Flowmaster 40 Vs 50: What Are The Key Differences?

In general, any car muffler is a device that reduces engine noise caused by pistons. In modern times, people use mufflers to create a specific level of noise that they prefer.

Flowmaster 40 and 50 models are both popular choices among users, but each for a different reason. 

Regardless of whether your ride is new or old, Flowmaster doesn’t abandon you. Flowmaster mufflers have been around for decades to enhance the sound of diesel, trucks, domestics, and cars. Considering they both address different matters, each of them is quite different, so you can choose either one depending on your requirements.

However, since they are owned by the same company with similar names, they are frequently compared. In order to explore this topic in more depth, the following comparison shows Flowmaster 40 Vs 50 so that you can clearly see their similarities & differences as well. Let’s go.

Flowmaster 40 Vs 50: What is the Difference?

SpecificationsFlowmaster 40 Flowmaster 50
Applications:Excellent street/ strip & off-road applicationPerfect for the daily user
Material:Alloy steelAlloy steel
Item weight:10.1 pounds10 pounds
Item dimensions:L 20.4 x W 4.6 x H 9.9 inchesL 17, 23 x W 4 x H 9.75 inches
Interior:Notable interior resonanceExcellent mild interior resonation
Technology:Durable MIG welded constructionFeaturing Delta Flow internals
Durability:Made from fully Mig-Welded steel to ensure maximum durabilityImproved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy
Best for:Aggressive sound suitable for enthusiastsEspecially good for larger displacement vehicles
Price:Lower than Flowmaster 50Quite higher than Flowmaster 40 

In-Depth Difference Between Flowmaster 40 Vs 50

As they are made by the same manufacturer, these two sets of mufflers should share many characteristics. Despite this, there are a few key differences between them that could significantly influence your choice.

Features Of Flowmaster 40:

The original Flowmaster muffler is the 40 series, also known as “the muffler that started it all”. This muffler has a very aggressive sound, which is probably one of the loudest & deepest in the brand’s catalog.

Mufflers in this range are ideal for street riding and for the strip. Flowmaster 40 was originally designed for Dodge trucks. They are, of course, still widely used today in most vehicles, including trucks, muscle cars, passenger cars, as well as race cars.

One of the most appealing aspects of this model is its sound. It has a loud sound quality both inside and outside of the vehicle, as well as impressive resonance inside.

It is available in two materials, stainless steel 409 SS or aluminum steel, which are fully welded to provide optimal strength.

Features Of Flowmaster 50:

Flowmaster’s 50 series includes the Delta Flow as well as the Super 50 range of mufflers. In addition, this series has the quietest mufflers the brand has ever produced. Outside sound from Delta Flow mufflers is moderate, so there is not much interior resonance. Additionally, these mufflers are compact and modern in design.

Featuring a unique 3-chamber design, Delta Flow also has innovative internal technology. However, it was built within a relatively larger casing. For anyone who travels with family and just wants a quiet exhaust sound, these Flowmaster’s 50 is perfect for that purpose. These mufflers are suitable for SUVs, trucks, & even streetcars.

In the feature section, Flowmaster 50 wins. It features a massive tuning chamber. Super 50 Muffler maximizes exhaust flow, increases mileage, and dampens the sound of exhaust from outside and inside the car. 

Interior Resonance & Exterior Sound 

As a whole, the Flowmaster 40 produces a powerful and aggressive sound both internally and externally. These mufflers are popular because of their loudness, which is an attractive factor to all buyers.

In contrast, Flowmaster 50 series exhausts are known for their moderate and quiet external and internal sounds. The general tendency is not to like loud interior resonance or aggressive exhaust sounds. For this reason, these mufflers have become more popular with families and individuals.

The Flowmaster 50 now wins the contest as well. In addition to running quietly, it also performs better and gains popularity more quickly.


Flowmaster 40 is the original brand’s muffler, which is why it has a simpler internal design. Flowmaster’s oval-shaped design is unique, but there are only 2 chambers. This is understandable, however, given that the exhaust is intended to be loud. 

There is one big difference between the 40 and the 50 series. The 50s are ideal for regular cars and trucks, whereas the 40s are a more rebellious version designed for racing. Due to its thunderous tone, your performance will be more challenging.

Regarding the Flowmaster 50 model, all this series’ mufflers have 3 chambers. Thus, they are able to create a smooth exhaust sound, which is perfect for family cars and SUVs. In addition to the race car vibe, the 3-chamber adds a modern look. As a result, the exterior appears challenging & but the sound isn’t too loud to be disturbing.

Fortunately, the Flowmaster 50 model also has the ability to win this game. Because it has one more chamber than the Flowmaster 40 model. 

Ideal For Cars & Trucks

Contrary to popular belief, the Flowmaster 40 series is aggressive enough to handle street & strip use. Luckily, Flowmaster 40 mufflers are an excellent choice for undiscovered rural areas because they perform well off-road.

The Flowmaster 50 exhaust system is made of 16 gauge stainless steel 409s and 100% MIG welded, ensuring durability. As stainless steel is extremely resistant to moisture outside, it does not corrode over time. Vehicles such as trucks and regular passenger cars perform well without requiring regular maintenance.

Flowmaster 50 is a perfect choice for all kinds of cars and for daily users. Therefore, Flowmaster 50 has no doubt about winning the competition.

Flowmaster 40 Vs 50: Which One Is Better?

Flowmaster 40 Vs 50: both are better in their own way. On the outside of the vehicle, the Flowmaster 40 is much louder and has better interior resonance. Anyways, with the 50 Delta Flow, you will hear a deeper tone. However, the volume will be lower than the Flowmaster 40 outside. The 50 models are intended for quieter sound outside compared to the 40 models. 

Yes, the Flowmaster 50 has an extra chamber (3 chambers) as opposed to the Flowmaster 40 (2 chambers), which still flows well but is a bit quieter. Hence, the 40 models have a better “race-oriented” flow compared to the 50 models.

Flowmaster 40 Vs 50: Price Comparison

Flowmaster Aluminized Steel 50 Series, 3-Inches (C)/2.5-Out (D), Aggressive Sound, black color, price starts from $89.96 on Amazon.

Flowmaster Aluminized Steel 50 Series, Delta Flow Muffler, black color, price starts from $132.95 on Amazon.

However, it would be best to inform you that the above-mentioned price range is not permanent. Multiple factors can affect the price, including several seller websites, different countries and places, the Flowmaster series number, year of production, and many more.


What’s The Difference Between A 40 Series And A 50 Series Flowmaster?

Cruising & power are the two main differences. Basically, the 40 series is slightly stronger compared to the 50 series. Muffles aren’t very good on the 40 series, since it sounds pretty loud when it’s not muffled, and the muffler isn’t much quieter. As a result, the Flowmaster 40 series is considerably smaller, but you will need about 2-3 inches longer pipe between your muffler and your catalytic converter. 

Which Is Louder, The Flowmaster 40 Or 50?

The Flowmaster 40 series has a louder sound. Most notably, the series is known for its loud, thunder-like noises that surely cause people to turn heads.

Can The Flowmaster 40 Series Increase Horsepower?

Yes, that is correct. Over the past two decades, Flowmaster has developed state-of-the-art performance exhaust systems. Their advanced, custom-designed, dyno-tuned exhausts and components not only deliver an unmistakable sound but also deliver remarkable power gains.

Final Thoughts

Based on the above, the Flowmaster 40 Vs 50 series differ significantly when it comes to sound quality and their release date.

In case you have been debating which muffler series to buy; hopefully, this article has shown you enough similarities & differences to make your decision easier. 

The bottom line is that when you drive around in both the Flowmaster 40 and the Flowmaster 50 models, you will conclude that each is superior. Lastly, the choice is yours now.

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