Powerstop Z23 Vs. Z36: Which Is Better For Upgrades?

If you don’t have excellent brakes, your driving experience won’t be perfect. When you want to drive stress-free, it matters even more. Have you thought about upgrading the vehicle’s brake pads? According to research into brake pads, Power Stop’s Z23 and Z36 brake pads are the best models available.

The brake system plays an equally crucial role in car maintenance as with other car components. Your brake system will not be pleased if it needs frequent repairs. As a result, it is important to choose brake systems that last longer and don’t wear out rapidly.

Brake accessories and upgrades are available from Power Stop. Which one will be the better choice Powerstop Z23 Vs Z36? Throughout this article, we’ll discuss in-depth about two products, point out their similarities and differences, and suggest the right choice for your needs.

Comparison Chart Between Powerstop Z23 Vs Z36

There are two important components of Powerstop Z23 and Z36 you need to understand shortly. Even if your final decision is dictated by your vehicle’s specifications, knowing your options makes you less likely to make mistakes.

Powerstop Z23Powerstop Z36
Shims with dual rubber backsHigh-quality stainless steel shims
Ceramic carbon-fiber brakes offer excellent stopping powerCeramic carbon-fiber offers excellent stopping power
Slotted structure that ensures noiseless brakingSlotted structure that ensures noiseless braking
It is suitable for light cars, SUVs, or crossoversFeatured carbon fiber reinforcement, which provides extra strength
Low dust braking systemExceptional braking performance
Rust-free stainless steel hardware kit is included with the upgrade kit.The rotors are zinc-plated to prevent rust.  
A perfect option for regular users & daily driversIdeal for drivers with high gross vehicle weights who tow and haul often

In-Depth Analysis Between Powerstop Z23 Vs. Z36:

Every vehicle requires brake pads to function properly. You can stop your car at any time by creating fiction in the wheel. Brake pads must be installed on your car if you want its braking system to function correctly.


These two brake kit models are dust-free and noise-free. A holed plate enhances heat transfer, and they’re made of carbon fiber. A carbon-fiber ceramic formula is used in the Z23 brake pads to provide the best possible stopping experience. This carbon-fiber ceramic contributes to lower dust and a quieter braking system. This material weighs 70% less than other traditional materials, resulting in a lighter vehicle. Therefore, it helps increase the speed and efficiency of the vehicle.

The Z36 upgrade pads stand out compared to other products from the same manufacturer. They feature carbon fiber reinforcement for increased power. With this extra power, you can stop hard and fast. These brake pads offer the advantage of not affecting your car’s everyday drivability.

Moreover, the Z36 pads are made of low dust ceramics. They keep your tires cleaner than before. All-in-all, Z36 upgraded carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads provide smooth, stain-free braking power.

Pad Compound

Among the brake pads, the Z23 and Z36 are distinguished by the compound. Z23 pads are composed exclusively of ceramic, whereas Z36 pads are composed of ceramic & carbon fiber. Thus, the Z36 brake pads will make a vehicle stop faster and produce a lot of brake dust and sound. Additionally, these pads are less likely to fade with frequent stops over long descents.

The Z23 kit is better suited to drivers who drive on a daily basis, and the Z36 kit is a smart choice for drivers who haul and tow frequently.

Load Performance

While both Power Stop brakes are made for high-performance driving, the Z23 pad is designed for smaller vehicles & less demanding than the Z36 pad. However, the Z23 series are smaller, have less stopping power, and have a lighter weight.

The Z36 is larger; heavier brake pads offer improved stopping power, which is especially helpful when hauling or towing heavy loads.

Application Cases

A Z23 is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who still want to have an everyday car. The pads resist fading at a higher temperature than the OEM pads. The hardware kit & bin bushings, if applicable, are made of premium stainless steel. Each brake pad kit includes ceramic brake lubricant.

The PowerStop Z36 Ceramic brake pads are carbon fiber infused designed for trucks and SUVs with heavier gross vehicle weights. If your truck or 4×4 tows carry a lot of weight or traverse mountainous terrain, Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow pads could be crucial.


The Z23 brake kit has high-quality components and can be installed easily. A light vehicle, SUV, car, or crossover works best with this product. This enhanced braking power gives a driver reasonable control. You shouldn’t think twice about choosing the Z23 over any other option for your driving.

When driving up a mountain or over rocky terrain, Z36 brake upgrade kits are specifically designed to help. You either have to brake more and against gravity. Regardless, the brake pads are put under extra pressure. Your car’s performance won’t be compromised by extreme pressures, thanks to the Z36. For towing, carrying, installing big tires, and going off-road, Z36 is perfect.


Both the Z23 and the Z36 come with carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads, allowing the driver to control braking with confidence. Carbon fiber deflects heat and prevents dust from collecting on the pad. In addition, it reduces the noise caused by braking.

Similar Kits

Both Powerstop Z23 Vs Z36 models come with brake pads that feature similar components. They can also be installed almost the same way. Z23 and Z36 both use slotted, drilled, and zinc-plated rotors. However, the plates on both models have holes. In addition to their top-notch quality, they are fairly simple to install as well. A warranty also covers both kits.

Powerstop Z23 Vs Z36: Which One Is Right For You?

Powerstop Z23 Vs. Z36: What’s the better buy? Brake upgrades must consider several factors. A few of these factors, such as rusting, durability, and installation process, affect the effectiveness and lifespan of the system. If you’re looking to get the best performance from your brake pads, then you must know what kind of driving you do.


Powerstop Z23 Vs. Z36: Which is the better brake pad?

The Z23 brake pads contain ceramic material, which enhances performance. As compared with Z36, the Z23 is stronger since they are more durable and can last longer. Featuring the best materials, the Z23 is perfect for regular driving.

Is the Z36 brake pad better at stopping?

Ceramic carbon fibers are used to make them. Ultimately, this feature facilitates better handling of high temperatures and faster braking than traditional brake pads.

How long do Z36 power stop brakes last?

They may last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, after which they will probably need to be replaced.


Each Powerstop Z23 Vs. Z36 brake pads have their own unique efficiency and perfection. However, you need to be aware of your preferences before you decide to purchase one of these power brakes. If you’re looking for brake pads that are dust-free & noise-free, Z23 would be a good choice. Alternatively, if you’re searching for a high-performance, heavy-duty pad for your SUV or truck, Z36 might be a good option.

Thus, have you made your decision yet? I would like to say… Don’t simply stop… PowerStop!

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