Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N: Things You Need to Know

The intake system of your vehicle ensures combustion occurs in your engine with enough oxygen. Essentially, your vehicle’s intake system allows air to reach your motor.

In order to reach the cylinders, an intake system typically consists of a filter, throttle, & air passages. Well-designed air intake systems, such as Spectre Vs K&N, enable a reliable flow of air in an engine that improves horsepower and gas mileage.

The aftermarket offers a wide variety of intake systems. However, when it comes to both quality and reputation, both Spectre and K&N companies stand out above the rest.

Throughout this article, we’ll carefully examine each system & analyze its overall features. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of which air filter system is right for you.

What is the Difference Between Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N

In terms of aftermarket parts, there are two brands to contend with in Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N. Before we compare them, simply here’s something you might not expect.

Spectre Air FilterK&N Air Filter
Type: Round TaperedRound
Re-oiling of Filter: 0.34 Oz, (10 ML)1.66 Ox, (49 ML)
Material of Filter: Nonwoven SyntheticFabric Cotton Gauze
Airflow increases 50% with this filterAirflow is approximately 50% greater with art filtering media versus conventional disposable filters
The range between cleanings is approximately 50,000 miles, based on driving conditionsThe range between cleanings is approximately 50,000 miles, based on driving conditions
A reusable, washable product reduces replacement wasteA reusable, washable product reduces replacement waste
You can save $250 within 10 years by switching to Spectre replacement air filtersReady for installation, pre-oiled, & built with a clamp-on design
Backed by a Limited Lifetime WarrantyComes with 10 years of warranty

In-depth Comparison of Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N

Spectre Air Filters

As far as air filters are concerned, Spectre is another popular brand. Their prices are a little more reasonable than K&N’s, but the quality isn’t as good as K&N’s. However, K&N air filters are designed to last for many years, but Spectre air filters may need to be replaced more often. Thus, Spectre air filters offer some awesome features which make them worthwhile.

K&N Air Filters

The American air filter company K&N has been in business for almost 50 years. Among the best manufacturers in their industry, they have made a name for themselves. They make high-quality products that are innovatively designed.

Furthermore, K&N offers a wide range of air filters, which allows you to choose the one that suits your needs. Most vehicles today can be fitted with K&N air filters, such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, and many others.

Main Difference

  • The warranty period is the biggest difference between Spectre Air Filters vs K&N. With Spectre Air Filters; you get only a “Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.” With K&N Air Filters, you get 10 Years of replacement warranty.
  • K&N also consumes more oil during relubrication. Spectre Air Filters are washable, so the cost of maintaining will be less than that of K&N filters. In addition, both filters are tailored to precise usage and provide excellent filtration.
  • However, K&N has a step up since it can push more air into the combustion chamber, resulting in more horsepower. While Specter is of masterclass quality, it is affordable to most people.


The air filter is an essential component of any intake system. Pay close attention to this part. Specialized air filters come with most air intake kits, guiding fuel efficiency, damage immunity, and engine power.

Spectre filters deliver good air flow and have an improved sealing edge to protect the engine. The high-flow design of K&N filters makes them more durable than Spectre.

However, a higher airflow can be a problem in areas where fine dust is exceptionally high. Thus, K&N is more suitable for all racing cars and high-class vehicles, whereas Spectre is more appropriate for everyday vehicles.

Here, K&N air filters are the clear winners. If you’re actively seeking more horsepower, K&N is the better choice. K&N filters are also washable, which is an excellent feature.

Spectre Features

Spectre air intake systems distinguish themselves from their competitors with a number of features.

  • Spectre air filters that are efficient & powerful. Using synthetic oil for filters prevents pollutants from damaging engines.
  • Installing synthetic oil is easier. Their detailed installation instructions will guide you through the process.
  • Safety is enhanced here. Engine protection caps shield the motor against harmful pollution and waste.
  • Spectre air filters provide better-towing performance. Boosts speed and acceleration by improving throttle response.

K&N Features

As well as Spectre, K&N stands out from other brands, giving them a reputation for being reliable & dependable.

  • Gases from boosting and vibrations from the engine. The combination increases power while also reducing fuel consumption.
  • K&N stands out due to its high-quality tubes. The black tubes are made from aluminum, giving them durability and reliability.
  • K&N lasts a long time. The vehicle can travel over 100,000 miles without requiring maintenance.
  • This system is simple to install. Additionally, it’s simple to maintain.
  • This is the official filter of NASCAR. The filter is trusted on racetracks, but is also suited to your car.

Tubing System

In every air intake setup, tubing plays a crucial role. Cool air intake systems rely on this system to collect cold air for injection into the engine. Generally, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, or aluminum are used in its construction.

The Spectre’s intake tubes are chrome-finished and mandrel-bent. Cast aluminum tubing has been polished to a high shine. As an alternative, K&N’s intake tubes are constructed of high-density polymer.

Tubes from Spectre may look cool, yet K&N tubes keep your system cool at all times. Additionally, K&N intake systems may be quieter as well.

K&N and Spectre have overlapping arguments when it comes to tubing. Each company’s top tube has a cotton gauze filter. Hence, their materials are similar.

Air Intake System

A system of air intake increases the horsepower & torque of the engine. K&N air filters have more advanced technology than Spectre ones. Powder-coated and cast-aluminum intake tubes make up the Spectre air intake, allowing it to perform better and increase airflow. The Spectre air intake is also stylish.

The 3D laser scanning in K&N air filters ensures that the engine is protected in a specialized manner. Its low-resistance filter and specially designed tubing boost airflow by 50% more than the standard disposal filter. Therefore, K&N air filters provide more horsepower & torque than their competitors.

The K&N air filter also won in this category. These filters utilize 3D laser scanning, which sets them apart from other filters.

Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N: Price

Before purchasing anything, buyers usually consider the price first. Spectre air filters and K&N are different in this aspect. The Spectre air filter is cheaper than the K&N. Generally, K&N air filters cost almost 5000$, whereas Spectre air filters cost only 3000$.

Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to selecting an air filter, many people are confused between Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N. Having a good air filter will make your car last longer. Spectre & K&N air filters provide impressive filtration.

They are both washable and are built for precise use. Although K&N is an improvement, more air can be delivered to the combustion chamber, increasing horsepower.

In contrast, Spectre is an affordable, high-quality option for many people. Hence, there can’t be one perfect choice. Spectre & K&N air filters are not significantly different. Don’t get them mixed up. Make sure you get the right one. The choice is yours.


Is a Specter air filter cleanable?

Yes. The Specter air filter is similar to the K&N air filter. Rather than being replaced, they may be cleaned, reused, and re-lubricated. For best results, you should clean your filter at least after 7,000 miles, though the exact interval depends on where you live.

Is the K&N air filter washable with soap & water?

WD40 degreaser will be best used on the filter. If not, wash with warm water and soap. Cleaning is usually done by hand or using a plastic brush as well. You should wash it thoroughly for at least 3 minutes while running water in the opposite direction of the airflow.

How long does the Spectre air filter last?

Though the filter can last much longer between servicing, for optimal performance, you should never drive more than 25,000 miles before servicing it.

Final Verdict

Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N: both brands are worth talking about. In order to make things easier, we summarized the information in a simple manner. Regarding filters, both Spectre and K&N are reputable brands.

Finally, the most optimal choice for air filters is the least costly version because you can and should save money. It doesn’t matter if the better alternative is more expensive, Spectre can still be purchased with confidence.

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