Power Stop Brake Reviews – How Good Are They?

As an auto repair shop owner, I’ve worked on hundreds of brake jobs over the past decade. In that time, I’ve seen pretty much every brand out there. But one brand that people are always talking about is PowerStop. 

I keep hearing people raving about PowerStop’s complete brake kits. They make installation a breeze since you get everything you need in one package. Others love how quiet and dust-free the ceramic pads are. So, of course, the performance must also be there for a name like PowerStop.

And in this PowerStop brake review, I’ll share what I’ve discovered from my experience and digging through online discussions. 

power stop brake reviews

Who Makes PowerStop Brakes?

Let’s begin with shedding some light on PowerStop’s origin so you know how solid their production line is. The company behind PowerStop brakes is their very own Power Stop LLC. They’re based in Illinois and were founded back in 1995 by their CEO, Arvin Scott. 

The company manufactures and distributes all sorts of auto parts, like brake pads, calipers, rotor kits, sensors, wires—pretty much anything to do with brakes for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Power Stop is known for pioneering the “brake kit” concept. What they do is package up everything you need for a full brake replacement or upgrade all together customized for different car makes and models. That makes it super easy for people to just buy a kit and do the job themselves. 

These kits are also really well suited for online shopping, which is Power Stop’s biggest sales channel nowadays. They’re like the leaders in selling brake kits on places like Amazon and other auto part websites. Besides, Power Stop has become really popular with car enthusiasts and regular “do-it-yourself” people. 

Unique Features of PowerStop Brakes

PowerStop brakes have a few things that really set them apart from other brands. But what really makes them different is how they focus on creating brake kits that are customized exactly for how you’ll be using your vehicle. 

They suit almost everyone, whether for normal everyday driving or some serious heavy-duty work. Let me give you an overview of some of their signature features.

Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Formula

Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Formula

One thing that sets PowerStop brakes apart is the special carbon-fiber ceramic material in their brake pads. This stuff provides an amazingly smooth and quiet braking experience without tons of dust.

That carbon-fiber ceramic formula is brilliant because it seriously cuts down on all the gritty brake dust that can pile up on your wheels over time. You know how dust makes it so your rims never really look clean? Well with these pads, that’s way less of an issue.

I also love how it keeps the noise down, a problem I frequently encounter with other brake pad brands. Some pads are really loud and screechy when you hit the brakes, but not with this material.

You can learn more about how they work from this video.

Customized Brake Kits

Another thing about PowerStop brakes that really impresses me is how they make these customized “brake kits.” Basically, they package up every part you need for a full brake job already sorted into one box.

So, instead of having to figure out what pieces will fit your specific car model and then track them all down separately, these kits take care of everything for you. You just get the right kit for your vehicle, and it comes with pads, rotors, calipers, hardware—everything down to the last bolt.

They also have kits available for practically every type of vehicle, from brand-new trucks to classic muscle cars from the 1960s. And the company also claims that its kits cover over 98% of makes and models on the road.

LA Traffic Test-Compliant Brakes

LA Traffic Test-Compliant Brakes

PowerStop also puts its brakes through some really rigorous testing to ensure everything meets super high safety and performance standards.

They do what’s called the “LA Traffic Test,” which is the same testing process that car companies use when developing new models. It basically mimics the crazy traffic you get sitting in LA freeway jams for hours on end.

So, not only do they put the brakes through their paces on a track, but they also test how they hold up to the stop-and-go of heavy commuter traffic.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant Brakes

Rust and Corrosion Resistant Brakes

Their brakes also have a really nice rust-protection feature in the rotors. They use a special zinc-dichromate plating process that coats the rotors for the best level of shielding from rust and corrosion.

Having that zinc barrier is, indeed, super useful. After all, without some kind of treatment, rotors can start to rust pretty easily. And as I found out, that special barrier helps protect the metal from things like road salt or other corrosive elements it might come into contact with over time. 

Heat Dissipating Design

Heat Dissipating Design

PowerStop brakes are also designed with special ‘track day pads’ for heat dissipation. That’s an important feature, especially if you do a lot of mountain driving or heavy towing. When brakes get too hot, their lifespan keeps shortening. 

But PowerStop kits have special rotors that are drilled and slotted to maximize airflow and quickly remove heat from the surface. All those tiny holes basically act like mini fans, whipping hot air away from the rotors as you brake. 

Popular PowerStop Brakes and Kits Series

As I mentioned, PowerStop offers a wide range of brakes and kits for different purposes and preferences. For example, it offers separate models for heavy-duty towing and hauling, high-performance street driving, everyday commuting, and light duty.

The table below summarizes what to expect from PowerStop’s most popular product lines.

Series NameIntended UseDesignBrake Pad MaterialShimDust & Noise
Z23 Evolution SportEveryday DrivingSlotted & Chamfered rotors for improved pad cleaning & heat dissipationCarbon Fiber Infused CeramicDual Rubberized ShimsLow Dust & Noise
Z26 Extreme PerformancePerformance DrivingDrilled & Slotted rotors for maximum heat dissipation & pad cleaningCarbon-CeramicPremium Stainless Steel ShimsVery Low Dust & Noise
Z36 Truck & TowTrucks & TowingDrilled & Slotted rotors for maximum heat dissipation & pad cleaningSevere Duty Carbon Fiber CeramicStainless Steel ShimsModerate Dust & Noise
Z16 Clean RideNoise & Dust ReductionStandard rotorsCeramicDual Rubberized ShimsUltra-Low Dust & Noise
Euro Ceramic Pads (Specific Models)European VehiclesStandard rotorsCeramicVaries by Model (Rubberized or Steel)Low Dust & Noise
Z37 Top Cop Carbon-Fiber Ceramic (Limited Availability)Law EnforcementDrilled & Slotted rotors for maximum heat dissipation & pad cleaningHigh-Performance Carbon-CeramicPremium Stainless Steel ShimsModerate Dust & Noise (Performance focus)

How Much Do PowerStop Brakes Cost?

So, how much do PowerStop brakes usually run you? They’ve definitely got a great reputation for value and reliability. But as you might guess, the price will vary depending on what exactly you need.

You may expect to pay about $120 for a more basic, entry-level set like their compact Z23 series. Then, if you step up to a mid-range kit with some extra features—for example, Z16 or Z26—you have to plan between $150 and $350.

And if you really want all the bells and whistles on something premium, you could spend over $450 potentially. Their top-of-the-line KC4749 1-Click kit would fall into that price range.

Are PowerStop Brakes Good? What Do Users Say about PowerStop Brakes?

From what I’ve seen, it seems almost everyone has heard of the PowerStop brand. Whether they’re chatting at the shop or leaving reviews online, most accounts seem pretty positive.

And from online discussions, like this forum post, for example, you get a sense that most users are really happy with the brakes. They’re always talking about how well they stop, how durable they are over time, and how smooth the heat dissipation keeps things.

Lots of people also praise the stylish looks of the drilled and slotted rotors. Plus, most say they’re impressively quiet when braking. And the convenience of those complete kits can’t be beaten for DIY jobs.

Now, like any product, a few people have little complaints here and there. Sometimes, the higher-end setups can get pricey. And some users report more brake dust buildup than hoped. 

But after putting so many PowerStop jobs under my shop over the years, I’d say the good hugely outweighs any downsides. You’re getting top performance for the money, in my view.

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