Wix Vs Fram Air Filter: What is The Best and Why?

Despite its small size, your air filter plays a crucial role in the functioning of your vehicle. In order to improve your engine’s airflow, you can pick from two air filters: the Wix and the Fram. You are probably thinking- What is the best aftermarket air filter to buy? Indeed all aftermarket products are better than the original?

Wix Vs Fram Air Filter – the differences are unknown to most people. Both are two top-selling air filter brands that dominate the market. In contrast, Fram provides more budget-friendly products and can be considered the lungs of an automobile. 

Between Wix Vs Fram Air Filter, which one is better? Well, it depends on your car as well as how frequently you plan on doing it. In this article, we will compare 2 air filters that are each capable of removing dirt and dust but differ in a few ways. Let’s find out what they are.

Wix Vs Fram Air Filter: A Quick Comparison

Wix Air Filter:Fram Air Filter:
Maintains engine performance by preventing dangerous particles such as abrasives, carbon, soot, from entering.Filtering the air feeding the engine in order to eliminate dirt & harmful chemicals so that the engine operates at peak performance.
That is highly reliable, strong, and has lower air flow restrictions.Keeping the engine air filtered increases airflow, keeps dirt & dust away.
Protecting the engine for up to 3 years and 30,000 miles.12000 miles of service improves the performance of the engine.
Filter media featuring 9 pleats per inch captures maximum pollutants. This ensures efficiency and durability.This is an easy & economical way to boost engine performance without blowing the budget.
Has excellent build quality. The urethane gasket is surrounding the filter media and secured by a molded wire net to ensure safety.Improve the acceleration & horsepower of the vehicle’s engine.
Can be easily installed on a variety of engines.
This filter has a much higher price range than the Fram air filter.Compared to the Wix air filter, the price range is considerably lower.

What is the Difference Between Wix Vs Fram Air Filter?

Both brands promise to keep your engine performing at its best, but one is more affordable while the other is more durable. Comparing them will show you the differences & their main features, allowing you to make an informed decision. Take a seat and enjoy.

The Basics

In the Fram air filter, cellulose (paper) is used, whereas the Wix air filter (NAPA gold) utilizes a composite of fiberglass and plastic. Which is better? As an organic material, cellulose has strands with uneven lengths and shapes. Within the media, some strands may be closely spaced while others may be widely separated. Large contaminants should be trapped, but they are allowed to pass through. 

With Wix filters, the fiberglass media has a better “controlled” length. A shape that provides a more even & consistent spacing, allowing particles smaller than 25 microns to be trapped while not impairing flow.

In this basic category, the Fram air filter clearly wins. In terms of media quantity, the Fram air filter is clearly superior.


Basically, Wix filters keep clean air flowing into the compartment of cars, light trucks, or heavy trucks so that the engines operate at their best. This allows the engine to burn fuel smoothly and efficiently. The result is a significant improvement in the engine’s all-around performance.

Functional filters eliminate the risks of particles causing harm entering the engine chamber, such as abrasives, soot, or carbon. It is possible since engine components such as cylinder walls, pistons, & piston rings will not be damaged during the process.

Farm air filters provide affordable performance improvements by increasing engine airflow, free from debris, dust, and other pollutants that can affect fuel composition. Acceleration & horsepower are instantly increased, giving your inactive engine a boost that it desperately needs.

Compared to high-cost competitors, Fram filter offers twice the filtering efficiency for a half-price deal. Contains a high-efficiency filtration system that keeps any dirt & debris out, so your engine can run at full capacity.

Farm air filters won this category without a doubt. One of the main reasons is that it has a high-quality dirt and debris removal system at a very cost-effective price.

Build Quality

Wix air filters have a superior build quality and are well-designed filters. These filters also provide protection for 3 years or 30,000 kilometers. To hold the pocket plates together, Wix air filters with specially formulated adhesives are used. In addition to that, the filter media are sealed with urethane, and a molded mesh screen ensures stability. As a result, it is extremely durable, as is noticeable on the first touch.

A Fram air filter also has excellent build quality, which makes it durable. Designed to protect vehicles for a minimum of 12000 miles, Fram filters provide a great deal of value. Due to its ease of installation, wide acceptance, superior performance, and efficient filtration, you can expect long-term satisfaction as well.

The Wix air filter wins the construction quality contest. 3 years of additional protection is not offered by other filters. A Wix air filter’s excellent design and long-term durability set it apart from others.

Medium Of Filter

The filter media is the most critical part of this air filter system. Paper with this kind of structure, made from synthetic fibers, traps dirt, & other pollutants from passing into the pleats.

A Wix filter medium is coarser and has more pleats when compared to a Fram filter medium. 

The two reasons for this make Wix air filters preferable to Fram. For one, the coarser the fabric, the more glass & polyester it contains. There is also an increase in filter capacity with 2 more pleats as well as a greater surface area & greater thickness. These factors also contribute to improved performance.

Valves For Relief

By installing relief valves, you can protect your engine from starvation. The situation can develop if you don’t change your air filter before the recommended interval. Basically, over time, the oil becomes too thick for the filter medium to filter, which causes it to collect around it.

Wix oil filters use coiled steel springs rather than leaf springs on Frame air filters. By contrast, the latter has a greater capacity for going deep, so the unfiltered air can pass through without difficulty.

Wix vs Fram Air Filter: What’s The Best?

Wix Vs Fram Air Filter: both brands are top sellers in their categories. Although Fram’s products are more budget-friendly, Wix filters offer great value.

If you’re looking for an air filter that can keep the engine performing at its best in rough driving conditions, the Wix air filter is a great choice. Frame filters deserve consideration, especially the premium models, which are robust and durable.

You may prefer Wix based on the longer intervals between oil filter changes it provides. 

Wix Vs Fram Air Filter: Price

Both air filters aren’t expensive. They typically cost between $15 – $25. Installing an air filter by yourself, you might save a bit of money on labor. 

However, the price of the Wix air filter is quite higher than that of the Fram air filter.


How Long Does A Wix Air Filter Last?

Air filters from Wix are among the best on the market. They are durable and highly efficient. Regardless of weather & road conditions, Wix air filters last for up to 3 years and 30,000 miles as well.

Does A High-Performance Air Filter Like WIx Or Fram Air Filter Really Make A Difference?

The truth is, you can gain 3 to 5 horsepower from a high flow air filter as well as more torque. Additionally, this will result in greater fuel efficiency.

Is A Fram Air Filter Worth It?

Considering overall effectiveness, the Fram Air Filter clearly holds the top spot. With this premium air filter, installation is a breeze, providing a tight and secure fit to protect and extend the life of your engine.

The Bottom Line

So what’s the better pick between Wix Vs Fram Air Filter? Well, that depends on budget & engine type. The brand Wix focuses more on performance. Featuring unique urethane gaskets and a custom adhesive, they provide a superior fit and finish. However, premium filters deliver 30,000 miles or 3 years of performance.

Air filters from Fram are reasonably priced and work well with many different engines. Although the build quality is a little lower, the tires will provide the best protection with 12000 miles.

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