Snugtop Vs. Leer: Which Truck Cap is Right For You?

Topper fans always have a special spot for truckers and car owners. With a topper, you can utilize the space in the rear of your vehicle to create a personal space.

Car owners love truck caps as accessories. Various names for them exist, including shells, toppers, and canopies. They have a wide variety of names, and they also come in plenty of varieties. There are aluminum, fiberglass, and even plastic bodies available. In addition, the space is waterproof. Choosing a truck cap is not an easy task; you should choose one that fits your needs and budget.

There are two truck cap styles that are extremely popular: Snugtop Vs Leer. In our current post, we’ll examine which is the best. Let’s figure them out.

What are the Key Differences Between Snugtop Vs Leer?

In the following table, you’ll learn the differences between two common truck caps: Snugtop and Leer. Each of these brands has its own characteristics, and they both offer unique benefits.

Snugtop Truck CapsLeer Truck Caps
Only have 2 lights at the front & at the backIt has 3 lights in total: front, middle, and back
On the backglass is a hinge, which is surrounded by quality glassThe hinge is smaller than the others but still of great quality
Snugtop is made of resin mixed with Fiberglass and matches well with its colorThe fiberglass is thick. However, some users complain about color matching
This vehicle comes with an attractive rear window and rain gutter, keeping with its featuresThat includes a rain gutter; a screen mounted on its rear window.
Available in different sizesA variety of choices is also available
Come from a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, & plasticCome from a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, & plastic
Sliding windows are a popular choiceSliding windows are a popular choice
Water-proofing is availableWater-proofing is available
Via “J clamp”, the best and most advanced clamp availableFeaturing “J hooks” for easy installation

In-depth Comparison of Snugtop Vs. Leer

There are many options for car accessories. Both can be used for a variety of purposes, with various materials and construction quality. Many companies are now manufacturing this exciting product. There are many pros & cons to each version based on material characteristics, brand-specific features, and more.

SnugTop: What Are They?

SnugTops are a good option for removing good shells easily. The J-hook style of mounting makes it easy to install, just as a clamp would, and no drilling is necessary.

There are generally no flat base rails on the shells of this brand as their tops are highly customized.

When you set the shell on the bed, it actually fits into place, which is another added bonus. There is a built-in rubber bulb seal on top of the rail, so you don’t have to replace it when you take out and replace the shell.

Leer: What Are They?

A J-hooks style and rubber seal are similar to the Snugtop, but they are not exactly the same. In most cases, foam tape is required for sealing the shell together with the base rails.

Unfortunately, if the tape is not replaced after reinstalling it, it will leak after removing the shell. In general, shells weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, depending on the size of your truck.


The Snugtop truck has 2 lights, one in front & one in the back. Resin and fiberglass have been mixed together to create an excellent blend of colors. Snugtops have more locks compared to Leer caps. There are 6 different locks on the door, all of which are operated by a key. Throughout the interior, Snogtop is a Fiberglass wrapped around a hard shell.

On the back glass, a hinge is visible that is surrounded by quality glass. The rear window is a standard feature, as well as the rain gutter, sliding window, water seal, and modern “j clamp” features also.

The Leer has 3 lights on it, one on the front, middle, and back. There is thick fiberglass in this area, but there is some disagreement about the color matching.

In terms of quality, Leer’s hinge is very comparable to Snugtop, despite its small size.

The vehicle also features rain gutters, as well as a screen on the rear window. As with Snugtop, the Leer comes with a sliding door, a water seal, and an easy-to-install “J hook.”

The Leer is winning the game, obviously. The Leer has three lights on it, one on the front, middle, and back, opposite to Snugtop which has only 2. Despite its small size, Leer’s hinge is very comparable and lasts longer.


SnugTop shells are constructed from thicker fiberglass, which might not be a factor unless you intend to mount racks on top. Off-road trucks can actually be used for this task if the bed is subjected to a great deal of flexing.

It’s true that Snugtop’s shells are more expensive than others, but that’s mainly because they utilize more expensive components. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better parts, just that they look & feel nicer, like metal hinges and metal latches, rather than plastic hinges.

Leer is committed to innovation, developing new methods for incorporating sturdy, cost-effective materials into its truck caps. As well as Snugtop caps, are well made, but their quality is not quite on par with Leers.

Several of Leer’s models are taller, the tallest being model 122, but most people are not a fan of their looks. High Liner is a smooth-lined, taller top from Snugtop, but it isn’t always available since most people prefer a clean, cab-style top.

Leer is a lot more straightforward; hence, it comes out on top. It has a unique design that is both eye-catching and striking. Windproof caps will keep you going, enabling you to achieve the speed you desire.  Luckily, all-cap covers are painted with Axalta automotive paint.


The pricing options at both Snugtop & Leer can be customized to suit any budget. A Snugtop cap, however, tends to be more costly on average than a Leer cap.

The cost of truck covers ranges from $99 – $1000+ based on the type of material used. Typically, hard shell covers are the most costly. You’ll pay anywhere from $300 – $700 for a hard shell, whereas softshells provide the best protection. However, this is an investment in the long run.


Both Snugtop and Leer products offer long-term durability. Those facts are indisputable. Don’t you want your caps thrown away after just one or two years? Thus, durability is crucial here.

Snugtop and Leer have virtually limitless lifespans. Due to this, construction and color were covered by lifetime warranties. In addition to the component warranty, Snugtop provides excellent customer service.

Snugtop Vs Leer: What to Buy For Your Truck?

Snugtop vs Leer are the 2 main and popular brands buyers can choose from.

A Snugtop truck cap is famous for its aerodynamic design and snug fit. As opposed to Leer, which has a wide range of options and is known for its durability. However, what brand is best for you? Ultimately, it comes down to your needs & personal preferences.

I just would like to say, Leer’s truck cap is an excellent option if you’re looking for a durable, weatherproof cap. The Snugtop is a good choice if you want a vehicle cap that fits snugly and is aerodynamic.


What are the benefits of using truck caps?

The truck cap enhances the appearance of your truck and gives it an SUV-like look. It is also a good place to stay on camping tours in Vermont & beyond. Truck caps provide extra height & protection for taller shipments.

How much weight can a Snugtop Shell can support?

With the Snugtop, you’ll experience the most robust vehicle you’ve ever driven. It can carry up to 500 pounds of gear. This is the perfect tool for venturing into the wilderness, and you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind!

Does Leer make the best tonneau cover?

If you wish to cover or protect your equipment, and still have quick access to the truck bed, then Leer tonneau covers will be a great purchase for your vehicle. Leer produces the best truck covers on the market. However, Leer tonneau covers are at the top of the game!

Do Snugtops have a waterproof coating?

Truck caps from Snugtop use similar technology as other products. Furthermore, your truck’s tonneau covers & shells overlap and prevent the tailgate from opening. Are Snugtops products really waterproof? Basically, tonneau covers and truck caps are weather-resistant elements but are actually not weatherproof.


The choice between Snugtop Vs Leer truck caps is really a matter of personal taste and preference.

Hopefully, you have found this article to be helpful in selecting the right brand. People will not make any specific decisions about what they will buy if any factors are not affecting them.

Finally, after reading this valuable piece, you obviously can make the right decision by balancing all the things you evaluated.

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