


Why is Motul engine oil so good?

Engine oils made by Motul provide satisfactory performance. If you buy a Motul 7100, with a viscosity of 20W50, it’s suitable for motorcycles over 150cc.
In addition to providing top performance under extreme conditions, these oils work in synergy to reduce friction inside the engine.

Is Liqui Moly the best?

A reader poll conducted by Auto Bild, MotorSport, Motor Klassik, and Auto Zeitung crowned Liqui Moly the number one oil brand in recent years. Ernst Prost, CEO of Liqui Moly, enjoys the top brand votes as they reflect an honest view of the market.

How long do Liqui Moly and Motul oil last?

Liqui Moly, small containers will last for 5 years or more if stored at a temperature of +5 °C, +30 °C & away from direct sunlight.
However, Motul oil is shelf-stable for 2 years if stored correctly. It can last approximately 8,000 miles when a vehicle is running. Using direct sunlight exposes oil molecular structures to UV light, shortening the Motul shelf life.


Together, we have learned from Liqui Moly Vs Motul characteristics. Hopefully, this article will help you gain more knowledge & experience about both products. So you can make accurate judgments and choose the best option.

The Liqui Moly and Motul engine oils come in various viscosity grades. Each of these companies offers motor oils that suit every type of vehicle.

Hence, the engine oil you buy should be able to cool, eliminate corrosion, & protect the engine. When purchasing engine oil, make sure that it fits the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendation for viscosity to prolong engine life.

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