Monroe Roadmatic Vs. Quick Strut: Detailed Comparison

Is it time for a replacement of your old shock absorbers? Well, if your car continues to bounce when you go over a pothole or a speed bump, maybe it is time. Excessive nose drive while breaking and significant body roll while light turning are the other red signals you should check on the shock absorbers.

Now, it becomes pretty tricky when deciding on a particular strut to choose. There are so many popular struts available in the market. Even different model shock absorbers from the same company creates debates like, Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut.

Let’s stick together to know the differences and find out which one will work for you.

Comparison Chart – Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut:

Monroe RoadmaticMonroe Quick Strut
Built with quality materialsThe built quality is more significant 
Fits in the right with vehicle heightEnsure quality attachment
Comes with the complete strut kitCoil and every other needed particle are attached already
3 years warrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Easy to installThe fully integrated design comes with easy installation
Cheaper than the later oneCostlier than the previous one

In-depth discussion – Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut

You can get a quick idea about the Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut from the comparison chart above. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Durable Strut Boot

Monroe builds their struts overall durable. Talking about the strut boot, they do the best they can. The strut boot protects strut steel and rods from outside harm. Besides, it keeps the elements protected from any kind of dirt and resists debris.

Strong Coil Springs

The Roadmatic and Quick Strut both have sustainable, strong coil springs. This is the best part of these struts. They come whole integrated. So, it becomes straightforward to install the struts. What you need to do is just take out the old one and install the whole kit. No need to disassemble or reassemble a new kit. With a bit of mechanical knowledge, you can do it on your own.

Spring Isolator and Bumper

The Quick Strut comes with a Spring Isolator. This is something actually new.  The spring isolator is a rubber material that prevents metal-to-metal contact in the Strut itself. So, while running the car, you do not get any noise coming from the shock absorber working.

You will get to see a bumper in the new Monroe Quick Strut. It prevents damage. In any case, the shock absorber does bottom out. This is a really appreciated upgrade from Monroe. 

Premium Strut and Bearing

Both Monroe Roadmatic and Quick Start have premium struts and bearings. The Quick Strut is an updated version of Roadmatic, you can say. But with more strength, durability and quality performance.

Cost Comparison

Quick Strut is a little more expensive than the Roadmatic. It is because of the latest technology and better material used to build the new one. Undoubtedly, the new Quick Strut fulfills the safety triangle of steering, stopping and stability.

Monroe Roadmatic or Quick Strut – Which one to choose?

Choosing one shock absorber between Monroe Roadmatic and Quick Strut is dependent on your choice. Users recommend both of the models. The new one has better formation, coating and quality. It adds to the increased price as well.

If you are satisfied with your old Roadmatic, it is magnificent. You do not need to go for an update unnecessarily. But if you are happy to spend a couple of bucks more to get something better and the new feature, then go ahead for the Quick Strut. 

No matter what shock absorber you install in your car, checking them after completing 50,000 miles is highly recommended. When you check the Strut, and it’s still working fine, you do not need to replace it. But if you see the Strut is worn out or leaking, then it is time to inspect and take action for it.


Are Monroe Quick Struts Any Good?

Yes. Monroe is a company that has been producing excellent shock absorbers for ages. They are a top in the market. The latest Monroe Quick Strut is a considerable achievement for them. They made this masterpiece totally integrated. So, the customers do not need to face any problem at all installing it in their cars.
Secondly, Monroe made it more durable with advanced technology and with more or less added features. Overall the Monroe Quick Strut is worth the money high-quality shock absorber.

Is Monroe Roadmatic Good?

Monroe Roadmataic is a budget-friendly excellent shock absorber. The Strut is built with quality material. And you are getting almost all the same features as the new Quick Strut but at a lesser price. With a bit of cut-off in some features and build quality, you are still getting the best.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Struts And Quick Struts?

The difference between regular Strut and quick Strut is stated in its name clearly. Quick struts are really quick, and regulars are still regular. Basically, the difference is in the assembling and installing process.
You have to assemble a regular strut with a spring coil and other pieces of stuff separately. But a quick strut comes all together assembled in the pack. You just need to unpack the stuff after you buy it and simply install the kit altogether. 

Which is better, KYB or Monroe?

Both KYB and Monroe are market-grabbing brands for struts and shock absorbers. It actually depends on the user which one they want to go for. KYB is also selling their struts with a reasonable price value as Monroe.

Final Words

Now, we have come to the end of the discussion- Monroe Roadmatic vs. Quick Strut. Hope that you are going to choose one now. Whichever Strut you choose, make sure you give it a check after a time of usage. Proper care and inspection can give you possible better rides.

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