Olight Vs. Fenix Flashlight: What’s The Best Performer?

Preparation includes selecting the right equipment. Lighting is an important tool for everyday carry (EDC), self-defense, hunting, job duty, and wilderness survival. You’re sure to come across two brands when looking for the perfect light — Olight & Fenix.

Over a decade ago, Olight emerged on the scene with its blue bezels, creating a sensation in the lighting industry. There is a very loyal following for this manufacturer. Quite often, it releases brand-new models.

Fenix, a veteran company, took a slightly different approach than many of its competitors. Fenix chose the practical approach. Rather than creating new models, super lights would be refined from older ones. This is known as an ‘Ultimate Edition’.

When comparing Olight Vs Fenix, which one is better? These two brands provide consumers with reliable, efficient illumination. After reading this article, you can decide which is best for you. Well, let’s see below.

What are the Key Differences Between Olight Vs. Fenix?

Before you look at the in-depth overview, be sure to check out the specification tables for both Olight and Fenix.We can only truly determine the brand with the superior flashlights by comparing both briefly.

Product model:Olight S1 BatonFenix PD25
Maximum lighting output (lumens):500550
Beam power (candelas):3,0004,225
Throw (meters):110130
Battery type:Olight, 1,500-mAh, CR123A16340 Li-ion, (rechargeable), CR123A
Runtime:1.5 hours with 500 lumensBattery type & output settings can affect runtime
Length (inches):2.43.7
Weight (ounces):1.051.7
Water resistance:IPX8IPX8

In-depth Comparison of Olight Vs. Fenix

Many of Olight’s models are limited edition. Longevity is a major benefit of these types of flashlights. With super limited runs, their prices may even increase slightly. The Fenix brand also offers limited edition flashlights, although fewer of them.

Olight And Fenix: A Brief History

Olight Limited and Fenixlight Limited are both Chinese manufacturers with their headquarters in Shenzhen. As a 2007 start-up, Olight began selling flashlights to European customers, expanding its product range and geographic reach, and building a reputation as a trusted brand. From law enforcement to EDC, Olight supplies all possible light needs.

In 2001, Fenixlight Limited was founded, and it has been a major rival of Olight. Since its launch several years ago, Fenix has expanded internationally and sells flashlights in over 100 countries worldwide.

Features Of Olight:

  • Thousands of Olight fans own the flashlights, which are often limited edition, with only a few hundred or thousand available.
  • The flashlights are rare and unique. People often buy a lot of flashlights and later sell them at a higher price to earn an additional buck.
  • Using social media, the organization maintains a strong and engaged following. Almost 100K people follow the page on Facebook.
  • They have been really helpful and responsive so far with their customer support.
  • If you are having trouble, join the Olight FaceBook group, & you’ll definitely receive assistance.
  • Every time a new color or latest model is available, Olight introduces it.
  • Their current flashlight lineup is fantastic as well as they have more exclusive packaging than Fenix.

Features Of Fenix:

  • Fenix is probably best known for their tactical flashlight lineup that has made them so well known.
  • This product is available all over the world, as well as in many brick-and-mortar and online stores.
  • Despite being best known for their tactical flashlights, they make an extensive range of other flashlights as well, such as EDC lights, headlamps, and more.
  • Over 20 years ago, Fenix became a very popular flashlight company.
  • However, several companies’ flashlight buying guides recommend Fenix lights, for instance, Top Tactical Flashlights, Best Everyday Carry Flashlights, & many others.
  • In addition to regular flashlights, there are many other kinds of lights you can purchase, such as headlamps and bicycle lights.

Types Of Flashlights

From the perspective of a flashlight collector and reviewer, Olight focuses on discovering new flashlight models and enhancing their features. The O’bulb, O’swivel, O’pen, O’link and O’buddy come to mind, along with proximity sensors, dial knob switches, etc. From that perspective, Olight has been more of an innovator, adding LED technology to a variety of products.

The Fenix company has a great deal of experience, as well as expertise, in tactical equipment. This is due to their presence in the flashlight industry for almost 20 years. Their PD35 and TK series flashlights are among their best-known products. Generally, Fenix is more interested in traditional flashlights, which have traditional user interfaces.

Both Olight and Fenix flashlights offer a variety of lighting systems, sizes, colors and many more exclusive options as well. You should go with your preferable one.

Performance Of Brightest

On the performance front, both Fenix and Olight make high-powered flashlights.

The Olight X9R flashlight is one of Olight’s brightest models. It comes with a built-in battery power that provides 25,000 lumens.

Fenix’s LR80R flashlight has a lumen output of 18,000, making it one of the brightest on the market. If you wanted a long-lasting light, both the Fenix LR80R and the Olight X9R would have 6,000 lumens each. Theoretically, they should produce the same output during most turbo tests.

The Olight X9R is clearly the winner based on a comparison of these numbers. Be careful; the numbers on this page only pertain to the 1st 30 seconds of operation.

Battery Types & Charging

The charging system of Olight has been criticized the most, in particular its proprietary battery. More than 95% of Olight’s products use the company’s proprietary charging technology, which consists of MCC chargers. Therefore, most users will need to purchase a fresh charging cable, as well as a fresh Olight battery if they run out. Most of the Olight flashlights can’t be charged by regular 18650 and 21700 batteries.

In contrast, Fenix, like other brands, works with regular batteries. If you are trying to maximize the life of your old lithium-ion batteries, consider the Fenix. Fenix, nowadays, offers flashlights with batteries. Additionally, some of them have USB ports, which means that they can be charged anywhere and anytime, using any USB adapter (laptop, van, car, airplane etc.). It’s another reason to buy a Fenix flashlight instead of an Olight.

Fenix is the clear winner in the charging and battery categories. Fortunately, it has USB ports, making it possible to recharge whenever and wherever you like.

Build Quality, Fit, & Finish

Luckily, both lights have been well built. From threading to a bezel, everything has been well constructed. Olight has worked hard to create a light that meets this standard, which is evident.

However, sometimes people have been having trouble with the Olight’s button style. One of the buttons may have lost its backing in a Warrior Mini, and now the LED backlight is showing through it. It is possible that the same might happen to the light. Despite this, the light is exceptional. It’s been a long time since Fenix has achieved this level. The quality of their lights is top-notch.

The Fenix definitely takes the top spot here. When you examine the flashlights closely, milling marks are visible, according to my sample. Fenix reportedly doesn’t have any milling marks.

Olight Vs. Fenix: Which One Is More Effective?

Olight Vs Fenix: what to pick over another one? Lights from both Olight & Fenix are high-quality and suitable for a range of applications. Basically, most of Fenix’s specs are higher than Olight’s when compared with it.

However, a key difference between Olight and Fenix is that Olight uses its own proprietary, magnetic charge cable, and non-replaceable battery, whereas Fenix uses regular USB-C ports and Li-ion batteries. USB-C is a very common type of cable, so Fenix uses it. Additionally, Fenix promises a bit greater throw distance with its tungsten bezel, as opposed to Olight’s aluminum.


Are Fenix flashlights worth the price?

E series flashlights from Fenix are among the most affordable, yet they still deliver the same high-quality illumination. Lighting from the E series is compact, energy-efficient, lightweight, durable, and waterproof up to 6.6 feet deep. In addition, it can survive drops of less than 3.3 feet.

Does Olight provide the best light?

Olight Flashlights is rated B+ by the Better Business Bureau. Incredibly, customers have given the Olight brand 4.9/5 on sites such as Trustpilot. Having received nearly 1000 reviews, they are mostly positive, with fewer than 2% being negative.

Is Fenix a good flashlight?

The ultra-bright beams of Fenix flashlights make them the most popular lights on the market because of their durability, longevity, and affordability. However, with numerous options available, choosing the best Fenix flashlight is not an easy task.

How long does Olights last?

LED bulbs can last for about 10 years. It means that they can provide lighting for between 10,000 and 50,000 hours. This is a fantastic range of options.

Final Words

Between Olight Vs Fenix, which is better? In terms of price and quality, both brands offer high-quality lights. However, after careful comparison, looking at both companies’ products across different categories, we discover that Fenix’s flashlights are lighter, brighter, and more versatile. Thus, we believe that Fenix makes better flashlights as a whole.

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