Chassis Saver Vs. Por 15: Which one will Work Better?

Do you plan on painting the rusted frame of your truck? Are you looking for a reputable brand for protecting rusted surfaces? Awesome. What should you choose if you are confused between Por 15 or Chassis Saver?

Even though both paints make your frames look glossy, they perform better under different conditions. However, each product has some significant differences, and you should select the one that offers the most features in terms of longevity, amount, and application.

The spec and detailed comparison in this article can help you decide between the two best brand rust prevention coatings, Chassis Saver Vs. Por 15. Well, let’s drive below.

Chassis Saver Vs Por 15: Comparison Chart

A chart is a great way to compare two products quickly. We have outlined below the benefits of each important feature of Por 15 and Chassis Saver rust prevention products.

Chassis SaverPor 15
Applying Process:- BrushSpray 
Drips and brushes are used to cureThe cans are too big and cure too fast
The surface degrades quickly when exposed to sunlightBeautiful semi-gloss finish and wears slowly
Once opened, this product is very messy and has a short shelf lifeIt is not suitable for preserving for long periods of time
Over rusted surfaces, it works wellEasily covers difficult rust spots and oxidized or destroyed metal
A little less expensiveMore expensive

Chassis Vs Por 15: In-Depth Analysis

Protect your vehicle’s rusty surfaces by applying rust-resistant coatings. However, rust coatings are not suitable for every application. The table above compares these features, and now you can discover them in more detail.

Using Surfaces

The Chassis Saver paint is formulated to prevent corrosion on trucks, and it requires little primers and topcoats. Despite marginally repaired surfaces, the paint retains its anti-rust properties. In this process, the paint forms a hard, non-porous, glaze-like finish on the blasted surface. The chassis saver is impervious to salt, gasoline, diesel fuel, battery acids, oils, solvents, hydraulic acids, and chemicals.

Especially good for rusty surfaces, Por-15 paint can be applied directly to the metal. When applied, it hardens into abs that stick to the metal. If you apply the paint directly to the rusted frame surface, you can still combat the rust, but for the most effective results, proceed in 3 steps. Apply POR-15 with a spray gun for a smooth and glossy finish. There are 5 non-porous colors to choose from: gray, silver, clear, gloss black, and semi gloss black.


In terms of coating rusted and damaged car surfaces, both Por 15 and Chassis Saver work similarly. These products provide protection from oxidation caused by salt on roads, water, and a variety of hazards.

For 15 is a long-lasting product that can last fifteen years or even more if it’s prepared correctly. There is no need to worry about tough rust spots and oxidized or destroyed metal since the product coats nicely.

Chassis Saver can also be used outdoors. However, it won’t be as long-lasting since the UV protection agent is not mixed in. UV contamination or vigorous cleaning with a pressure washer can cause the coating to break down and peel off.

Application Process

Por 15 and Chassis Saver are typically brushed on. If you use a spray gun, make sure you’ve been trained properly. If not, you may be exposed to toxic gasses. For both products, there is a need for proper ventilation to prevent nausea and lightheadedness.

When these products drip on your clothes or body, they are both messy and difficult to clean off. Various surface preparations, such as sanding with fine-grade sandpaper and proper cleaning, are required before both can be used.

Using these products will make your hands, face, and clothing messy. Make sure you cover your clothing, your hands, and your face with the drop cloth. Both products will ruin your paintbrush, too.

Process Of Curing

Whether used as a rust inhibitor on surfaces that are less visible, like Chassis Saver or Por 15 products, we all want a smooth, clean finish. However, when it comes to chassis saver, it dries slower & also shows drips and brush strokes quite easily since the product has a viscous consistency.

While Por 15 cures quickly, it still gives a smoother finish and allows for a better curing process when compared to Chassis Saver.

Method Of Preservation

After opening their cans, it is difficult to preserve either of these products. Po 15 comes in a thin and cheap-looking can. Close the can and open it again and again, and you will certainly destroy it. In addition, the product is prone to hardening quickly, making the can unsuitable for long-term preservation.

Consequently, Chassis Saver holds up a bit better in the long-term compared to Por 15. Once opened, the product is messy and does not last long. If you cover the opening under the lid of the can with plastic wrap, moisture will be trapped & the mixture will last more time.


You have a wonderful semi-gloss exterior finish when using Por 15 coating. There are fewer air bubbles and bristle strokes in the exterior coating of protection, which is as advertised. Conversely, Chassis Saver does not appear exactly like it is described in advertisements.

Because Chassis Saver is not UV-resistant and cannot be washed, it is inferior to Por 15 for exterior coating. Keeping Chassis Saver in direct sunlight for less than a year will cause it to peel because it does not contain the UV blocking component Por 15.

Price Comparison

There is a premium price for both of these products. A gallon of Chassis Saver costs $93, not a bad deal, but still not cheap. The Por 15 price per gallon is $145, which is very expensive.

Chassis Saver Vs Por 15: Which Would You Prefer?

Confused? What to choose between Chassis Saver Vs Por 15? The UV rating of Chassis Saver is better than that of Por-15, if UV protection is important to you. Despite fading easily and shrinking on the edges when left to UV light, Por-15 does not flake off.

Although both paints adhere well to rusty surfaces, the POR-15 coating adheres better to rusty or etched metal because it is a hydrophilic coating. The frame can be coated with POR 15 without sandblasting. If your vehicle has a covered frame, then you should consider POR-15.


Does the Chassis Saver stop rust?

Magnet Paints offers Chassis Saver, a rust-resistant chassis paint. There are underbody coatings that bond so fiercely on rusted metal, that they permanently stop rust.

Is there anything better than por 15?

Rust Bullet is a better choice than Por 15. You do not need to prepare the surface for Rust Bullet. Low VOCs make Rust Bullet more environmentally friendly.

Final Word

Both Chassis Saver Vs. Por 15 offers superior long-term rust prevention solutions. Be sure to do proper preparation before working with Por 15. You may need a primer for the chassis saver to adhere strongly to bare aluminum. There is also some caution to consider.

Por 15 is more expensive than Chassis Saver, so Chassis Saver is a more economical choice. But that means you’re sacrificing quality. Especially on surfaces that are in direct sunlight or washed, Por 15 is superior in most categories and lasts longer.

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